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Best Gift Ideas For Babies And Toddlers Girls (0 to 2)

Updated on December 4, 2017
Best Gift for Baby Girls
Best Gift for Baby Girls | Source

Gift fot Babies 0 to 12 Months

Playing is a primordial activity in childhood, since in addition to entertaining them children learn through the toys about the world that surrounds them. The toys must accompany each stage of growth, contributing to the child's integral development
both cognitive and emotional.

From 0 to 12 months, the senses become very important, because it is through the senses that they begin to understand everything that surrounds them. The appropriate toys in this stage are those that help stimulate sensory perception, those that catch their attention through touch, hearing and sight.

Until the third or fourth month, toys that they can see and hear are adequate since they are still not able to pick up objects with their hands, although they try to touch the toys that hang from cradle mobiles or hammocks.

Talking Hamster vs Baby

As they grow they begin to distinguish shapes and colors, among those they prefer the brightest and they like soft toys to be able to touch, suck and bite. As soon as their little hands are able to take things, they take everything to their mouths, which helps them recognize the objects.

They begin to develop the notion of their own body, therefore toys that stimulate the control of the first movements, as well as the manipulation of objects, are ideal.

Special care must be taken with the toys that are purchased. Always make sure they are suitable for babies and that they do not contain small parts or present a risk of suffocation.

The best toys for babies from 0 to 12 months are those that have different textures, soft books, teethers, toys for the bath, activity blankets, gyms for babies, rattles, toys for the stroller, musical lamps and cradle mobiles.

Selection of Gift for Baby Girl

From 0 to 5 months
They begin to discover the world through the senses. The toy must capture their attention through touch, sight and hearing.
Crib mobiles. Lamps with lights and moving forms. Baby rattles of striking colors. Soft toys to tighten, bite and suck. Toys that emit sounds and melodies. Toys with textures.
From 6 to 12 months
They start controlling their movements. The toy must develop the ability to manipulate objects.
Soft construction blocks of different sizes. Toys with buttons to tighten, cubes and rings to stack. Toys with sound and movement, simple construction toys. Balls, stuffed animals, bath toys.
Best Gift for Toddler Girls
Best Gift for Toddler Girls | Source

Gift fot Toddlers 1 to 2 Years

From one to two years, the kids start a phase of discovery and autonomy. They are beginning to be aware that they are a separate person from his mother with his own will and decisiveness.

The toys for girls from one to two years can help to deal with these new discoveries, giving opportunity to represent her emotions and also offering challenges that test her skills and build self-esteem.

The language also advances rapidly. The girl at two years is more aware of herself as a separate person from the other, so begins to refer to herself with her own name. She shows that understands many words, but can only say some of them.

She begins to understand everything, and slowly she will talk increasingly understandable. She loves what we say and wants to learn to communicate. Toys that stimulate her understanding of language are the best at this stage.

Her motor skills develop greatly. She starts to run, climb stairs, jump and climb.

The new intellectual and motor skills make her enjoy the movement of things, sizes, shapes, textures and colors.

She begins to feel interest in play with other children, although usually is a parallel play rather than an interactive one. However, she will continue to play alone and will demand us to play with her, something we must do everything we can.

You have to let her to make mistakes to find the way of doing things, rather than show her how to do it right the first time. So let her to experience is essential.

Selection of Gift for Toddler Girl

1 year
They start to sit, crawl and stand up. The toy must develop their motor skills.
Baby Walkers. Ride-ons. Push & Pull Baby Carts.
2 years
They are able to solve simple problems and memorize simple series. The toy must develop their intellectual capacity.
Construction toys such as cubes and fitting toys. Activity tables. Toys with buttons and sounds. Books of drawings and colored pencils.


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