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Christmas, all year long

Updated on December 31, 2014

A Christmas Carol

This lens celebrates the Christmas spirit all year long, through every month. Don't believe it? Then look below. Someone out there celebrates Christmas on a month other than December.

Let's put commercialism aside for a moment, there is always time to go back to that.

Let's turn aside from the distressing headlines for a moment, those headlines will probably long be with us.

Global warming may melt Santa's workshop at the North Pole and oil spills may ruin the Arctic. Chile and Argentina are colonizing Antarctica (despite international treaty) preparatory to the inevitable war over the last unspoiled continent.

Peace on Earth? Good will toward men? Or women? Is nuclear winter the only Christmas the world can really expect?

War, overpopulation and pollution are enough to make one think that the human race was a really bad idea that Fate, an angry Nature, natural disaster, man-made disaster or humanity's own folly will solve by wiping us out of existence.

But there are a few good people. They just need to get organized.


Oh, and ignore the Ghost of Christmas Past (the 2012 stuff). I recently updated the Ghost of Christmas Present and made my annual dire predictions about Christmas 2016, Christmas 2017, Christmas 2018 and Christmas 2019. Don't worry about Christmas 2020 (the world will end before then) -- Call it the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Christmas in January

Some places celebrate Christmas in January because their calendar is different.

For many people who do Christmas wrong, the Christmas season ends on December 24th. For others who remember the Twelve Days of Christmas, Twelfth Day is the end of the Christmas season. Twelfth Day falls on January 6th and is also known as Epiphany.

The Night before is called Twelfth Night on January 5th. Possibly a good time to perform that play by The Bard William Shakespeare. Officially however, Twelfth Night calls for the simple eating of cake. Twelfth Day is big only in Ireland, where it is known as Little Christmas (Nollaig Bheag).

Since the point of Twelfth Day is to take down the Christmas decorations, one might think the fun was over and it is for much of the Northern Hemisphere entering the coldest part of winter. But for the Southern Hemisphere, Twelfth Night and Epiphany marks the start of the Carnival season, which lasts through Mardi Gras Day. Real party animals.

Christmas in January



direct quote from Wikipedia --

"The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, which falls on 2 February, celebrates an early episode in the life of Jesus. In the Eastern Orthodox Church and some Eastern Catholic Churches, it is one of the twelve Great Feasts, and is sometimes called Hypapante (lit., 'Meeting' in Greek). Other traditional names include Candlemas, the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin, and the Meeting of the Lord. In some Western liturgical churches, Vespers (or Compline) on the Feast of the Presentation marks the end of the Epiphany season. In the Church of England, the Presentation of Christ in the Temple is a Principal Feast celebrated either on 2 February or on the Sunday between 28 January and 3 February.

In the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple is the fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary."

The significance of Candlemas to Christmas is that it represents the outermost extension of the season. You really need to take those lights down off the trees. Otherwise, people will think you are too cheap to buy yard lights. And to those people who leave strings of white lights in their trees year round, one has to ask: What do you do to celebrate Christmas? Put up even more lights? Screw in red and green light bulbs? Turn off the lights during Christmas?

This lens is about keeping the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year. The spirit NOT the decorations. Christmas is no longer special otherwise. Take the decorations down please.

Christmas in February



Christmas in March, Mary's Harbour Song in Halifax

"Christmas in March" Short Film

Christmas In March



Christmas in April

editor's note:

Some of these people really get you in the Christmas mood -- in April !!!

Merry Christmas from Toni Roman.

Christmas in April... Pohutakawa blooming in April!!

The pohutukawa tree (Metrosideros excelsa) with its crimson flower has become an established part of the New Zealand Christmas tradition. This iconic Kiwi Christmas tree, which often features on greeting cards and in poems and songs, has become an important symbol for New Zealanders at home and abroad.

In 1833 the missionary Henry Williams described holding service under a 'wide spreading pohutukawa'. The first recorded reference to the pohutukawa as a Christmas tree came in 1867 when the Austrian geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter noted that settlers referred to it as such. The pohutukawa, he observed, 'about Christmas ... are full of charming ... blossoms'; 'the settler decorates his church and dwellings with its lovely branches'. Other 19th-century references described the pohutukawa tree as the 'Settlers Christmas tree' and 'Antipodean holly'.

In 1941 army chaplain Ted Forsman composed a pohutukawa carol in which he made reference to 'your red tufts, our snow'. Forsman was serving in the Libyan Desert at the time, hardly the surroundings normally associated with the image of a fiery red pohutukawa tree. Many of his fellow New Zealanders, though, would have instantly identified with the image.

