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Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

Updated on October 2, 2014

Themed trees are created and anyone can do it

In our house we have 5 themed trees. It's not so much that we overdo it but for the past 30 years we have found ornaments in our travels that remind us of good times. We have our family tree with birds, angels and flowers. Some of the birds are heirlooms passed down to us. It is affectionately called the "Foo Foo" Tree. Actually, the kids say "not again mom!"

In the family room, we have the gardening tree with fruit and vegetable ornaments. It also has gardening tools and flower pot animals.

There is the Victorian tree with dress forms, shoes, teapots and teacups.

There is the travel tree with state and landmark ornaments.

The last tree is the one that our child decorates with all the family ornaments that we had as children. This is specifically his tree and although there is no theme that jumps out, it all ties together because each ornament means something. He decorates the tree himself and it is in his room. He knows about each ornament and although he was not born when most of these ornaments were collected, it makes him a part of our Christmas past. He also has his ornaments. Each year he picks one to add to the tree.

How does one get to a themed tree?

Anyone can create a themed tree. Pick one thing that you love and build from there. You can go out and buy the ornaments that appeal to you but don't stop there. As you find the perfect ornaments during the year, buy them. You may also end up with more than one themed tree.

If you buy an artificial tree that comes with the lights, plan on one of the strings burning out

The Foo-Foo Tree

Wanting to share how to create a themed tree is OK until you find that part of the tree is not lit. Here's a few pointers. If the artificial tree comes with lights, one string will burn out. In order to remove the string and replace it, it is necessary to find every single little clip. The clips are hard to remove. It is also important to know that even when the clips are off, the cords are generally tied to the tree as well. This makes it lots of fun. In addition, finding the end of the lights is almost impossible. What we finally did was unplug the offending string of lights, bunch up what we could find and shove them under the tree skirt. After Christmas, we will find the end and properly dispose of the lights.

How to string lights

This is very important information, especially if you are replacing a string of lights that just burned out.

The Foo-Foo Tree - Part two

Replaced the lights, ready to move forward

The tree that gets the angels, birds and flowers is our Foo-Foo tree. This is where the gifts are placed and it has the most prominent place in our home. It was our first themed tree although it didn't start that way. This is a collection of many years and seems to grow with time. The artificial tree has about 700 white lights and is 8 foot tall.

There are a few blue and pink bulbs on the tree. These are old.

The first thing that goes on the tree are the bulbs. Some are handcrafted, some are old. Then we add the angels.

Angel ornaments

Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Ornament by Susan Lordi 26089
Willow Tree Angel's Embrace Ornament by Susan Lordi 26089

We have many angel ornaments. Some of the angels on our tree were gifts from special people who are no longer with us and they mean so much to us. I am fond of the Willow Tree Angels and have several on the tree.


The Birds

No, not the movie

The birds add a whimsical touch and compliment the angels. There are many kinds of birds available. There are the ones that are covered in feathers. Glass birds can come with feathered tails. (See note below). There are beaded birds and ceramic birds in many colors.

Glass Bird Ornaments

Set of 3 Silver Glass Bird Ornaments with Feathered Tail Decorative Christmas Tree Ornament or for Events
Set of 3 Silver Glass Bird Ornaments with Feathered Tail Decorative Christmas Tree Ornament or for Events

There are many glass bird ornaments to choose from. Some of my glass birds are more than 60 years old. Some are newer but I love the look of the glass birds.


Glass birds with featherd tails

Give or take 5 or so years, the feathers on the glass birds tend to un-feather. This is an easy fix with a glue gun and replacement feathers found at craft stores. They will be good as new.

Bird ornaments

Besides the glass birds, there are others that add to the tree. Birds that are all feathered are a delight to look at and the cat really likes them the best. Felted birds add charm and if you're lucky, you can find a beaded bird that is classy.

Silk flowers

Some people can overlook a spot on a Christmas tree where there is nothing. It may drive others nuts. I am in the "nuts" group and do not like blank spots on the Foo-Foo tree. Any spaces that are not filled are decorated with silk flowers. I like the large leafed flowers like the poinsettias. What started out as a fill in the spaces has turned into a collection of incredible silk flowers.

Foo Foo Tree, finally finished with silk flowers

I must admit that I think that my tree is beautiful. But then again, I think that all the trees are beautiful. It's all about family and friends and the memories that go with it.

Just curious

Themed trees are not just the ones you buy in the store. They are created based on your lifestyle.

Do you have a themed tree?

See results

Topping the tree

Gee, what do I top my tree with?

Well, mine is an angel. I guess that makes sense because there are angels all over the tree. I could also use a bird or even a silk flower but an angel it is.

Kurt Adler 14" 10-Light White and Silver Angel Treetop
Kurt Adler 14" 10-Light White and Silver Angel Treetop

I will admit to being fussy on the tree topper. It must be white for ivory, must light up and have a pretty face. If it has feather wings, so much the better. This is very similar to mine.


Have a very Merry Christmas!

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    • hsschulte profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm a recycle junkie, so I enjoyed the Mountain Dew can tree idea. Have you ever heard of a Jacob tree? I just heard of that when viewing a Christian homeschool blog.

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 

      8 years ago

      So many memories tied up in our Christmas ornaments! Lensrolled to a Christmas Tree for a Little Boy.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I personally am rather into keeping it simple and have a pre-lit palm tree for Christmas ... and of course a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree too! Merry Christmas!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well written and thoughtful lens.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      Enjoyed seeing your Christmas trees. I'm lensrolling this to my Christmas Tree Themes.


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