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Christmas Gifts For The Teenager In Your Life

Updated on December 5, 2014

What Do You Buy For The Teenager Who Has Everything?

Teenagers. Either love them or hate them, we need to show them our love, even when we don't feel like it.

(Funny that, I seem to remember feeling the same way about my parents when I was a teenager...)

When it comes to Christmas or birthdays, what do you choose to buy them?

My kids aren't quite teenagers, although the way they behave sometimes, you might think otherwise.

Correction, since I first wrote this article, one of my kids is very definitely a teenager, though I still love him!

Here's a selection of items that they have asked for, or I think they will be asking for either this Christmas, or in the next couple of years...

Apple iPod Touch 16 GB Blue (5th Generation) MP3 Player
Apple iPod Touch 16 GB Blue (5th Generation) MP3 Player

The iPod Touch works just like an iPhone, but without the phone part.

With plenty of space for music, games and movies, it's perfect for entertainment for your teen, when they are on the move.


The iPod - Or Another MP3 Player

Music is always popular with teens and these days, CDs are very much on their way out and digital music files (that's what an MP3 file is) are in.

For the ultimate techie gift (without having to fork out for an iPhone) why not get them an iPod Touch?

The Touch is good not only for music, but also videos and games.

It looks cool and what's more, they can pretend it's a "real" iPhone too!

If they already have one then you can always find them accessories for it, such as a nice cover to keep it safe and sound, or some iTunes vouchers, so they can choose what they want.

Games Consoles

They may be Teenagers, but they still have the kid inside trying to get out (don't we all?).

If you don't already have your own (I have an Xbox and it's definitely "mine" - saving up for a PS4), then your teenager would be over the moon with one of these!

The first year with the new consoles was a little bit lack lustre in terms of games, but new releases are now coming thick and fast.


Sony are pitching their new machine as the platform aimed squarely at gamers. Period.
Games like Watch Dogs and Shadow of Mordor are looking so much better on the PS4.
In addition, we are just beginning to see new games like Batman Arkham Knight (planned release date April 2015) being developed only for this new generation.

Xbox One

Microsoft on the other hand, are attempting to take over your entire living room with their "One" machine to rule them all.
You can plug various devices, such as satellite/cable TV boxes into the One and control them all from there.
We're yet to see any truly killer games that utilise the Kinect motion sensor, but it can only be a matter of time.
Will they succeed?

Red Christmas Present on a White Background by Petr Kratochvil

Nintendo Wii U Console - 32GB Black Deluxe Set
Nintendo Wii U Console - 32GB Black Deluxe Set

The updated Wii, in the form of the Wii U console from Nintendo, may not have the brute power of Microsoft and Sony behemoths, but it's still a mean mover in its own right.

It does things a little bit differently and tries its best to keep you moving, rather than just sitting on the sofa.

Works with ...and without... a TV...!!!


Movies or Books?

Here's some other things they may like on the movie front.

I have written elsewhere about my love for Lord of the Rings and the Marvel Avengers Boxed Set (see some of my other articles).

There's plenty to keep them occupied with these and rest assured there is nothing "inappropriate" for their age group.

If your teenager doesn't have them already ...then they should!

Lord of the Rings Books

With "The Hobbit" part 3 now coming our way from our friend Peter Jackson, it was only natural to include it in with the Lord of the Rings box sets.
These books are the original inspiration for the movies and well worth a number of readings.
My family and I have read them multiple times, sometimes out loud - they are that good!

Lord of the Rings Movies

If they don't have the patience for reading, then why not watch the movies?
This set includes these classic movies, with all the twiddly extra bits that never made it into the theatres, put back in.

Marvel's Avengers

The great thing about the Marvel movies (IMO) is that they are so family friendly.

While there is plenty of Superhero action, you won't find any foul language or sexual references.

This makes them great for teens and pre-teens to enjoy together.

Marvel's The Avengers [Blu-ray]
Marvel's The Avengers [Blu-ray]

Great movie, combining all the best Marvel characters in one place, along with some great humour and special effects.

Marvel's The Avengers - 6-Disc Box Set (Region Free)
Marvel's The Avengers - 6-Disc Box Set (Region Free)

Even greater boxed set: 6 movies for the price of 2 or 3.

Your kids can spend hours with Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor and you may too.


Star Trek

If your teenager is a Sci-Fi buff, then you can't go wrong with the latest Star Trek reboots.
This one has some great performances from all the cast and some very funny moments too.
And if you like Benedict Cumberbatch (who doesn't), then you'll like this even more. ;)

Get Them Organised!

Many teens are at the stage in life where they are starting to learn about responsibility and how to organise themselves.

Why not give them something to help them?

What, you mean something that might actually be useful???

Filofax 2015 Personal Organizer, The Original Patent Fuchsia (C022432-15)
Filofax 2015 Personal Organizer, The Original Patent Fuchsia (C022432-15)

The original filofax, is great for getting people organised (my wife swears by them).

These are also a good idea for clumsy teens who are good at dropping more electronic means of organisation.



Filofax has almost been replaced in some quarters by the Moleskine.
Attracting legions of followers, they have the virtue of extra kudos too.

For The "Not Quite" Teens

A couple of years ago, my son was at that 'awkward age' where he was almost, but not quite a teenager.

Sometimes, he would act very grown up and responsible, sometimes he would be an excitable 11 year old.

Other times he regresses into an 8 year old!

Difficult to choose for? You bet!

Here are some of the things that were on his Christmas list last year. (Tip: there's a bit of a theme going on here ...and I think some similar items may still be on his list this year too!)

Lego Lord of the Rings Frodo Minifigure
Lego Lord of the Rings Frodo Minifigure

Lego made an awesome decision when they started selling mini figures a few years back.

I don't quite "get" the obsession that every child I know has with them, but it doesn't seem to matter to my kids who still ask for them, year after year.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469)
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469)

With the current popularity of all things Hobbitt related, there are of course, many Lego sets linked into the movies.


Lego LOTR ...The Video Game

I had to sneak in another video game if you're tired of building Lego sets for your kids, you can beat them at their own game.
This is one of the best of the Lego video games, including the whole of Middle Earth you and the family to explore.

Comments, Please

If you've got ideas for what to get a teenager for a special event, then let me know.

If you haven't got any ideas but like this article, then let me know anyway!

© 2012 Tim Bader

What would you get?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      These are still good ideas! Thanks!

    • Tim Bader profile imageAUTHOR

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      @ShariBerry: I'm sure they will be very happy with those!

      Have a good Christmas.

    • Tim Bader profile imageAUTHOR

      Tim Bader 

      5 years ago from Surrey, UK

      @RGrieco: Well, I guess as long as Santa has lots of money...!

    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 

      5 years ago

      I always like to buy books...

    • KandH profile image


      5 years ago

      My 14 year old keeps telling me she wants a Nikon something or other camera and my 13 year old wants a Kindle Fire ... we'll see what Santa comes up with this year ;)

    • RGrieco profile image


      5 years ago

      Some of the teenagers I know, want the iphone 5! Great lense

    • SecondSally profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens. I like that you included some old fashioned reading. Nice touch.

    • ShariBerry profile image

      Sharon Berry 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      Last year I bought ipods for my 3 teenage grandchildren. This year they are getting the Kindle Fire HD. I hope it is as big a hit as they ipod's were.


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