Today many school children sing about how 'the native Christmas tree of Aotearoa' fills their hearts 'with aroha'.

The attaached video was filmed on April 10th, 2012. The tree that is being videoed, is the New Zealand Pohutakawa. This tree is known as New Zealand Christmas Tree, as it religously flowers between November /December, and early Janurary. This year was a spectactular flowering season, with proliffically bright red blooms. The trees have literally only just finished flowering in Janurary. So here we are in April, only 3 months later, and they are producing masses of flowers....... What's up here guys??

Some may try to fob this off as a local weather causative effect. its not.. We are noticing global changes with Nature. Trees, flowering plants, crops, vegetables, insects, birds, animals are globally out of sinc. Why???? .........

Something big is occurring on this planet, in front of our eyes.

If you start taking a look around your own cities , towns, and back yards, you too will notice unusual seasonal changes.

editor's note -- I don't buy the idea of a pole shift since it is yet another way of letting the human race off the hook for climate change by saying it is nature's fault. I think these trees are blooming out of season because of climate change not geomagnetism.or movement in the Earth's axis.


Community volunteer programs abound every month (not just December and April) and May is no different.

Christmas in May reindeer

To help our Christmas in May program - community partners collecting eight specific toiletry items - Carol Borton brought two baby reindeer to the 24 Hour News 8 studios.



Thunderstorm Covers Ground With Hail: Christmas in June


If you think that someone already having Christmas in June in their daily routine is something odd, don't, as you are not far from the reality.At least, not if you are in YIWU international fair, the Commodities capital of the planet. Christmas Decoration, Jewelry, Stones and more,

Christmas in July

a retail gimmick but sometimes there are actual celebrations and there is a film by this name

Christmas in July: We're Already Prepping for Disney Holidays -- Are You?

Christmas in July

Christmas in July
Christmas in July

"This madcap 1940 Preston Sturges masterpiece stars Dick Powell as a go-getter clerk in a coffee company, who's fooled into thinking he's won a $25,000 prize for inventing a sales slogan. When a trio of practical jokers at Maxford Coffee send him a phony congratulatory telegram announcing that he's the contest winner, Powell and his girlfriend (Ellen Drew) go off on a mammoth Christmas shopping binge, even though it's the middle of July. Suddenly, the head of Maxford Coffee discovers the mistake, and their spending spree turns into a wild slapstick riot."


Christmas in August

Christmas in August is a South Korean film.

Christmas In August - my Best Romantic Korean Movie

I did not see any English subtitles but I understood what was going on by tone of voice and body language and facial expression and gestures.

I like the scene where the girl pretends to be asleep in the passenger side of front seat of car and then waves at the boy when the car drives off. The scene starts at about 29 minutes and 45 seconds into the movie. Do not skip ahead to this part. Watch from the start. If this module is voided then watch from YouTube or buy the movie.

Christmas In August

Christmas in August




Halloween, the anti-Christmas

For some people, the Christmas season starts with Halloween. That is true only if you call it the holiday season since Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and News Years are all grouped in a three month period -- the length of a season. Also if one considers the original meaning of Halloween as All Hallows Eve, then maybe.

However, modern death culture has twisted Halloween into a dabbling into things usually held at arm's length. Facing one's fears and all that.

Wikipedia states: "All Saints' Day (in the Roman Catholic Church officially the Solemnity of All Saints and also called All Hallows or Hallowmas[3]), often shortened to All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by parts of Western Christianity, and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in Eastern Christianity, in honour of all the saints, known and unknown. In the Western calendar it is the day after Halloween and the day before All Souls' Day."



For most of us, the Christmas season kicks off the day after Thanksgiving.

It does not. If you are Christian enough to even celebrate Christmas, then you should know AS A CHRISTIAN that Advent is the beginning of the Western liturgical year and commences on Advent Sunday. At least in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian, Presbyterian and Methodist calendars but not the Eastern Orthodox calendar. Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25, which is the Sunday between November 27 and December 3 inclusive. Advent ends on Christmas Eve at Midnight. Midnight Mass to be precise.

The Twelve Days of Christmas in the song refer to the actual Christmas season or Christmastide or Yuletide if you prefer to really get into the spirit of things. Christmas begins on Christmas Day and ends on Twelfth Night (the night before Epiphany). Christmas decorations should be taken down by Candlemas (2 February).

