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Christmas Table Decoration | Gift Container

Updated on March 29, 2013

Christmas Centerpieces and Gift Baskets

I love a Christmas table decoration that has a multitude of uses. This is exactly what the Santa Belt design bucket can do for you. It's a Christmas centerpiece, Christmas gift basket, a non-traditional stocking, or any other use you can come up with -- your choice!

The bucket centerpiece is whimsical and fun and falls under the category of Christmas crafts for kids. They will enjoy helping mom and dad make this cool container no matter what you do with it in the end. Below are step by step instructions, photos and supplies you will need as well as more fun Christmas decorations to make.

Holiday Card Available - RETRO Santa by vintagecreations

Santa Says...

"In order to replicate my middle, you'll need supplies with which you can fiddle".

Gather these supplies and get ready to have some fun!

  • Red pail/bucket (or get a galvinized bucket and paint it shiny, enamel red)
  • 2 squares of black felt with adhesive on one side
  • 1 square gold or yellow felt with adhesive on back
  • 1- 6ft crafting marabou trim/boa
  • Hot glue gun

Below are some of the supplies you will need for this project.

Another Red Bucket for Your Christmas Craft

Trim Painting Buckets Work Well too! - I Painted it with Enamel Red Spray Paint

The photos on this lens are made from a trim painting bucket I bought and spray painted it with enamel red spray paint. It worked beautifully!

Santa Says...

A container with more of a "U" shape is better than a "V" shape. Since the belt goes around the middle, you want it to be snug.

How to Make a Centerpiece or Gift Basket

Step by Step

1. Measure the height of your bucket, write it down. (Mine was 4 1/4")

2. Measure the circumference of the middle of the bucket. Write it down. (Mine was 22")

3. Cut a 1" x "the height of your bucket" strip of the black felt. (mine was 1" x 4 1/4")

4. Cut a 1 1/2" (1.5")strip of felt the length of the middle circumference of the bucket. (It will probably take two strips to make one long enough. Mine was 1 1/2" by 22")

5. Peel an inch or two of the glue backing paper away. Starting at the seam of the metal bucket, carefully peel and stick until you reach the end of the first strip of felt. Butt the second strip to the first one and finish sticking all around the middle of the bucket.

6. Stick the the 1" strip of black felt vertically from the bottom of the bucket to the top in the area you consider the "front" of your bucket.

7. Cut a 1 1/2" square of gold felt. Cut a 1" square of black felt. Cut 2 cirlces from the gold felt that are 1/2" (.5"). Stick the black felt square centered on top of the gold felt square. This is the belt buckle.

8. Peel and stick the belt buckle at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal felt strips on the bucket.

9. Peel the backing and stick the gold "buttons" on the 1" felt above and below the belt buckle.

10. Glue the maribou crafting trim around the top opening of the bucket, just under the rolled rim if you have one. (This serves as the Santa suits fur trim).

11. Fill with goodies and give away or use as a centerpiece for your table, mantel or holiday buffet.

Santa Approves!

Do you like simple handmade Christmas decorations? DIY Christmas decor is the way to go!

Do you like the Santa Belt inspired centerpiece or gift basket?

See results

Place a Christmas Tree inside (sample photo shows the Gumdrop Tree). Add some shred or greenery and you have an instant centerpiece. Any type of small Christmas tree would work. Use it in the middle of your table, on a fireplace mantel, coffee table, sofa or entry table. Anywhere you want to add a bit of Christmas Spirit.

Try adding a candle to the middle. If your candle isn't tall enough, elevate it on a coffee mug or small bowl. Add Christmas picks or spays for texture and greenery, garland or shred (careful to keep it away from flame) at the base of the candle for a unique centerpiece.

Still afraid of the flame? Use a hurricane shade to cover your candle. Garland, shred, greenery faux snow, or a combination thereof, could be used to add to the piece as filler. Again, use a riser to lift your hurricane shade high enough so it will be seen. Place a small catch plate or aluminum foil under the candle to catch wax before you place the shade.

Fill your Santa Bucket with shred and then arrange bath products like lotions, perfume, face mask, soaps, bubble bath and headbands inside. This makes a great gift for almost anyone that likes to pamper themselves. Give to a favorite friend, club member, paper boy or girl. They will be honored you thought of them.

If you know a scrapbooker, homemade card maker, stamper or any other crafty person, fill one with embellishments, paper, stamp pads, cutters, or anything else you want. This makes a wonderful teacher, coach, neighbor or secret Santa exchange gift.

This gift basket can be filled with home baked goods, sports paraphernalia, manicure/pedicure items, special ornaments and more. The basket is half the fun!

Gift Basket Items

An easy gift basket to put together is full of personal items.

What about manicure and pedicure products? Have a look below.

Collections for that Special Gift Recipient

Do you know someone that collects Coca-Cola? What about a scrapbooker? Maybe you have a friend that could use some stationery or office supplies. Or what about your aspiring chef granddaughter or grandson. Put together a nice selection and give it in the Santa Gift Basket.


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