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Christmas Gifts for your Wife, Spouse or Girlfriend

Updated on February 1, 2015

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a typical man, you likely don't like shopping, don't care about shopping and just want to get it done. You're in luck! I am the same way. In fact, if you are like me, you don't go shopping at all, you go buying. This is your lucky day. This lens is the buying guide that you need so you can stop shopping and start buying. Read on to find the best gifts for your significant other. Then go get them. Lots of great choices are shown for all budget levels!

Start planning early so you can obtain a great gift for the missus. There are so many choices. Do you research into the types of things she loves, then get her something that you see here. Have a great holiday season, both of you.

Establish your gift buying strategy - Are you brave enough to get this done?

Wii gift for your wife
Wii gift for your wife

You need to think about how you are going to buy the gifts for your wife. Do you want gifts that she will love? Things she will remember? How much money do you have? Some men are pretty bold. They manage to buy their wives gifts that are dual purpose. These are gifts she will love and so will the husband. How can that be? It can be hard but with a buying plan, it can be done. The key is sincerity and failing that, some pretty convincing cover stories!

Take the Wii, for example. You really want one and think your wife would enjoy it too. What to do? Simple. Don't even mention the Grand Theft Auto game ever. Concentrate on the shared playing experience. You both like tennis, (fib if you have to), you get to share in the Wii Tennis experience. You both like other games that you can share as well, like football. These sound like great reasons why you would buy her a Wii so it's a double bonus. She gets the Wii that you can share with her playing tennis and you get to buy Grand Theft Auto when you happen to see it after Christmas.

Special Wii note: if you want your wife or girlfriend to start using Wii fit, be very careful! You should buy it for yourself, since you likely need to lose a few pounds yourself. When you have it, you can ask her to show you how it works. You should be OK with this line of reasoning.

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The brave can give holiday trips - Wouldn't it be great to go to Hawaii?

A markerThe beautiful Big Island -
kona, hawaii
get directions

Christmas Debate Module

Is it better to shop or to buy at Christmas?

Comments about your buying experience? - Happy holidays!

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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 6 years ago

      I like useful and healthy gifts that have a social component to them . . all can play. I don't care for crowded malls at all - rather do it all online.