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Chevron Party Supplies & Party Planning Tips

Updated on January 29, 2014

Lets get Zig Zagin!

So you're having a chevron themed party and are looking for some fashionable chevron party supplies. This page features a selection of chevron party supplies, from plates to cute party kits, edible cupcake and cake toppers and more.

This page is ever growing, so do check back in the future if you'll be having another chevron party.

Have a great celebration and I hope you find everything you need.

I simply love this pattern and will be having this theme for my birthday in April. I am still not sure which color I will go with (time is running short!) but can't wait for it. I already have the cake planned (it will be zig zaging) and have my ideas on decorations. Well if the weather doesn't spoil it all.

Photos on this page are created/taken by me or are product photos.

Chevron Party Supplies

Although this pattern is extremely popular, party supplies are rather scarce. It will be hard to get all you need in one place but I am doing my best to bring you all the chevron party supplies available.

40 Piece Party Kit

Chevron Pink - DIY Party Favors Kit - 40 Piece Decoration Set
Chevron Pink - DIY Party Favors Kit - 40 Piece Decoration Set

This one is my favourite! It comes in many different colors (pink currently being my pick)


Cute Chevron Party Kits - With Cupcake Wrappers - Many more colors available

These will make your table look super cute. You can get these sets in pretty much every color.

What color do you want your supplies in?

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Table Runners Make All the Difference

Chevron Fabric - Zig Zagging Madness!

I am crazy for chevron pattern. I am honestly thinking about redecorating my entire house to have as much chevron pattern as possible. I am thinking of chevron rug and will be getting it as soon as possible. I will probably be making lamp shades with chevron fabric. We will see how that goes as I have never made my own shades.

56'' Wide Premier Prints Zig Zag Twill Storm Fabric By The Yard
56'' Wide Premier Prints Zig Zag Twill Storm Fabric By The Yard

With this printed fabric you can make gorgeous backdrops that will bring something special to the table (not literally).

You could also make table runners which will bring something special to the table (this time literally).

You could be making napkins, decorations, covers, lamp shades...


Wooden Spoons

These are adorable

Dress My Cupcake 3.75-Inch Natural Wood Dessert Table Spoon, Cherry Blossom Pink Chevron, Case of 100
Dress My Cupcake 3.75-Inch Natural Wood Dessert Table Spoon, Cherry Blossom Pink Chevron, Case of 100

When I saw these wooden spoons I feel in love. A must at a chevron party.


Chevron Party Plates

Plates are a must at every party! If you have a lot of guests it is best to use paper plates, if on the other hand your party will have a smaller guest list you might want to invest in real plates - the reason is simple - there are close to none chevron paper plates available at the moment while regular plates come in gazillion different chevron variables. Not to mention you will be able to use them again and again. They do have a con though - they can get quite expensive.

Dinner Plates

Tons of patterns

Here is a selection of some of the more popular chevron designs, there are a lot more for you to choose from or you could even use your own picture and make your plate. Plates with letters can be personalized (at no additional cost) to have you initial on them. How cool is that?






My Chevron Party Plan

From cake to treat bags ideas

Well I started with treat bags. I will be making them myself as I didn't find any that would suit my needs (well ideas).

I used the treat bag template that I found at If you print it out on a normal paper sheet (A4) you get the bag you can see on the picture I took. You can't put a lot of things in it but as I plan to use small chocolates, you know the ones you sometimes get when you order coffee wrapped in chevron paper and probably a key pendant these are the perfect size. If you are looking for something bigger you can always print them on A3 sheet.

I ordered some chevron patterned fabric as I will be having a table runner (and maybe napkins, depending on what tableware I will choose) that will match the theme.

As for the cake I will be having a small white fondant covered cake with gray (or maybe blue) zig zag pattern on it - two, max 3 stripes. Cupcakes will probably have edible toppers on them as this will be saving me some time and effort, I really don't want to be dead tired on my b-day. And naturally cupcake wrappers.

I love balloons so you can imagine I was extremely, and I mean extremely disappointed to find out there aren't any chevron balloons available... Anywhere! But the mood will still be magical (I hope). As I plan the party to start in the afternoon and continue into the night I will be using white and gray (or blue) balloons with a Glow Stick

in them to have them emit subtle light. Naturally the idea looks fantastic in my head but I will have to give it a try before the actual event so I will keep you posted.

How to make your chevron cake

I had a round cake with grey chevron pattern and it was made from fondant. Bake your cake (mine was Rafaello cake) and cover it with white fondant, well or any other color but white looks so classy. Measure the cake radius and divide the length you have to the number of zig zags you want to have and draw your pattern on the paper. Roll out your colored fondant and cut out the zig zag stripes - stick them to the cake.

There's another way you can make the cake though and I think it looks fantastic! All you have to do is frost your cake and pipe on the dots following the chevron pattern.


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