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Halloween Cheerleader Costumes

Updated on April 13, 2012

NFL Cheerleaders

Chicks are hot. You know what else is hot? Cheerleaders! So how about combine the two for this year's halloween bash.

That's right ladies! Dress up as a cheerleader this year. It's a rockin' new way to party and strut your stuff and show off those mad cheerleading skills! Plus, it's a great way to support your football team, whether it be in the nfl, college, or your hometown high school team.

I promise you, YOU will be the hit of any party!

NFL cheerleaders

Be a nfl cheerleader just for a day!
Be a nfl cheerleader just for a day!

NFL Cheerleader Costumes

Now, which nfl cheerleading costume is right you?

Well, if you like a certain nfl team, then by all means bring out those Vikings, Eagles, or Chiefs colors! Be all the hottest nfl cheerleader you can be! There really is no better way to support your team!!

However, if you are not a fan of any particular football team but you like the NFL, then you can always go with the classic Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume for this year's Halloween party!

Although I'm not a big Dallas Cowboys fan by any stretch of the imagine, I can't deny that the Cowboys blue and white cheerleading outfit is stunning, hot and will knock the socks off everybody in sticking distance! The costume is eye popping, jaw dropping good!! Uhhh Hhhhh!!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume

Referee Costumes

If a Dallas Cowboy outfit is not for you, but you still want to sport a football halloween costume then what about a referee outfit?

The women's referee costume is a hot number and it comes highly recommended.

You never know when some nfl sports nut may get out of line and you have to step in and take charge of the situation. You may have to break up a huddle or even penalize someone for an infraction!

So get ready to blow that whistle, darlin, because it's a rough football world out there!

Vixen Varsity Cheerleader Costume

Cheerleader Costumes

If you're not a fan of football, but you are a cheerleader at heart, then by all means wear a cheerleading outfit that suits your tastes. Here's some suggestions:

The Varsity Cheerleader Costume

The Varsity Cheerleader outfit is hot and sizzling without the hassle of sporting a particular teams colors. Sometimes it's just fun to rock a cheerleader costume with no strings attached, no team commitments, and just have fun out there! All eyes will be one you, baby!

One reviewer from amazon stated, "Every year on Thanksgiving, we have a fun football game in the park with the family. I decided this year to be a cheerleader for the teams, since I don't play competitive sports well. This outfit was the hit of our annual football game, and I am well pleased with the quality of this product."

The Varsity Vixen Costume

It's hot! Ya, simply put, the Varsity Vixen Costume is an excellent choice for halloween. It's perfect for any Halloween party, especially if the group is into roleplaying! It's made of cotton, so it's definitely comfortable.

So get dangerous and be a vixen varsity cheerleader this year!


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