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Christmas Ornaments for Brass Musicians

Updated on October 9, 2013

Selecting a Christmas Ornament for a Brass Musician

This site is to help you select a Christmas ornament for your favorite brass musicians. Nothing says that holiday season is approaching fast like beautiful Christmas carols. Brass musicians normally have their holidays full of performing for local churches and Christmas concerts. Why not honor the brass musician in your life with a beautiful Christmas ornament to commemorate the holiday season and all of their hard work?

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Which Instruments are Brass Instruments?

Brass instruments are the heart and soul of any marching band.

Christmas music often heavily features the sounds of brass instruments. From the soulful french horn to the deep and powerful tuba, brass instruments create the tone that we love in Christmas carols.

Brass instruments are the instruments that are made of metal, traditionally brass, and the sound is made by the shape that the musician makes with their mouth while playing.

The most common brass instruments are trumpets, french horns, trombones, baritones, flugelhorns, sousaphones, and tubas.

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Musical Instrument Ornaments as Christmas Gifts

How to give an ornament as a Christmas present:

1. Stocking Stuffer: Take the ornament and put it in someones stocking. For a more formal look, hook the string of the ornament around the hanging loop of the stocking, so the ornament is viewable as it hangs in front of the stocking.

2. Table Placeholder: Use the ornaments to mark each person's seat at the table for Christmas dinner. Attach a nice name card to each ornament, so people know where they are supposed to sit. The ornaments will make the Christmas dinner table look even more stunning.

3. Attached to a Christmas Card: A Christmas ornament taped to the outside of a Christmas card makes a nice Christmas present for coworkers and friends.

4. Decorate a Christmas Gift: To add pizzaz to a wrapped Christmas present, attach a Christmas ornament to the package, peeking out from under the bow.

5. With a Candy Cane: For children, give them a candy cane with an ornament attached as a Christmas Eve present. They can hang the ornament on the tree to enjoy this year, and eat the candy cane as a Christmas treat.

Trumpet Christmas Ornaments

Trumpets are one of the most common instruments. Known for everything from Christmas music to mariachi bands, many people learn how to play the trumpet. Trumpet music is known for its piercing high notes and peppy melodies.

Trumpet Christmas ornaments come in a variety of styles. There are ornaments that focus only on the trumpet, or feature the trumpet while being played by an angel or a character. Some trumpet ornaments are themed for children, so they are great presents for young trumpet players. Whether you prefer elegant or cutesy ornaments, one of these will fit your tastes.

Photo Credit: French Horn Angle by Ian.Kobylanski via Flickr
Photo Credit: French Horn Angle by Ian.Kobylanski via Flickr

French Horn Christmas Ornaments

The French horn is perhaps the most iconic of all brass instruments for the holiday season. Featured on Christmas cards, wrapping paper patterns, and holiday wreaths, its graceful circular shape makes it an elegant favorite. Some of these unique ornaments are sure to round out the collection of even the most thorough collector of french horn ornaments.

Photo Credit: Down the Horn by ctd 2005 on Flickr
Photo Credit: Down the Horn by ctd 2005 on Flickr

Trombone Christmas Ornaments

Famous for their role in jazz music, the wah-wah-wah of trombones is an iconic sound. With their characteristic long slides, trombone musicians are enjoyable to watch.

Baratone Christmas Ornaments

The baritone is a deep instrument like the tuba, but with a less unwieldy size. Due to their similar shape, it is difficult to know which pictures are of baritones and which ones are of tubas.

Buy Baritone Christmas Ornaments

Superfabulous fireplace sousaphone by reynolds.james.e
Superfabulous fireplace sousaphone by reynolds.james.e

Sousaphone Christmas Ornaments

The sousaphone is a tuba that is shaped for marching. Named after John Philips Sousa, the instrument is know for its role in marches. When you think of the brass instruments that make up a marching band, the first instrument that will come to your mind is the sousaphone. It loops around the musicians body into a large bell above the players head.

Buy Sousaphone Christmas Ornaments

Merry Fn Tubachristmas!! by Reynolds.James.e
Merry Fn Tubachristmas!! by Reynolds.James.e

Tuba Christmas Ornaments

The tuba is similar to a sousaphone, but designed for playing while sitting in a concert hall. The tuba is wildly popular as a holiday instrument, because of its frequent use in many popular Christmas carols. Additionally, tubas are famous for the holiday caroling tradition of Tuba Christmas, where local tuba players all gather together to perform tuba Christmas carols together.

Buy Tuba Christmas Ornaments

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      Really clever products here, pinned to my Christmas board.


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