Yes there are parts of Christendom that celebrate Christmas on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6 or 19 depending on where you are East or West). Yes there are parts of Christendom that celebrate Christmas in January. Some Armenian churches still use the Julian calendar, thus celebrating Christmas Day on January 19 on the Gregorian calendar. Between these extremes of December 6th and January 19th, most Christians are observing the birth of Jesus within a few weeks of each other. My point is that we have a loose consensus as to this Holy Day (the derivation of the word holiday). Those commercializing Christmas want to begin the season in early August. Lots of stores put up decorations as early as this and then turn around and refer to Xmas -- knowingly taking the Christ out of Christmas. This is why I will spend money from February to July and then save and spend less and less as August and September turn into October and November. One person can fight back against commercialization of a religious holy day. Other religions keep their holy days holy — so can Christianity.

Another way to turn back crass commercialism at this time of year is to observe Advent from the day after Thanksgiving to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

  • praying an Advent daily devotional
  • giving to the poor
  • saving money
  • paying off all debts completely so that you will enter the New Year without having to face huge bills in January (especially huge electric power bills from all those holiday lights if you don't have solar power or wind power)
  • fasting — Even unspiritual people fast before Thanksgiving dinner. So what is a Christian's excuse for not fasting during Advent?
  • keeping an Advent calendar, lighting an Advent wreath or Advent candle
  • listening to Gregorian chant (preferably live: listening to monks at a monastery, but a recording will do)
  • attending Vespers or Evensong
  • cleaning the house to remove the source of bad smells and then airing out the house (so that you will be able to smell Christmas when it comes)
  • keeping quiet
  • turning off unnecessary lights (darkness is a great way to get close to God)
  • putting on warm clothes instead of going out half-dressed and catching a cold (an unconscious attempt to contract the flu or pneumonia so that you will be sick for Christmas)
  • avoiding loud people (too much caffeine or amphetamines), drunk people, drug addicted people, and other clueless people.

Do the above and then feel free to write me about your discovery of Advent. It is supposed to contrast with Christmas.

What does this have to do with November? Simple. Use November to prepare for Advent.

Advent in 2 Minutes

[Advent Conspiracy] Enter the Story 2011

Advent Conspiracy

Advent Meditation

St. Martin's Chamber Choir

excellent acoustics

Advent litugy

Advent Meditation

Gregorian chant (my personal favorite)

The Time Is Now: Daily Reflections for Advent

The God of Surprises: An Advent Reflection

CCSM Advent Meditations Invitation

I didn't care for Mary's Yes video — that's why I included it

Let me explain that. It bothered me on the level of male/female role models and the nontraditional portrayal of Mary and on a third and fourth level. It is an Advent devotional that made me reflect (what devotionals are supposed to do during prayer or meditation). So I figured . . . duh . . . don't reject it because it is doing its job.

Mary was not a feminist. Though God bless feminists and non-feminists alike! The world needs both kinds. If you don't believe it, then you may have had a bad un-maternal mother who warped your view of motherhood or a bad un-paternal father who warped your view of fatherhood. Mary was not a white European nor a black African (though quite a few European countries love their Black Madonna icons and iconography). Mary was a Palestinian Jewess and Joseph was a Palestinian Jew. Both of Judea. Hebrew if you prefer. Same difference.

So I liked that this video shook me out of the Hollywood tendency to turn Egypt into a white European country populated by white Europeans when in the present day (and even more so in the past), Egypt and Israel are and were populated by tanned people.

Maybe people of all colors are tiring of Hollywood's refusal to accept that fact and so a movie like Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) bombs at the box office. Maybe 20th Century Fox is stuck in the 20th Century with early 20th Century attitudes.

But on Christmas Day let's take a break from commercialism and Mammon. Another of the lessons of these Advent devotionals. Jesus said you cannot worship God and Mammon. For those of you who think Mammon is just some vague personification of money, actually it is a demon. The one in charge of greed. Such as crass commercialization of Christmas.

Mary's Yes - Advent Reflection



Please look at and listen to the Advent videos. Even if it is not your thing. You'll thank me later.


warning !

some Justin Bieber songs in the mix

Christmas Songs 2014 (1hr Mix Playlist)

Christmas Songs 2015

Good News and Bad News

The Good News is the gospel. The word gospel derives from the Old English gōd-spell, meaning "good news" or "glad tidings". The word comes from the Greek euangelion, or "good news".

The good news on the entertainment front is that Benedict Cumberbatch (plays Doctor Strange) and Martin Freeman (the hobbit in The Hobbit) will be back in Sherlock on BBC.

The bad news is that as of December 19th, 2014 there is a long wait before we see any more Sherlock episodes.

