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Printable Christmas Paper Crafts

Updated on January 12, 2018
Lee Hansen profile image

Graphic designer, digital artist and paper crafter. See 1000s of unique designs on her web sites (see Profile page) or Zazzle (imagefactory)

Printable Paper Crafts for Christmas

Need some quick Christmas gift tags, stickers or greeting cards? How about easy paper ornaments or wrapping paper?

We've gathered our favorite links and patterns for low cost and free holiday projects to share with you this season. Have a happy holiday with this collection of Christmas paper craft resources for the whole family.

Happy Holidays!

Printables Poll - Do You Use Christmas Freebies?

I design any holiday tags, coupons, stickers and gift boxes. Help me decide which Christmas printables collection I should expand by participating in this informal poll. Thanks!

What type of holiday printables do you use/prefer most?

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3D Paper Ornament Craft

Holiday Decorations, Greeting Cards, Gift Wrap, Tags, Stickers

The recommended sites listed here offer many holiday season printables in their collections.

You'll find dozens of freebies for home or classroom crafts at each resource: Christmas cards, stickers, gift tags and wrapping papers, bags and boxes, garlands and ornaments, at no cose for you to print and use for personal projects.

Use the templates to create your own holiday greeting cards, gift tags, ornaments and stickers.

Die Cut and Cut Out Paper Crafts

Give Thanks Die Cut Template Card
Give Thanks Die Cut Template Card | Source
Cut out Christmas trees
Cut out Christmas trees | Source
Snowman Family Cut Out Garland
Snowman Family Cut Out Garland | Source

Creative Paper Craft Cut Out Decorations

I bought myself a crafting gift last year for Christmas, a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine and I've been delighted with the projects I can design, print and cut with ease from paper, fabric, vinyl and other flat media..

I made dozens of holiday paper crafts including the snowman garland, fir tree mantle decoration and Thanksgiving card shown here. I also designed 3D Christmas ornaments, swags and cute little gingerbread men mantle toppers.

The patterns I was using took hours to cut out by hand. With the craft cutter I can make so many more ornaments, garlands, shaped gift tags and paper craft cutouts for cards that I was able to give my Mom a stack to send to relatives in Germany.

Throughout the year I've made cut out paper decorations and cards for every special occasion and holiday. The most challenging and fun projects are gift boxes in seasonal shapes such as rabbits, hearts, and purse pockets.

Printable Christmas Stickers

Get printable stickers for Christmas at Pastiche Family Portal
Get printable stickers for Christmas at Pastiche Family Portal | Source

Christmas Paper Crafts Guide

Paper Crafts for Christmas (Paper Craft Fun for Holidays)
Paper Crafts for Christmas (Paper Craft Fun for Holidays)

Not only do you get fun and entertaining paper crafts geared towards children this book also presents cultural information about the featured Christmas crafts.

Crafts for kids of different ages, some more challenging for older kids with others easy enough for the younger elementary age child.


Print and Cut Christmas Tags

Printable Christmas gift tags designed by Lee Hansen
Printable Christmas gift tags designed by Lee Hansen | Source
Die cut snowman family garland or windowsill decoration, made with my Silhouette cutter
Die cut snowman family garland or windowsill decoration, made with my Silhouette cutter | Source

Cameo Silhouette, My Craft Room Partner

I have a terrific tool in my craft room that lets me cut out all types of shaped paper crafts from cardstock, fabric, paper and even vinyl or magnet materials.

It's a Silhouette Cameo Craft Cutter - and it can quickly and easily cut out just about any type of complex die cuts, print and cut projects I design or find online.

It uses special software that comes with the cutter (the software is a freebie from the manufacturer) so I can use premade shapes, alter existing designs, or create my own cutouts and print-and-cut paper crafts for Christmas and oodles of other special occasions.

Silhouette Cameo -- Starter Bundle
Silhouette Cameo -- Starter Bundle

The Cameo cutter connects to my computer with a simple cable. It can cut out just about any font, stencil, printed design or die cut template once it's in the .STUDIO format. I can design my own shapes, or I can buy inexpensive ready to use patterns and load them directly into the style library. With the Designer license addon, I can convert my existing EPS files to DXF outlines from Adobe Illustrator and then import vector art I already made to make STUDIO shape files from my existing digital artwork.

Printable Christmas Napkin Rings
Printable Christmas Napkin Rings | Source
Printable Christmas Card Gingerbread Man
Printable Christmas Card Gingerbread Man | Source

Printable Holiday Stationery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Snowman Border PaperChristmas Letter Paper Holly and CandleHolly and Bells Border paper for Christmas
Snowman Border Paper
Snowman Border Paper | Source
Christmas Letter Paper Holly and Candle
Christmas Letter Paper Holly and Candle | Source
Holly and Bells Border paper for Christmas
Holly and Bells Border paper for Christmas | Source

Santa Letter Papers

Printable border paper stationery sheets are handy for many different Christmas projects.

They can be used to make clever holiday paper crafts, scrapbook papers, collages and lapbook pages plus I like to use them for holiday recipes and menus, gift wrap, family newsletters or to leave notes for Santa!

Christmas Card Coloring Craft
Christmas Card Coloring Craft | Source

© 2009 Lee Hansen

Happy Holidays - Please leave a comment in my guest book

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