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Baby Stella - A Popular Gift Idea for Babies and Toddlers

Updated on July 7, 2015
Lily Rose profile image

I am a mom of two beautiful girls (8.5 & 10.) We love to read, play, cook, shop and have fun together. Raising good people is a priority.

I have many favorite toy brands, Manhattan Toy being one of them.  The reason being that Manhattan Toy realizes that play is not only fun, but it is also essential to a child’s development, both cognitively and emotionally.  Their toys blend science and whimsy and offer children a wide array of stimulation and opportunity for imaginative play.

Manhattan Toy was founded in 1967 by Francis Goldwyn, who is the grandson of motion picture studio owner Sam Goldwyn.  Manhattan Toy pioneered the use of non-traditional fabrics in toy design and introduced soft toys in new body styles.  Goldwyn is no longer involved in the ownership of Manhattan Toy; however, the company stays true to his vision.

Manhattan Toy's Committment to Quality

Manhattan Toy creates its toys with a strong commitment to the finest of craftsmanship, as well as creativity.  Every toy is tested thoroughly to comply with the most rigorous international standards for children’s products.  Their toys are both durable and safe.  Imaginative play is what’s behind the design of the innovations of Manhattan Toy.  Additionally, all their products are designed and manufactured with every child’s safety in mind – their products meet or exceed all safety standards.

Manhattan Toy has a large family of brands, to include Whoozit, Groovy Girls, and Dr. Seuss.  Hundreds of new toys are introduced under these brand names every year.  Many of Manhattan Toy’s original designs have remained consistently popular for many years.

Baby Stella

Baby Stella is delightfully detailed, from her lifelike toes, belly button, and plump tummy, to her soft fleece hair and embroidered features.  This wonderful doll comes with a removable diaper, a two-piece sleeper outfit, and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to her mouth.  Toddlers will love cradling, dressing, and caring for this baby.

Originally, the Baby Stella doll was available in a lighter skin tone (peach) with a few “wisps” of light hair or a darker (beige) skin tone with a few wisps of dark hair.  Recently, two new Baby Stella dolls were introduced – the lighter skin toned one has a full head of blonde hair and the darker skin toned one with a full head of black hair.  All four versions are still available for purchase, and all four versions are simply adorable!

My daughter, now 4 ½, has had a Baby Stella doll since she was about 16 months old and she still enjoys playing with her to this day.  Stella goes with us everywhere and is well taken care of, with new outfits, baths, feedings, and diaper changes.  My youngest daughter now has one of her own, too.

Baby Stella Accessories

There are many accessories available for Baby Stella:

  • The Baby Stella Carrier is a backpack with a zippered compartment large enough to hold other accessories and a simple hook-and-loop closure “harness” that holds Stella. The carrier has adjustable straps and a handle.
  • The Baby Stella award-winning stroller is durably constructed, with a collapsible frame and plastic wheels.
  • The soft construction horse seats Baby Stella snuggly with a fabric belt.
  • The soft tub set comes with a bathrobe, a soft ducky, and a soft shampoo bottle. The faucet of the tub has faux running water made of ribbons.
  • Your child can practice their nurturing skills while taking care of Baby Stella’s needs. The Baby Stella Changing Set comes with a diaper bag, changing pad, soft lotion, wipes, and two diapers. This, in combination with the Baby Stella doll, would make a great gift for a young child who’s about to become a big brother or big sister, as the child can feel more “involved” when mommy is taking care of the new baby by taking care of his or her Baby Stella alongside.
  • Feeding is fun with this soft set which includes a “can” of peas, cereal bowl, a magnetic bottle that attaches to Baby Stella’s mouth, a spoon, and a bib.
  • Also available for Baby Stella are several adorable outfits as well as a snuggle sleeper.

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