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christmas humbug

Updated on January 13, 2011

 Some where out there among our Holiday cheer

Is a Grinch hiding with a snivel sneer.


Waiting to spoil your holiday

In hopes of ruining your christmas day.


Waiting to pounce you with his humbug say

All in hopes you will join his ways.


Hoping you will help to spread his grinch grump mood

Teaching you to be shrewed, lewed and such a prude


He will steal the kids' smiles and cheer

All the while leaving his grinchiness near


No carols will be sung or heard

And make this holiday seem absurd


No gift giving will be done

and you will visit no one


The tree wont be trimmed

nor filled to the brim


No snow will fall

No holiday for all


So beware Of the grinch inside you

Give him a kick in the rear

And sing this joyful Holiday

Of Glorious Christmas cheer!



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