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Christmas Stocking Memories

Updated on December 14, 2014

Memories of Christmas Stockings

Do you remember Christmas stockings from your Christmas celebrations? Did your family hang stockings on Christmas Eve? Were there wonderful surprises inside in the morning? What were those wonderful surprises?

Hanging stockings on Christmas Eve was a tradition in my family. We raided my dad's sock drawer for the biggest socks we could find to hang up. We usually attached a big safety pin to the top edge of a sock and hung it on a sturdy branch of the Christmas tree. Christmas morning we would awake to find the socks bulging with fun and useful items. There would be a new toothbrush every year. There might be a comb or hairbrush, nail files or emery boards. There were nuts and candies. There were small toys like marbles, jacks, jump ropes or other small toys. Always in the toe of the stocking was an orange or a ball. Usually these items didn't cost much, but it was a lot of fun to see what was inside the stocking.

With a family of my own we did get specially made Christmas stockings and hung them as decorations on the wood burning stove before Christmas. We didn't raid sock drawers and stretch socks out till they might not be wearable any more. When a daughter was born the day after Christmas, the hospital sent home a huge stocking. They had stockings ready for babies born on Christmas and they had an extra one which they gave us for my daughter. That stocking was twice as big as any of the other stockings we had. When she decided to hang it up, it was hard to fill it and it looked like it hardly had anything in it.

Living a day's drive away from my parents made Christmas challenging. We had to pack all our clothes for staying for two or three days plus our gifts for my parents plus everyone's gift to each other. One year we forgot the stockings. A quick stop at a second-hand store remedied the problem as we picked up a stocking for each person. After that we had quite an assortment of stockings to pick from for each year's use.

Stocking Stuffers

As we got older we got choose something to put in someone's stocking. It was fun to go to the Five and Dime Store to pick out something to go in a stocking. Some times you could find something different or unusual to put in the stocking. Then it was fun to see the look on the face of the one pulling it out of their stocking.

There are several things you could put in a stocking. When I was living in a dorm at college there was a week just before Christmas designated as Secret Sister week. Everyone in the dorm hung a stocking. Then names were drawn and you purchased or made small items to go in the stocking--one for each day of the week. At the end of the week you would give a bigger gift at a party where your Secret Sister was revealed. I didn't know my Secret Sister well, but I still have her gifts. Each day she typed up a story and rolled it up like a scroll and tied it with a ribbon and put it in my stocking. By the end of the week I had a booklet of Christmas stories.

Filling stockings can be inexpensive or it can be filled with more valuable items depending on your ability and the needs of the recipient.

You could draw names for whose stocking you will fill or you could buy one or two items for each stocking. Stockings can make wonderful memorable gifts.

What Do You Like in Your Stocking?

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Christmas Stockings

Shopping for a Christmas stocking can be as fun as shopping for items to put in a stocking. You could get matching stockings for all your family members and put their name on their stocking, or you could buy unique stockings for each person. Well made stockings can last for years.

Christmas Stocking Types

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