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Christmas Gag Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover and Snob

Updated on December 5, 2012

What to Get a Coffee Snob for Christmas?

When searching for a Christmas gag gift for a coffee snob, you really have no alternative but to get creative and go for the gag.

Why? Because most coffee lovers have all the coffee gadgets known to man. And most non-coffee snobs would just love to bring a java geek down a few pegs. Wouldn't you?

So let's explore all of the outrageous gifts that make great presents for the coffee lover who has every coffee gadget, grinder, French press, fancy espresso machine and antique peculator known to man or woman. So now it's time to consider the alternative Christmas gifts for the person who drives you nuts about all that talk of "cupping", aroma, notes and blend.

Bacon Flavored Coffee

Nothing says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays quite like bacon flavored coffee. This could actually be a serious gift for taste alone, especially if you aren't sure if you're coffee loving snob has a sense of humor (say for instance your boss). The coffee snob may actually like the fact that the coffee has 100% Arabica beans. And most socially conscious coffee snobs love the idea of fair trade coffee.

And hey, who doesn't love bacon? Yes, even your coffee vegan friends will love it, because it's not like there is a real pig floating in the cup or even bacon for that matter.

Boca Java Roast to Order, Maple Bacon Morning, Ground, Flavored Direct Trade Coffee, 8 oz. bags (Pack of 2)
Boca Java Roast to Order, Maple Bacon Morning, Ground, Flavored Direct Trade Coffee, 8 oz. bags (Pack of 2)

Seriously, this coffee is still warm when it's shipped and comes from some of the top 2% coffee makers in the world.


Interesting Coffee Fact to Stump a Coffee Snob

Instant Coffee Was Invented by George Washington (not the President) But a Belgian guy in 1906.

The Toilet Bowl Mug

When all fails. When you really need something to make your coffee loving snob laugh (or cry), get them a coffee mug gag gift, like the toilet bowl mug. It's not for the high brow. If you have a serious coffee snob on your hands, they may be too embarrassed to take it to work to sit on their serious desk where they put their perfectly made cup of coffee, but who cares. It's funny and it's Christmas.

BigMouth Inc The Original Toilet Mug
BigMouth Inc The Original Toilet Mug

The shock value alone will get some good laughs. No serious coffee drinker would expect a toilet bowl coffee mug.


Other Unusual Coffee Mugs

If the toilet bowl coffee cup isn't your cup of tea, why not something unusual but still interesting, funny and unexpected. There are tons of options when it comes to unusual coffee cups. Perhaps you can even make it an inside joke or reference to a running joke. You decide. But the ideas are endless, from guns, to trash cans, to big butts. You're only limited by a non-snobby coffee perspective.

BigMouth Inc The Original Prescription Mug
BigMouth Inc The Original Prescription Mug

If coffee is your snobs addiction, a prescription coffee mug could be just the medicine for them.

BigMouth Inc The Recycling Bin Mug
BigMouth Inc The Recycling Bin Mug

Got a recycling conscious coffee lover on your hands, go with a recycling bin coffee cup.

BigMouth Inc The Gun Mug
BigMouth Inc The Gun Mug

We all know coffee snobs aren't big fire arms people. In fact, they're known to be a little wimpy, but you could give them a little false sense of "Rocky" with this gun coffee mug.


"Don't Make Me Kill You" Coffee Posters

Consider framing some outrageous coffee poster. This would be the first thing a coffee lover might see in his or her office in the morning. And they'll always think of you.

How Much Do You Really Love Coffee?

Here's a poll to assess how much of a coffee drinker you really are or not, for that matter. The average coffee snob drinks 2 or more cups of coffee a day. How about you?

How man cups of coffee do you drink on average?

See results

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