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Christian Poems About Mom

Updated on November 10, 2013

Red Hat

I always loved to see you

in your hat

On early Sunday morn.

Dressed to please the Lord and you,

Ever since I could remember and

When all the other kids were born,

You'd take us with you

To Sunday school, bible class,

Prayer meetings, revivals...

We'd stay all day on Sunday's

eat dinner after church

Fellowship with the other members,

Praise dancing,

Singing, reading, rapping,

picnics, bar-b-ques, trips, parties,

running around outside

telling jokes,

having fun

All in the name of the lord,

Boy, those were some of the best

Times in my life,

I'd always think to myself,

When I grew up,

I'd wear a red hat too.

D. Alsup

The Mothers Of The Ministers

The mother's of the ministers, how happy they

must be,

For they have realized the dream my mother held

for me!

The have the joy they hoped for, have the good

for which they've prayed

And the wish that every mother of a baby boy

has made.

I never see an acrobat go tumbling through

the air,

But what I think some mother's little minister is


When Ty Cob hits a homer and the crowd

applauds the "peach",

I wonder if his mother wouldn't rather here him


Above my little cradle, in the days of long ago,

A great cathedral hovered and the bells swung to

and fro,

And every Sunday mother heard the chimes and

seemed to see

The worshippers assembling there to listen unto me.

But, oh, I took to writing, for I was a willful lad,

And the minister she dreamed of was a joy she

never had;

For my brothers took to business and I choose to

serve the Press,

And I robbed my little mother of her dream of happiness.

Yet what if every mother had her fondest dream

come true,

And every mother's son should do the work she'd

have him do;

The world would team with ministers, there'd be

so many here

You couldn't get a plumber when the faucet's

out of gear.

Edgar A. Guest

Please let us know if you enjoy our poetry. If you have any Christian Mother's day poems you would like to share please feel free to do so here. Thanks for visiting our hub.


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