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The Ultimate Christmas Movie Survey

Updated on October 16, 2014

Do You Love Christmas Movies? Then Take This Ultimate Survey About Them!

Come the holiday season, it's time for Christmas movies. Christmas movies are all over the television, in the theaters, newly repackaged in the video and dvd stores...they're just everywhere. Are you a fan, or would you rather say "Bah, humbug!" to Christmas movies? Which ones are your favorites of all time, and how many times have you seen them?

In this survey, you can sound off with your feelings about Christmas movies of all kinds and from all decades. Which films will get the most votes? Answer for yourself and then see how you stack up against others' opinions.

1. Christmas Movies: How Much Do You Enjoy Them? - Are You A Fan, Or Not So Much?

How do you generally feel about Christmas movies?

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2. How Many Christmas Movies Do You Own? - What's The Size of Your Home Collection of Holiday Films?

How many Christmas movies are in your home DVD/video collection?

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3. New Christmas Movies - Do You Get Excited to See New Christmas Films in the Theater?

Do you look forward to seeing new Christmas movies in the theaters every year?

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4. Holiday Movies from 2013 - Which Title Did You Enjoy The Most?

Which 2013 Holiday season movie did you enjoy the most?

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One Christmas tradition is for certain TV stations to play a marathon run of a single Christmas movie, such as "It's A Wonderful Life" or "A Christmas Story". Do you ever watch them?

5. Christmas Movie Marathons on TV - Do You Ever Watch Them?

Do you watch Christmas movie marathons on TV?

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6. Going to the Movies on Christmas Day - Do You Ever?

Have you ever gone to the cinema on Christmas Day?

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7. Favorite Kind of Christmas Movie

What is your favorite kind of Christmas movie?

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9. Christmas Movies of the 1930s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1930s?

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10. Christmas Movies of the 1940s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1940s?

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11. Christmas Movies of the 1950s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1950s?

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12. Christmas Movies of the 1960s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1960s?

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13. Christmas Movies of the 1970s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1970s?

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14. Christmas Movies of the 1980s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1980s?

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15. Christmas Movies of the 1990s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 1990s?

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16. Christmas Movies of the 2000s

Which is your favorite Christmas movie from the 2000s?

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Charles Dickens' classic has been featured in many film adaptions. Which one is the best?

17. Best Film Adaptation of "A Christmas Carol"

Which is the best cinematic version of A Christmas Carol?

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It's one of the quintessential Christmas movies, replayed endlessly every year. How do you feel about the film?

18. "It's A Wonderful Life" - Opinions On This Christmas Classic

Do you love the movie It's a Wonderful Life?

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19. Favorite Romantic Christmas Movie

What is your favorite holiday season romance movie?

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20. Best Christmas Horror Movie - Get Creepy with Santa Claus This Year!

What is your favorite Christmas horror movie?

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Happy holidays! And feel free to chime in here with any final comments you have about Christmas and holiday movies.

© 2011 Nicole Pellegrini

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Charlie Brown's Christmas is the best!