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Christmas Cards for Cat Lovers

Updated on November 5, 2015
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Pets of all kinds have shared Yvonne's life. They seem to find her when they are in need and she helps them find their forever home.

Blaze Cat's Guide to Holiday Cards and Postage

The holiday season is a joyous time, but is a little cold for my taste. My humans build a fire in the fireplace for me and the dogs and they decorate the mantle with Christmas cards and with big and little stockings with our names on them. Sometimes they put treats and toys in the socks.

Our kind humans also send holiday cards to their family and friends. This year they let us, the felines of our household, pick out these Christmas cards and some have matching postage stamps, too. Since we, the she cats, are such angels (unlike that orange you-know-what, Dax Cat), we picked out some Christmas cards and stamps depicting angel cats. We also chose ones with pictures of other regal felines and some with birds, mice and other prey, too.

We found some really pretty cards and stamps that we hope you will like. Oh, and we also picked out a couple with dogs because our Rio and 2nd Chance are okay as far as dogs go.

You can find Meowwy Christmas Recycle and other postcards, cards and postage by naturegirl7 on Zazzle

Santa's Hat Card


Santa's Hat Postage


Blaze Cat Remarks

Santa's Hat Card and Postage by naturegirl7 on

I saw Dax, the red devil's, page. How dare he insinuate that I am a tattletail! Well, I never. As you can see in the Christmas card above, he is nothing but a troublemaker. He even scared Santa Paws away and took his hat!

Since his page was all about him and his needs and wants, Star Noir, Pepper and I want to show our human friends how much we appreciate them by suggesting holiday cards for cat lovers. There are so many delightful ones out there that bear our images.

To make things simple and easy to use, I will organize the items according to Subject: Angel Cats (like me, Star Noir and Pepper), Christmas Cats and some Dogs, and Holiday Birds and other prey.

Animal Christmas Cards Poll

Which animals do you like to see on holiday cards?

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Holiday Cards and Postage

Selected by Ms. Blaze Cat and Friends

Angel Cats

We cats are so close to celestial beings. It is simply delightful that such dear humans have captured these lovely visions so adeptly. I simply adore these card and hope that my lady will purchase some for us to send out during this joyous season.

Hundreds of angel cat holiday postcards, cards and matching stamps can be purchased on Just click this link.

Lost and Found Postage


Lost and found by JellyRollDesigns on touches my heart. I was lost or taken from my mother but was later found.

White Persian Angel Cat


I simply love this WHITE PERSIAN ANGEL CAT HOLIDAY Card by BY_CYRA. It is so soft and majestic.

Tabby Cat Angel


This Tabby cat angel notecard by bmoussart is a sweet little thing. She looks like me when I was left by the road. I could have become an angel if my humans had not found me and given me a home.

Bicolor Angel Cat


This BICOLOR PERSIAN ANGEL CAT Postage by BY_CYRA would be a lovely complement to her angel cat card.

Angel Christmas Kitten Card


Angel Kitten Christmas


Tabbies like this Angel Kitten Christmas Card and Postage by lamessegee are so attractive and this one has an angelic face, too.

Guardian Angel of Pets


This big fellow is called Guardian Angel of Pets and is by grandfinalepro. He reminds me of Dax, though I've never seen him look this regal.

Siamese Cat Angel Card


Siamese Cat - Clouds bycatartgifts is one of my favorites.

These are Purr-fectly Adorable Cards

Very handsome kitties, all decked out for the holidays.

Cat's Guide to Christmas

Christmas Cats Cards and Postage

Cats, Christmas and the holiday season go together like holly and mistletoe. When you combine them, you come up with some beautiful designs and some funny ones, too.

Christmas Cat Tree Card


Christmas Cat Tree Greeting Card and postage by twopurringcats

This looks like Christmas at my tribe's house. Some of them even look like us.

Christmas Cat Tree Postage Stamps


Christmas Trio Holiday Card


Christmas Trio Holiday Greeting Card by karyn_lewis

This is how I envision Santa Paws... MEooow! I'm going to wait up for him this year. What a handsome and jolly elf.

Christmas Trio Christmas Postage Stamps


Christmas Cartoon Kittens Cats Joy Card


Christmas Cartoon Kitten Cats JOY CARD by zooogle
What silly kitties. They must be related to Dax. He acts just like that sometimes... but the card and postage is very joyful and makes you want to snicker.

Joy Christmas Cartoon Kittens Cats Postage Stamps


Joy Christmas Cartoon Kitten Cats Postage Stamp by zooogle

Beautiful Holiday Birds Cards and Stamps

Birds like these provide hours of entertainment for us on those cold winter days. We thought you humans may enjoy them, too.

