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Christmas Present Ideas For Husband 2012

Updated on September 28, 2012

Romantic Christmas Ideas For Him

Yuletide season is a special time to come up with the best Christmas present ideas for our husbands. There are a lot of amazing and sentimental gifts for men that wont break the bank. Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas should not be expensive but rather should be well thought out.

This post will help you find the most meaningful Christmas gift ideas for your husband. Browse our long list and check our recommended products as well. I tried gathering some of the inexpensive gift ideas you can get at Amazon.

Also, I have a bunch of lenses that discuss Christmas ideas for all. If you are looking for Christmas present ideas for boyfriends, Christmas presents for best friends, Christmas gift ideas for sister,best Christmas presents for wife,best Christmas presents for moms, you may want to check my other lenses.

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

A perfect gift for him if he plays golf. Many men love golf, and the trunk of our cars tends to become a disorganized miniature golf store. There are golf balls rolling around back there. Golf shoes, tees, and golf gloves from who knows how long ago. Maybe even the odd extra club may be living in his trunk. I know some do in mine. While this organizer may not help me with my habit of leaving loose golf clubs back there, I know that now I won't have the rest of the mess back there.

This trunk within the trunk of your car from Samsonite is made of rip stop polyester which makes it durable. A real must for anything which is going to be left in the trunk of your car. The bottom can hold 3 pairs of shoes, while the top section offers moveable dividers which can hold clothing such as a rain jacket, or pants, and even the extra shirt he may need for those really hot days.

It's waterproof too, which makes it great for travel. You can keep everything related to golf in this trunk so you'll be ready to hit the links as soon as you arrive.

It really came in handy for me one year. I arrived about 20 minutes before my tee time with my brother down in Myrtle Beach, so I had no time to do anything to get settled into the rented condo in which we were staying. Fortunately, I was organized thanks to Samsonite, so a quick change and I was off to the first tee, just in time. It makes an awesome Christmas gift idea for your husband or any golfer in your life.

Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder with 16GB Internal Flash Memory

If the man in your life likes to record events digitally with a camcorder, then the perfect Christmas gift idea for him is getting him this camcorder from Panasonic.

Here are some of the features that make this such a great gift for your hubby.

  1. Wide angle lens
  2. 40x Zoom
  3. Image stabilization
  4. Full HD progressive recording
  5. Wind noise canceling microphone
  6. Still pictures at 5 megapixels

christmas present ideas for husband
christmas present ideas for husband

The 28mm lens offers a wider view that conventional camcorders so you can fit more of the scene on each frame. Most cameras are a little disappointing in that they don't see the same field of view that your human eye sees. The only way to capture what your eye sees is to pull the view so far back that everything looks small. The wide angle of this camcorder helps a bit with that. It may not be exactly what your eye sees, but it's still closer than you can get with conventional camcorders. A 40x zoom is amazing for getting closeup to your subjects, and without the integrated image stabilization would be impossible to control without getting shaky pictures.

The Panasonic also records in full HD, and since it's progressive instead of interlaced, the pictures don't blur motion as much. In other words you get great clarity in your recordings. Recording outside with audio can be difficult if there is much wind. Fortunately this camcorder has a wind noise canceling microphone. So your clear images will have clear sound to go with them.

Every now and then when recording video you get a scene that you really wan to have as a still photograph. That becomes quite possible using this camera. Still images can be taken from the video at a resolution of 5 megapixels, which means that they should print well possibly even as large as 8x10. A good quality camcorder like the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder is a great gift idea for him.

Mothers Hardcore Enthusiast Car Care Kit

Do you have a car enthusiast for which you need a gift idea? How about this car care kit from Mothers as a gift for Dad? Or as gift for him of any kind in your life?

This kit provides everything he will need to restore or keep the car in his life looking fantastic.

christmas present ideas for husband
christmas present ideas for husband

From car wash and a clay bar system to car wax, everything he needs is there. And it doesn't stop with the exterior. There are products for the interior and the wheels as well. It's a terrific gift for the car nut in your life.

Have You Done Your Christmas Shopping for Your Husband? - We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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