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Christmas Tree Photo Ornaments

Updated on April 11, 2013

My Christmas Tree With My Favorite Pictures

Photo ornaments are a fun way to personalize a Christmas tree. I have a photo from each year of my kids life on our Christmas tree. I try to make it a family tradition to pick a photo to put in a photo ornament each year. I love putting up my tree and looking at all the years past photos.

The photo ornaments on the tree was just one type of ornaments but as all my kids grew older the photos seemed to take over. Now it appears my Christmas tree is a tree of photos with a few other fun ornaments to fill in a few gaps. At one point we may need a bigger tree.

My Photo Ornament Christmas Tree

My Photo Ornament Christmas Tree
My Photo Ornament Christmas Tree

Popular Photo Ball Christmas Ornament - The Original Photoball white frame by Umbra

This is a fun photo ornament. I like it because it looks like a classic Christmas ball ornament but instead it has four places to put photos in it. You can put four photos of the same person or event. The one I have I put photos of my kids playing in the snow with a photo of each one and then one photo of their snowman. It ended up being the perfect Christmas gift to give their grandma.

I chose the white ball because it is perfect to write a few words at the top of the ornament to capture the moment in the photos. For their grandmas gift I had each one of them write their name on the ornament before we wrapped it up. Their grandma loved the gift and says she expects a new ornament each and every year.

Kikkerland Clothespin Photo Holder Multicolor
Kikkerland Clothespin Photo Holder Multicolor

Holds four 1" x 1" favorite photos or prints - either hanging or on a desk top.


Best Selling Digital Photo Frame Ornament - Fun Character eMotion Digital Photo Viewer Ornament

This fun little character will look great on the tree coupled with precious photo of the kids. I mainly print my photos and put them in frames, but I have seen many digital photo ornaments that I have liked.

I have a friend that has a small Christmas tree due to little extra space, so instead of putting a photo of each child for each year on her tree she has a digital photo frame for each child that she updates each year. There are also other digital ornament frames available such as the classic Christmas bulb, ginger-man, snowman and bell shapes.

eMotion DF-EMHO2 Digital Photo Viewer Ornament
eMotion DF-EMHO2 Digital Photo Viewer Ornament

Digital Photo Viewer Christmas Tree Ornament features 67 photo capacity, and displays them on a 1.5" screen with automatic slideshow.


Large Pack Of Wooden Photo Oranment Craft Kit - Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite Christmas ornaments at my moms house is photo frame ornaments we made at school and brought home to give to our parents for Christmas. It was a kindergarten project at our school for kids to either paint or stain a small wooden ornament then glue a photo inside it. With over twenty five years past my small little photo frame ornament as well as my sisters still stand on the tree year after year.

Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12
Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12

If you are doing a lot of ornaments at once a kit like these are great because they cost a lot less then buying it all individually, plus you can personalize each one. Smaller and larger size ornament sets are also available.


Photo Ornaments For Family Size Picture

Sometimes small photo frame will just not due. My kids have been saying that me and their dad is not on the tree. So instead of putting a individual photo of my husband and me, we use a larger frame and put a photo of both of us or one of the family together. This also works great for photos of family that you want on the tree such as grandma and grandpa.

Cute Baby's First Christmas Photo Fames - My Favorite First Baby Ornaments

If you only get one photo ornament to put on your tree for you kids I would suggest babies first Christmas ornament. Even if you wait till years after they was born just buy one without the year and place their baby photo in it. It will be a treasure for years to come.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Ornament And Why?

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    • JenaleeMortensen profile image

      JenaleeMortensen 5 years ago

      Photo ornaments are great because they remind us of family love.