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Christmas Invitation Wording

Updated on November 3, 2013

Christmas Celebration Around The World

Christmas is the greatest festival in the world and it is celebrated across the nations. Jesus who was born to virgin mary is the most influential person to mankind. His teaching and views has changed the way mankind lived and cultures developed. Worlds political face has been changed and the time itself started revolving around his birth. People started dividing the time as before Christ (BC) and after Christ. People started calling the time after his birth, as his year or lords year. Nations are fought for his teaching and millions are sacrificed their life to protect his teaching. Millions of Volunteers and charity workers are considered spreading his teaching is their life's Goal. Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus christ

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation

Christmas Invitation

Christmas Invitation Wording

Christmas is the occasion when we need to look for best Christmas messages for greetings, cards, gifts and for christmas invitations. As the world prepares to celebrate the Christmas with christmas carols and wonderful christmas decorations, it is usual to family members and friends invite each other for the festival.

Please see some Christmas Invitation wording which may help you to create a simple christmas invitations


I think it will be a great time

If we spend Christmas occasion together

My kids are really thrilled to the news that

I am inviting you and your kids for christmas

Please come and Celebrate christmas with us

Let us spend Christmas together and

I am sure that it will be a memorable Christmas for us

Please come for Christmas

It has been long since we met

I wish if you come to my home

to celebrate the Christmas

It will be a great time for us

Please come and stay with us

on Christmas Season

As magic of Christmas travel from

house to house and hearts to heart

If you can come and stay with us

We can spend Christmas together

I am inviting you and your family,

To my house on Christmas vacation

I am planning lot of activities for us

and our kids to make this christmas

A long lasting memory.

memories will last for ever,

And I want to make this Christmas

a memorable one for my life

I am inviting you and your family

to make it a wonderful Christmas

Christmas Invitation Wording For Parents

Looking for Christmas messages and invitation wordings for your parents, then have a look below. Defensibly you may find one

Christmas Invitation Wordings for Mother

Mom please come and spend Christmas with us

Mom kids are excited that and the looking for you

On Christmas Vocation Please Come

We are waiting For you for this Christmas

Please Come

Christmas Invitation Wordings for Father

Dad We are expecting you for Christmas

Please Come and Celebrate with us

Dad Please come with mom for this Christmas

We will make the Christmas memorable

Dad you and mom are expected for Christmas

No excuse please. We are already arranged lot of programs

Christmas Dinner Invitation Wording

Christmas Lunch Invitation Wording

Please find Christmas Dinner Invitation Wording which will please your recipents

We are Celebrating Christmas with dinner

Please come and honor our Christmas Dinner

Our Lord has born to save us from our sins

We are celebrating his birthday with Christmas dinner

Please come and Join us on Dinner

Heaven and nature is ready, Angels are singing

Caroling groups are moving house to house

Christmas spirit is spreading all over

Let us conduct a Christmas dinner

to proclaim the birth our savior

Please come and join with our Christmas Dinner

The magic of Christmas is travelling

hearts to heartNot only filling love

in their heart, but also spreads love

to their dears and nears

Let us celebrate the Christmas

With a Christmas dinner

Please come and join at our christmas Dinner

Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation

Christmas Party Invitations

You may be Planning to celebrate Christmas with Christmas Party, decorated with wonderful christmas decorations you want to invite your friends and relatives for that party. Or you are inviting your relative to spend the the vacation with you. Or you may be living in overseas and want to invite your parents and relative.Some times people conduct wedding connected to xmas and we may need to send Christmas wedding invitation. Whatever be the situations we need to send the invitation every year.Most of the people get stumpled when they have to select Christmas messages for their chirstmas invitations and Christmas Cards. Now we have a choice of online as well as offline, depending upon the recipient's access to internet and computer. Please see the below steps

1.Decide what type of party you are planning. and make a guest list

2. Select a Christmas Invitation Card that matches to your party theme and style

3.Look around and find some good Christmas Party invitation wording, so that your invitation will become wonderful.

Christmas Party Invitation Wording

I am here giving you some sample christmas invitation wording, in case you are looking to some words

Hi Dear Friend

I am conducting a Christmas Party

With fun filled games and Food

You attendance will make it

a special party

Please Come

Let us celebrate Christmas Together

Let us Enjoy Christmas Together

For that I am planning a christmas Party

Please come to celebrate

Christmas is the time when

We have to enjoy and celebrate

let us conduct a christmas party

and celebrate the birth of Jesus

As the world is celebrating the birth our Lord,

And we can hear the Christmas Carlos everywhere

Let us celebrate the birth of our savior,

With a grand Christmas party with wine and dance

And your presence will be a blessing to us

Please come and join with us.

Christmas is like a magic which fills everywhere,

It fills in our soul and life

It fills in the nature and surroundings

Let us celebrate the Christmas with Dine and Dance

Please Come and join with us

I can see christmas magic everywhere

My soul is filled with christmas spirit,

Let us enjoy the Christmas magic,

With grand Christmas party with dine and Dance

Please come and join to celebrate our lord birthday

Funny Christmas Party Invitation Wording

Christmas Party Invitation Wording Samples

Please Find Some Funny Christmas party invitation wording

Hi last year's Christmas you did not drink properly

So I am conducting Christmas party again for you

Drink, Dance and enjoy and make trouble

Please com

I am conducting Christmas party again

Just because you messed up it last year

Come and mess up again

So that I will conduct again in next year

We are planning to conduct Christmas party

We need some funny guys to make it Intersting

So you welcome for that, Hope you will keep up

Your reputation. Please come

Christmas party is another excuse for me to conduct party

And I am sure it is another excuse for you to drink and go wild

Please come and enjoy

Funny Christmas Invitation Wording

Please see some funny Christmas Invitation Wording

Christmas is here and we want to make it funny

So please come and Join with us

We are planning to celebrate Christmas

But there is no Santa Clause

Can you please come and cover up that

Merry Christmas

Again Christmas and Celebration

So please come and Drink with us

Merry Christmas

Sample Christmas Invitations

Feeling to write some thing you are welcome


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