Even worse news, the next time I update this hub late in the year 2018, HubPages will be sending me NastyGrams telling me to update this hub or else, the Rapture will have happened, Judgment Day will be looking like a much better alternative to The Tribulation and the reign of terror of The Antichrist, machines will be exterminating humans, aliens will have invaded Earth and decided that rather than reducing human "civilization" to smoking ruins that we humans do a much better job at polluting and destroying Earth with our silly wars and they leave in disgust without paying their cable bill, and Vladimir Putin will have started World War Four (World War Three is terrorism).

Worst of all, I may have given up on humanity as a lost cause and hitched a ride with the aliens back to their home world. The good news is that I will pay my cable bill and my other bills before I leave.

Sherlock Christmas Special 2016

California & Worldwide Earthquake Watch for Christmas 2017

VISION: Nuclear Sneak Attack & Coming Revival. Watch CHRISTMAS 2017

someone should tell the Scots

That there will not be a Planet Earth come the year 2018.

On the other hand, the rest of us could be wrong and those eternal optimists the Scots could be right and we will . . . somehow . . . survive to see 2018.

The Scottish Christmas Musical 2018

What is Christmas about?

Christmas Past - 2002

Children would rather have toys than food. So arts and crafts people turn empty food cans into toys and use the food can labels for wrapping paper.

credit: Gaspirtz

Chrismas Eve

If it's Christmas Eve, then shouldn't these people be in a mall?


Lost Christmas Trailer

Lost Christmas Trailer - BBC One

Those Who Think That Christmas Ends on December 25th

Who and what is responsible for this warped view of the Christmastide?

  • Mammon
  • merchants (many of whom have no religion other than the worship of money)
  • gift giving (some blame a distorted interpretation of Charles Dickens' Christmas stories)
  • greedy children who think Christmas is about them
  • the TV advertisers who manipulate children into screaming for toys that will forgotten one hour after opening them
  • the commercialization of Christmas
  • those who encourage an erroneous assumption that the Twelve Days end on Christmas Day
  • Santa Claus
  • the secular United States

Those Who Still Observe Advent and then the 12 Days of Christmas

In other words, the Remnant, the Salt of the Earth who will raptured and leave the lost behind.

  • Orthodox Christians
  • Catholics
  • Episcopalians
  • Anglo-Catholics
  • Lutherans
  • many Presbyterians
  • many Methodists
  • Moravians
  • many individuals in Amish communities
  • many individuals in Mennonite communities.

Don't see your denomination listed? That's because you don't observe Advent and then the Twelve Days of Christmas. You are too busy enriching the heathen who spit on the Name and even lowercase God -- if they even recognize God as a possibility. Most non-Christians think it is a superstition but they have no problems believing in the existence of the devil or astrology and following cults and practicing the occult. So who is really anti-scientific? It was Christians who created scientific method and started the scientific revolution in the first place. And I am here to remind people. Hope is not a political joke by one party. Lose hope and you commit suicide. Love is not just biochemical cascades. It makes life worth living. Those who fail to recognize the existence of souls and the human spirit are the atheists who in totalitarian regimes like Putin's Russia, China and the NSA (formerly the USA) have killed millions more people than any misguided individuals calling themselves "Christians" but failing to observe commandments like Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Yep, we Christians are not perfect but it is like democracy. Worst form of government except everything else. Okay bad analogy because I am not willing to say that Christianity is the worst religion except every other religion. I happen to respect Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and followers of Shinto. As for Zoroastrians, they were first to arrive at the manger before the Jewish followers of Jesus (Himself a Jew) and Christians were still two centuries in the future before disciples stopped called themselves Nazarene Jews and other labels. So I acknowledge the Magi (today's Zoroastrians) as First Called at a time when the few remaining followers of old religions are being slaughtered just for existing.

Jesus taught peace so at the time we observe His birth, I can do no less than to call for peace on World Peace Day January 1st.

[Oh, and that crack about the lost was to give my Baptist and Assemblies of God friends a hard time. They know I mean well.]

The Twelve Days (and Nights) of Christmas

  1. First - December 25 Christmas Day

  2. Second - December 26 St. Stephen's, Boxing Day, Wren Day

  3. Third - December 27 St. John the Apostle

  4. Fourth - December 28 The Holy Innocents

  5. Fifth - December 29 St. Thomas Becket

  6. Sixth - December 30

  7. Seventh - December 31 St. Sylvester, Silvester, New Years Eve

  8. Eighth - January 1 Solemnity of Mary, Octave, Feast of Circumcision, World Day of Peace, New Years Day

  9. Ninth - January 2 Saints Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus

  10. Tenth - January 3 Memorial of the Holy Name of Jesus

  11. Eleventh - January 4

  12. Twelfth - January 5 Twelfth Night


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Christmas lights

Christmas Guestbook

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