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Christmas Gifts For Orphaned Teenage Girls

Updated on August 11, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Orphaned Teenage Girls Challenge

This is a Christmas gift challenge and I will focus on Christmas gifts for orphaned teenage girls who in one way or the other lost their parents through sickness, accident, being abandoned or lost in the streets. Transforming orphans lives is not rags to riches project but a way of sharing the extras that you have through Christmas gifts.

Gifts should not come on Christmas though especially for the less disadvantaged. Expressing love and care is a continuous process to share Gods gifts. If you have been blessed, the extra that you give should not wait a whole year when you can make these orphaned teenage girls smile.

Compassionate Christmas girls gifts

Christmas gifts for the orphaned teenage girls should not be a fundraising event but a heart to heart sharing event where the recipient of a Christmas gift appreciates the gesture. Some of these presents are invaluable but Christmas charity gifts. Most orphaned teenage girls have no real parent to pour their frustrations and need to and acting as a foster parent, you can make a difference and make them fell appreciated.

Celebrate with a gift

During Christmas, we celebrate liberation from the old self to a new self and irrespective of ones religious affiliation; we all have the social responsibility. Some meaningful and most appreciated Christmas gifts for orphaned teenage girls include and not limited to sanitary towels, clothes, beauty products as well as company and friendship.

Donate through organizations

For those among us who are blessed, a whole year support will be appreciated and this can be done through your local orphanage or local religious organizations supporting orphaned teenage girls like the Salvation Army. Remember a lough is a burst smile, make many smiles burst with some Christmas gifts for orphaned teenage girls.

How Can You Help

There are many organizations that are supporting orphans but the number of their needs keep increasing. This means that individuals should come on board and chip in. Christmas or any other gift need not be in monetary nature; those items in your house which you do not use can be useful to this disadvantaged group in our society.


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