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Christmas Gifts For Men

Updated on December 14, 2016

Top Christmas Gifts For Men

Are you searching for the top Christmas gifts for men?

If you are Christmas shopping for the man in your life, don't worry about finding the right gift, there are plenty of things you can get him.

Sometimes it can be hard to get gifts for men especially when they don't really communicate too well with us.

So if your guy is hard to buy for because he say's he has everything he needs, just think about the things you know he loves to do.

If he is a sports fan, get him something related to sports like tickets to a game or a jersey of his favorite team.

Is he a technology kind of guy? Get him the latest technology like the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Fire Stick!

Is he into looking good? Get him the latest hair pomade like Fiber from American Crew or you can give him a shaving kit or shaving club membership.

Gifts For The Man In Your Life

Here are some more great Christmas gift ideas for men.

What's the best way to shop for a Christmas gift for your man?

Online of course. I personally like to shop at Amazon. There are so many items available online and I don't have to go to the mall!

Now for the gift, First try to ask him what he wants.

Yeah right! When you can't get an answer from him about his Christmas gift, here are some great gift ideas for you.

There really are lots of things you can get him. Let this be your guide in finding just the right thing for him!

Generally, men are easy to buy for if you know what they are into.

Most men like gifts that reflect what they do.

  • The Sports Lover - Get him tickets to a game or buy him his favorite team jersey.
  • The Grill Chef - If he is the kind of guy who loves to barbecue, get him a new grill set.
  • The Techie Guy - Is he into technology? Get him a flash drive, an Amazon Fire Stick, or an Amazon Echo.
  • The Fashion Lover - Does your man have a sense of style? Get him a watch, jewelry or a cool looking jacket.
  • The Music Lover - He would love a Bluetooth speaker or some "Beats" Headphones.

As a general rule most men like sports, technology, music, movies and cars.

The Smartphone Charging Station

The Smartphone charging station is a base that you can put anywhere in your home or office that allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad and an iPod all together at the same time.

It's perfect if he has a variety of phones and tablets he uses.

He can also use it to charge several iPhones at a time if he needs to. It is compatible with all Apple products and Samsung, Google Nexus and more.

All he has to do is put his phone on the dock and plug it in to charge.

It's perfect for his desk in a home office, at work or in the kitchen or anywhere he wants to put it.

The Godfather Movie Series

What guy doesn't like the Godfather movies?

I don't know of any man who doesn't like these movies. We have this movie series at my house and we watch them often.

If your man doesn't own the Godfather movie series, he has to add it to his collection for sure. It is the perfect gift for him!

Grilling Gifts

Is your guy into grilling? My guy loves to cook!

I get him gift cards to his favorite cooking store or sometimes I will buy him a little something for the kitchen.

My man loves pepper. LOL.

Yep, he loves it and always puts a lot of it on all of our food so I bought him an automatic pepper mill. He loved it!

So just think about what he loves, get him something related to that and you'll score!

Gift Ideas For The Techie Guy


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    • bjslapidary profile image

      bjslapidary 6 years ago

      Another great lens. Some great ideas here.

    • Merstarr profile image

      Merstarr 6 years ago

      Great lens here! I think you covered most types of men here :)