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Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Updated on September 18, 2014

Matching, or not, Christmas Pajamas for the Family Mean Fun, Tradition, and Memories!

Regardless of the ages of your children, it's tough to navigate the final days before Christmas with such a buildup of excitement and activity. One of the most fun ways to ease the minds of excited youngsters on Christmas Eve, and to send them to bed with smiles and warm memories, is to give each family member a package to open at night, Christmas Pajamas! Of course, be prepared if you start this tradition...I mistakenly thought I could skip it last year, and my teenage daughter was not happy with me!

Polar Bear Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family


If you love the idea of matching Christmas jammies for your family, there are several styles to be found, but you aren't likely to track them down on the aisles of your local big box retailer. If you have a Christmas theme in mind, you should definitely take a look at some of the great styles featured at Amazon, one being the blue and white plaid with polar bear motif, shown here.

Sizing Your Holiday Jammies

You would think that picking the right pajama size was easy, but I've had many occasions upon which the kids' sizes and the jammies didn't jive. Consider upsizing the pajamas so that you don't end up with a Christmas Eve disappointment. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's the cheap PJs from Walmart or the tween brands from Kmart...err in favor of bigger so that you don't have somebody left out of the fun!

Green Plaid Jammie Pants with Red Top, Christmas Tree Motif

Green Plaid Jammie Pants with Red Top, Christmas Tree Motif
Green Plaid Jammie Pants with Red Top, Christmas Tree Motif

When to Buy Holiday PJs?

There can be some great Black Friday sales on jammies, but the reality is that if you want coordinating sets, they usually don't fall into those mainstream sales. For a full set of coordinating PJs for all members of the family, you'll want to start ahead of that big shopping day to be sure that supplies are ample.

If you won't be coordinating, you may be alright waiting for the big sales. However, I've had issues with inventories of the styles and sizes I want from Black Friday to Christmas

Penguin Motif Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Penguin Motif Christmas Pajamas for the Family
Penguin Motif Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Finding Your Way Around that Resistant Child

I'll admit it, Christmas jammies have lost their charm with the boys in my house. I'm also dealing with tweens and teens going through growth spurts. As soon as I order clothing for one of them, they seem to go through an unexpected growth spurt and can't wear the item by the time it arrives. It was just starting last Christmas season, and the holiday nighties that I ordered for the boys were much too tight. Worse, they passed them down to the next sibling boys in order, and those boys subsequently rejected the sets. My oldest teen son loved the microfiber sleep pants that were not at all tied to Christmasy themes and memes, and this is the route I will go in the future. Be sensitive to your boys, and don't force the issue if they don't want anything to do with cutesy clothes, even if it is Christmas.

The girls don't outgrow the sentiment quite as easily, but I still find that even with my most slender daughters, the sizing is typically off. I order a size higher for my kids these days...maybe two.

Resistant Kids?

It seems tough to imagine that one of your youngsters might not buy in to the jammie fun, but I have one opinionated little boy who pulls no punches in sharing his sentiment. I tried again this year, thinking he'd love the dinosaur PJs that I bought. No such luck. We talked him into wearing them for Christmas Eve, but he glowered the entire time! Just recognize that every child is unique, and look for a way to make the experience positive.

Snowflake PJs for the Family

Red Snowflakes Family Matching Flannel Pajamas by SleepytimePjs
Red Snowflakes Family Matching Flannel Pajamas by SleepytimePjs

Red jammies for Christmas with white snowflakes allows for a vibrant holiday celebration: If your family looks forward to winters' snow, then you will appreciate snowflake designs such as these in coordinating sets for all ages. Even Fido gets to join the family fun in this set. As you browse through, you may appreciate other recommendations that will reflect your interest in a snow or snowflake pajama theme.


Pajama Themes for Families can be a blast!

Finding the right pajama theme for your family may be a breeze. However, I've found that as the holiday creeps up on me, I'm often left scrounging to find any good pajamas for my huge household. Planning ahead allows you the time you need to track down excellent sizing and designs.

Featured here are several fun styles. Snow flakes, of course, are popular seasonal choices. Holiday imagery is great. Tartan motifs are outstanding when Christmas colors are pulled in. Enjoy browsing these samples. Of course, visiting these specific examples will open up other opportunities to find the latest offerings in cyber space.

Matching Christmas Pajamas: Where to find them?

I have enough of a challenge, with a large household, in tracking down good pajamas at all, never mind matching pjs for Christmas. I've gone for the doorbuster pajama deals on Black Friday, only to be completely disappointed. For example, the Walmart specials almost never fit, if I buy the the sizes my children normally wear. Further, online shopping, post Black Friday, usually leads to disappointment. Last year, I got skunked...nothing suitable, Christmas themed or otherwise, was available in the sizes I wanted.

If you want to establish a Christmas pajamas tradition in your family, it's wise to start planning early. Whether you aim for matching jammies, or not, you will want time to have them shipped, and to check for size accuracy (on the sly, of course!).

Snowman Christmas PJs for the Family

Snowman Christmas PJs for the Family
Snowman Christmas PJs for the Family

Resistant family members?

My daughters are totally into the pajama tradition, but my older son could not care less. I don't subject this teenage boy to a cutesy tradition, but rather, lean toward his interests. As it is, tracking down ten sets of matching jammies would be expensive, and challenging. He loves baseball, so I've found jerseys to be a viable alternative. Another choice is sweats for the boys, sleep pants for the girls.

We've done slippers some years, as it's not difficult to find great slippers for a tween or teen boy. I've also opted for Christmas blankets in years when funds were restrictive. If you like the idea of a Christmas Eve sleep related tradition, but are having trouble tracking down the pajamas for your family, then give these ideas some consideration.

This year, I'm thinking about fun pillow gifts, as a pillow pet was my daughter's favorite gift last year, and the new mini pillow pets are equally cute. There are Pillow Pet Dinosaurs, which my sons will love, and plenty of other Pillow Pet Choices for girls.

Read about Pillow Pet PeeWee gifts for girls.

Does your family do Christmas Pajamas? - Tell us about your tradition!

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    • profile image

      WinWriter 3 years ago

      I love this idea. My husband's family had this tradition, plus we all wore either red or green socks. My wonderful mother and father in law have since passed away, but we treasure the photos of all of us in our Christmas PJ's. It's a great keepsake. :)

    • profile image

      pawpaw911 4 years ago

      We don't, but I think it is a cool idea.