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Chicken Costume - Fun Chicken Costumes For Kids, Adults and Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Chicken Costume Designs Are Cool!

Here's a cool selection of fun chicken costume designs for kids, adults and dogs. These are stand out costumes that are sure to get you noticed at any party or event! Choosing a chicken costume is a great choice, it's a comfortable and easy to wear option that looks great too.

The kids chicken costume choices are adorable, such cute little outfits that will have them as the center of attention. Perfect for parties or just as an addition to the home dress up box, these are costumes that kids will love wearing!

The chicken costumes choices for adults are just plain cool. This is a winning costume choice that is sure to get lots of laughs. See below for the great selection to choose from.

Chicken Costume For Kids

Cute and cuddly, these chicken costume designs for kids are easy to wear and lots of fun.

If you don't see the correct size listed, go through to the costume page for more size options to choose from. There's chicken costumes for newborn babies up to tweens. That's a great selection of sizes.

This is a great costume choice, really easy to put on so your child will be party ready in minutes!

Kids love to dress up, it's a creative form of play that expands the imagination. It's a really fun way for them to express themselves.

A chicken costume is great for all sorts of fancy dress parties and events. You don't even need a special occasion, this is a great choice for a costume box for dress up play at home.

Role play is a form of play that might not seem too productive and just for fun, but it's creative expression when kid's get dressed up in costumes. It is super fun for them, but at the same time they get to act out a role, even if it's of a chicken! There's lots to be learnt from costume play and the little ones won't even know they're being taught.

Identifying animals is one of the first things that kids learn through books and TV. But where do chickens live and what sounds do they make? These are all really easy things for children to learn, but in a way that is fun and useful all at the same time. Costumes can provide a lot of fun ways to learn about things.

You can easily team this costume in with others to create a fun farmyard theme (see near the bottom of the page for lots more animal costume choices) for all the family to get involved in.

Chicken Costume For Adults

You can really have some fun with these chicken costume designs for adults. They're kind of cute and comical all at the same time.

Whatever the party or event, you're sure to get plenty of attention in one of these costumes.

Perfect for partying the night away, these are easy to wear jumpsuit costumes that come with separate masks and add ons such as leggings and feet. You'll see the exact details of how the costume is made up when you go through to the product page. These are all comprehensive chicken costume designs that rock!

These are really stand out costumes that everyone will love. If you want to make an impact, go for one of these chicken costume designs, it's a winning choice!

Most of these chicken costumes come in one size that will fit most adults, but there are some size options for some of the costumes which you will see when you go through to the product page if available.

When wearing an animal costume at an indoor party, remember to wear either just your underwear (if you aren't planning on taking the costume off mid party!) or really light clothing underneath as these kinds of costumes will make you warm. It's a small price to pay for looking so cool though!

This is a costume choice that is clucking good fun! You'll have plenty of chances to strut your stuff and generally be quite silly. You will after all be dressed as a giant chicken, if that's not an excuse for some jovial behaviour life would suck!

Chicken Costume For Dogs

Only one design for dogs currently available, but it's a good one.

Dress your doggy pal in a chicken costume and prepare for cuteness overload!

This costume comes as a coat with hood and arm holes for the front legs. The hood is the chickens head and features an orange beak. On the back there are yellow and orange wing details. It's a cool costume that your dog will look great in.

The best way to get the right size chicken costume for your dog is to measure from the base of their neck to the base of their tail in inches.

This is the L (length) measurement listed. If your dog is in between sizes, go one size up so that they'll be comfortable wearing their costume.

This is a cool costume for any breed. If you want a noticable dog, go for a chicken costume, it's perfect for Easter, Halloween or any other time you want a cool costume for your pooch. These costumes are designed with doggy comfort in mind, if you happen to have a small dog with short fur, it's a cosy, warm bonus to wear one of these!

The animal costumes listed on Amazon are pretty much exclusively advertised as dog costumes, however the smaller sizes will fit cats too! Just measure them in the same way as above to get the correct size.

If you enjoy dressing up your dog or cat, there's a huge selection of costumes to choose from. Below are a huge amount of links to animal costumes and most of them have a section for dogs and cats too!

Chicken Costume
Chicken Costume


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