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Christmas Gifts for College Bound Seniors: Luggage

Updated on December 13, 2012

If your high school senior is college bound, the luggage is a great Christmas gift!

Your young person is getting ready for big changes, and the expenses can hit pretty hard. Breaking things down over the next several months into bite-sized chunks will help preserve your budget and your sanity. Luggage isn't a huge cost, but it is a bigger ticket items than dorm bedding. At least in some cases, that's true. When I was preparing to go to college, my parents gave me my luggage as a Christmas gift. While it might seem a little less than exciting, it really came in handy during my last semester of high school. I used parts of it on school trips. I used it for student orientation. It's not a bad idea to get it out of the way at Christmas time! Furthermore, you may find some outstanding deals during the holidays! Read on for my suggestions!

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Nesting Luggage for College Bound Seniors: Variety and Versatility

Olympia Luggage Summerlin 5-Piece Travel Luggage Set
Olympia Luggage Summerlin 5-Piece Travel Luggage Set

Your student will have different seasons of travel. If you are driving your child to college, you can use the full set to pack belongings in. If your child returns home for a brief weekend or for Thanksgiving, a 5 piece set might be burdensome. However, a couple of the pieces will work perfectly. If your student travels to debate meets or other organizational activities, a single piece of luggage at a time may be handy. A multiple piece set is great for Christmas vacation because two or three pieces can be nested on the way home, providing extra packing space for taking Christmas gifts back to school in January.


Nesting Luggage and Dorm Life

Nesting luggage stores beautifully when your student doesn't need to use it. Under a bed, in a closet or down the hall in a common storage area, this is excellent for keeping things together.

Colorful College Luggage for Teenage Girls

Heys Luggage Cubis Bag Set
Heys Luggage Cubis Bag Set

If your daughter loves a specific color or motif, there are wonderful sets that are perfect. There are hard and soft materials, and you can decide on a material that suits your daughter's interests and needs. Hard luggage like the Heys design pictured here is great for keeping clean. It's also more likely to hold up in hectic handling environments.


Simple Colors Work For a Lifetime

My suitcases show some exterior wear, but they've lasted me nearly 30 years! I use them during the holidays to hide Christmas presents (although the kids have caught on to that tactic)!

Wheeled Luggage is Really Helpful for the College Bound Senior who will Travel Long and Far

Traveler’s Choice Freedom 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Set (20"/25"/29")
Traveler’s Choice Freedom 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Set (20"/25"/29")

My parents sent me on a multi-stop flight to get back to school one winter, and I lugged...LUGGED...all three pieces of my luggage set plus tote bags through an airport I wasn't familiar with. Do your teen a favor and get suitcases with wheels!!!


Girls Luggage for College vs. Boys Luggage for College

Girls are more likely to appreciate a pretty color or a fun motif. Boys may not care much about the fashion detail as long as it's not pink.

Trendy Luggage for College Bound Girls?

Rockland 3 Piece Vision Polycarbonate Abs Luggage Set
Rockland 3 Piece Vision Polycarbonate Abs Luggage Set

There are some wonderful and fun luggage designs available. If your daughter is flighty and changes interests a lot, you might opt for solids. If she has fun with color and designs, though, then trendy motifs are great. She may enjoy it all of her life, but in our modern era of online sales, she can always sell it if she changes interests later. You know your daughter well enough to know if trendy or simple is a better decision.


Two Piece Luggage Sets for College Bound Seniors

U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)
U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)

If you've already thought through the process and your student will only be traveling a short distance from home, or if he or she will have a vehicle, then a simple two-piece set is perfect for the back and forth. The needs of a long distance traveler are different from those of a student who is somewhat close to home. There are many great two piece sets that will fit the bill.


Do you still have your college luggage?

If you got luggage for college, what became of it?

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Suitcase Sets for College

Check out some of the latest suitcase sets available for college bound seniors.


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