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Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

Updated on October 17, 2014
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I have been sewing and crafting all of my life. I enjoy a variety of crafts, making gifts, holiday & home decor and costumes for my family

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Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits come in many styles and designs. This page will feature the best Christmas latch hook rug and pillow kits as well as a search feature so you can search the huge selection of Christmas latch hook decor kits. Rugs and pillows are always a great and easy way to decorate for Christmas. The winter months you want to have a soft and fluffy rug to put your feet on when you are getting out of bed or standing in front of the sink. Christmas latch hook rugs make amazing wall hangings as well.

Christmas latch hook pillows add even more ways to include this fabulous craft into your holiday decor. Soft, dimensional, easy to display anywhere in the home where you want to add another accent to your Christmas decoration ideas.

MCG Textiles Santa and Tree Latch Hook Rug Kit - Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

MCG Textiles Santa and Tree Latch Hook Rug Kit

This kit comes with a design instruction book with full color graph, canvas, yarn (pre-cut), and the finished size is 26x36

You will need a latch hook and rug binding to complete this project.

Classic Santa is climbing a Christmas tree and you can display this whimsical design anywhere during the holidays. Rugs are always a great decorative touch on the floor by the bed, in front of the sink, or anywhere you would like to have a soft place to rest your feet.

Consider using latch hook rugs on walls as well as amazing art pieces you are sure to enjoy. This rug would be a fabulous entry decorative accent or hang it on the door of a child's room to add interest and whimsy for anyone entering or passing by.

Merry Christmas Kitty Latch Hook Kit - Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

Adorable cat design with a Christmas theme so you can add this decorative accent to any room during Christmas. Anyone who loves cats will adore this traditional colored Christmas accent or the kit if you would like to give it as a gift before the project is complete.

Cat lovers will be excited to see such a thoughtful gift waiting under the tree for them on Christmas morning. Hand crafted gifts are always the most cherished but when you take the time to find just the right design they are treasured even more.

MCG Textiles 37720 3 Bears Latch Hook Rug Kit - Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

MCG Textiles 37720 3 Bears Latch Hook Rug Kit

Pre-cut yarn is ready to use. Great for a gift as a kit or after you have completed the project on included canvas (blue lined mesh).

Three Christmas Bears in a beautiful holiday motif will delight all ages. The teddy bear has long been a favorite gift for children of all ages at Christmas time and this is a great decorative kit you will love to have in your home any time of the year and especially for the holidays.

MCG Textiles Boy Bear Latch Hook Pillow Kit (Featured in the Introduction)

MCG Textiles Boy Bear Latch Hook Pillow Kit - Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

Pillows are warm and inviting any time of the year. This is going to be a favorite as a decorative accent pillow for Christmas, makes a great gift for anyone who loves bears, children especially love the bear styles for their rooms. You can create this pillow from the kit or give the kit as a gift for anyone who loves to create latch hook projects.

MCG Textiles Ho Ho Santa Latch Hook Pillow Kit - Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits

MCG Textiles Ho Ho Santa Latch Hook Pillow Kit

Create this adorable Christmas accent pillow from a kit with

The mesh and yarn included.

Who wouldn't love to have a Santa pillow? This is so lively and amazing it will fit into modern as well as classed decorating styles with ease. The cheerful Santa is a great way to add to your decorating ideas and will be fabulous on a chair or bed. Pillows make great decorating accents anytime of the year. So easy and fun to switch out from time to time, season to season, you are sure to find you love using pillows in your home so it is easy to change decor anytime you want without much work.

Pillows are easy to store, can be moved from room to room, and are always a welcome gift for children and adults alike.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified you generally will not receive a latch hook tool in a kit.

Check each kit for the included accessories so you can see if you will need additional items (such as the latch hook tool, frames, or binding). If you need these additional items you can find them by clicking on the links below.

Additional Christmas Latch Hook Kits for Your Consideration

Click to See More Christmas Latch Hook Kits ~ Many of these only have 1 available.

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    • profile image

      aishu19 4 years ago

      These are beautiful latch hook decor kits and would be perfect this Christmas

    • oceansky lm profile image

      Lisa Morris 4 years ago

      Beautiful Christmas Latch Hook Decor Kits.

    • profile image

      pawpaw911 4 years ago

      Very cool latch hook designs.

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