Cardinal in Holly Card


Buy Cardinal in Holly by naturegirl7 on

Cardinal in Holly Postage Stamp


Buy Cardinal in Holly Postage by naturegirl7

Christmas Cards and Postage from Our Tribe

Our tribe, as our human friends call it, is a happy one. We all found our forever home with these people after we experienced some hardship in our lives. They are good people who love all kinds of 4-legged and winged creatures. Our lady likes to take photographs of us and here are some that she made into holiday cards and postage stamps.

Christmas Cat Nap Card


Abigail was before my time. The story behind Christmas Cat Nap Card by naturegirl7 is that she was napping one day and my lady put a little Santa hat on her head and snapped some pictures.

Christmas Cat Nap Postage Stamp


Christmas Cat Nap Postage by naturegirl7

Reindeer Rio Card


Reindeer Rio Card by naturegirl7 was taken by my lady. Rio was a good dog and would let her put hats on him whenever she wanted. He and I used to play hide and seek when we were young.

Reindeer Rio Postage Stamp


Reindeer Rio Postage by naturegirl7

Togetherness American Humane Association Christmas Card

American Humane Association 'Togetherness' Christmas Card
American Humane Association 'Togetherness' Christmas Card

Our tribe lives in harmony most of the time, except when Dax gets his tail in a kink and disturbs the tranquility. The American Humane Association is such a good organization which helps our kind.


Santa Chance Dog Card


The photo for Santa Chance Dog Card by naturegirl7 was a challenge to take. You should have seen what our kind lady had to go through to get this photo of 2nd Chance with Santa's hat. He can be really grumpy and snappy. It should be called Bad Santa Chance.

Christmas Cats and Dogs

Cavallini Papers Christmas Cats and Dogs Glitter Greetings 12 Assorted Glittered Postcards Per Tin
Cavallini Papers Christmas Cats and Dogs Glitter Greetings 12 Assorted Glittered Postcards Per Tin

These look like Rio, my first dog friend, and I when we were young. He went accross the Rainbow Bridge when he was 15 years old. I miss Rio.


Santa Chance Dog Postage Stamp


Santa Chance Dog Postage by naturegirl7

American Humane Association By the Fireside

American Humane Association 'By the Fireside' Christmas Card
American Humane Association 'By the Fireside' Christmas Card

What a lovely, warm fire. I would enjoy curling up by this fire. This organization helps our canine friends as well as our kind.


Christmas Kitten Dax Plays Card


When Dax first came to live with us he would jump on me when I slept and play like this all the time! Christmas Kitten Dax Plays Card and postage by naturegirl7 is available on

Angry Cat Christmas Card

You notice that this cat is orange, just like Dax! He would do this... and has! He can be so irritating that I just want to spit!

Christmas Kitten Dax Plays Postage Stamp


Mice and Other Prey

Our Lady cross stitched the animals onto fabric then took a picture of them to make these cards and stamps of mice and other prey. She thinks that they are cute. I think that they look delicious!

Christmas Cat Cross Stitch Cards


Christmas Mouse Cross Stitch Card by naturegirl7

Christmas Mouse Cross Stitch Postage


Christmas Mouse Cross Stitch Postage by naturegirl7

Snow Fawn and Bunny Cross Stitch Card

I have seen deer and bunnies like the ones in Snow Fawn and Bunny Cross Stitch Card by naturegirl7. The bunnies hop around the yard and sometimes eat my lady's vegetables. I would chase them away if she let me go outside.

Angel Feeding Deer Cards

Angel Feeding Deer - Box of 16 Christmas Cards
Angel Feeding Deer - Box of 16 Christmas Cards

How lovely. We watch deer from the back porch, but have only seen that white stuff on the ground one time. It made our paws cold and wet.


Snow Fawn and Bunny Cross Stitch Postage

Snow Fawn and bunny Cross Stitch Postage by naturegirl7

Our tribe of adopted and rescued cats and dogs have found a good home, but there are many others of our kind out there that have no home. Perhaps you will celebrate the season by adopting a pet from one of the animal shelters near you.

© 2010 Yvonne L. B.

Purr at us, please.

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    • maceemiller123 profile image

      maceemiller123 4 years ago

      What a lovely lens!! Great work

    • Anahid LM profile image

      Anahid LM 6 years ago

      Hi: I love the stamps, great lens, I have one cat back home, a neighbor is taking care of her. I wish you Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Anna

    • MikeEssex profile image

      MikeEssex 6 years ago

      Purr! Meow. Scratch. Hiss. Purr. Purr.Woof.... I mean Meow

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      Your angel cats are all darling!

    • HorseAndPony LM profile image

      HorseAndPony LM 6 years ago

      These cards are adorable and I love the matching stamps. I love cards with any type of animals on them.

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 6 years ago from USA

      Cute cards!