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Christmas PJs - A Christmas Eve Tradition

Updated on December 15, 2015

Are Christmas PJs a Tradition on Christmas Eve in Your Family?

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My Mom's Tradition - Christmas Pajamas

My mom gives her grandchildren pajamas for Christmas every year. We celebrate Christmas at my mom's house on Christmas eve, and all the children love putting on their pajamas before they go home to bed to wait for Santa Claus. Sometimes they are matching pjs, but most of the time they are pjs selected just for each child.

Two kids stories talk about the Christmas pajama tradition, The Puddinhead Story and the Pajama Elves. Both are sure to please toddlers and pre schoolers as they are put to bed on the night before Christmas.

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The Puddinhead Story

The Puddinhead Story is a tale about an elf named Puddinhead who provides christmas pjs to kids as a signal that Santa Claus is on his way. A great way to get kids in bed on Christmas Eve.

The Pajama Elves

Another story about elves who deliver pajamas on Christmas Eve. These elves use magical stiching in their pajamas so kids will sleep soundly which Santa delivers his presents.

A very cool Christmas Jammies Video

This is a great video of a family using their Christmas Jammies. I hope this doesn't replace Christmas cards in the future.

What kind of Pajamas do kids like?

Todllers - Pajamas with feet and patterns they recognize rather than something that is related to the season.

Boys - Finding pajamas for Boys is tricky since they can't be too girly or they won't wear them, yet you want them to be festive enough for pictures. If you don't think you can get you son or grandson into a type of Christmas pajamas, then you'll need to go for something like scooby Doo or Avenger pajamas.

Girls - Girls pajamas are pretty easy to find and girls love wearing them. The colors red, pink, and green are great and go along with patterns that fit the season.

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Are matching family Christmas pajamas a tradition in your family? Matching sets allow for a great picture in the morning as everyone is opening up presents.

Christmas Footie Pajamas

Footie pajamas, sometimes called footed pajamas are great in the north. I'm not sure what my daughters like about them, but they all seem to want them as gifts. Adults, think aunts and cousins, love these as gifts as they keep everything toasty warm.

Would you wear matching pajamas for Christmas?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Only if everyone could buy what they like; example, short sleeves, shorts, flannel or cotton. Not enough variety.