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Chesire Cat Makeup Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Chesire Cat Makeup

Chesire cat is a wonderfully baffling character found in Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland.'

I say baffling because he usually engaged in philosophical conversation with Alice which left her, well, baffled.

Another fascinating attribute of the cat is his ability to disappear at will, although he even found creative ways to do that, sometimes disappearing completely, while at other times disappearing a little at a time until all that was left was his smile. Other times he disappeared partially, as when he had been sentenced to death by the queen by having his head chopped off. His body disappeared at that time, leaving only his head left for everyone to see.

All that being said, the Chesire cat is famously known for one major thing, and that is the gigantic smile that he continually wears on his face.

Chesire Cat Makeup

Since the smile of the Chesire cat is the obvious identifier for him, that is the focus of makeup being used to recreate the look.

That's the mainstay of the look, but the rest of the face has to have a cool cat look as well to make it compelling and interesting.

Add to that a striped costume and you're set to show off Chesire Cat to family and friends.

If you know a few of his sayings and mannerisms, you could adopt a couple of his witticisms to delight those around you.

Now let's look at some of the Chesire Cat looks people chose to design.

Chesire Cat Makeup

In this first photo showing the use of makeup to create a Chesire Cat face, there is a fairly close depiction of what the brainy cat looks like. It's interesting to see her choose a cap as the choice to be the head of the cat with the accompanying ears on top.

I like this, not because it works really well, but it does give the idea that there are all sorts of things sitting around at home you can work with to aid the makeup and costume.

My favorite parts of this Chesire Cat are the ears and the clothes she's wearing to recreate the cat's stripes. She even has colors that are very close to how he really looks.

As for the facial makeup, like everything else, it's an interpretation of the cat in a way that those looking at her will know exactly who she's trying to portray, In that regard she's successful. Just putting a set of white teeth with an elongated smile is enough to know what character this is.

I think adding a pink nose like the cat has would have been better, as she chose to rely on the look of a cat with the smile for her design.

The simple whiskers work great, as that's all that's needed in that area, as Chesire Cat (in cartoon form) looks exactly like that.


Chesire Cat with Pink, Fuzzy Hair

As you can see in this photo, the makeup looks of the Chesire Cat are going to widely differ from person to person, again, with the smile being the defining feature that connect them all together. Other than that, there is little that remains the same, making it fun subject matter to creatively use, as well as take the pressure off to be exact.

This interpretation of the cat wouldn't even be identifiable without the mouth and teeth. Even the mouth is done in a wavy manner rather than the more curved, straight manner usually employed when thinking of the cat's mouth. It doesn't matter. Each to his own.

The makeup is wonderful on the forehead, blending in nicely with the rest of the face, hair and accessories. The rainbow-colored ears are also a nice touch. .


Purple Chesire Cat Makeup

Talk about a completely different look for Chesire Cat, we have it here. This is why I mentioned it's all about the mouth with the cat, otherwise people would be clueless as to who or what it is you're trying to emulate.

Here we have cute, but darker look for the cat, displayed in all purple, with lavender on the face as a base. I think there was too much black used around nose and mouth, as it slightly interferes with the teeth, giving them a dirty look.

It seems she could have left the markings off her face and it would have looked better, but who knows, she may have just loved it as it is.

The purple ears and the jacket blend in well with the purple theme. Hey, use what you got when you're doing homemade costumes.


Purple and Pink Chesire Cat Makeup

Here we have a very cute Chesire Cat look, with the purple and pink color theme, and those yellow eyes, which accurately reflect the appearance of the actual cat. That's a very nice touch that others didn't incorporate into their look.

The nose is also capture correctly, simply choosing to copy the color of Chesire Cat's nose.

Overall this is a great Chesire Cat, with the purple ears and hair, pink upper face, and nice, smiling mouth.

Below the photo there is a Chesire Cat video tutorial on how to create this exact look.


Chesire Cat Makeup Tutorial

Chesire Cat Makeup Video Tutorial

We have another Chesire Cat makeup video tutorial below, this one also using the colors purple and pink as the main theme. That's where the similarity ends though, as this cat look is completely different than the above one, but still looks very cute.

DIY Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial - Halloween

Chesire Cat Makeup with White Base

In this depiction of the Chesire Cat there is the crazy, wild hair, something totally unrelated to the cat, but interesting nonetheless. With the higher quality of the rest of the makeup, I found it odd to include that, which looks so much more messy than the rest of the look.

As for the quality, it's very nice. The choice of a pasty, white base was a good one that works. The idea to include a purple design rather than a solid purple one works well. The mouth is also done accurately and compellingly.

The purple and white stripes on the arms complement the rest of the costume, making it a pretty cool and unusual Chesire Cat.


Realistic Chesire Cat Makeup

After having all these creative interpretations of the Chesire Cat, it's odd now to look at the one face that is closer to what he actually looks like. It almost seems boring, although it's still done very well. I only mean boring in the sense of not having the type of detail the previous Chesire Cat looks had.

But there is no doubt the mouth and eyes of this cat is by far the most accurate, and they work together to create that smiling face and eyes associated with him.

It may be simple, but it is very effective ... and funny.

Chesire Cat Makeup

Who would have thought people would take the look of the Chesire Cat and be so creative with it. Yet that's exactly what has happened, and as mentioned several times, the key to successfully making the look identifiable is to keep the smile and teeth of the cat in place. If you do that, you have creative license to go in all sorts of directions and have a lot of fun with it.

Whatever your choice, choosing Chesire Cat as a costume theme is a good one, one that is sure to garner all the attention and comments you desire, as people are delighted with that big smile staring them right in the face.


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