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Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas | Christmas Tree Ornaments

Updated on November 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Decorations - How To Make Your Christmas Sparkle

I really Hope You Enjoy Reading My Christmas Lens!

Christmas Holidays is my favourite time of year! Why you ask well I just love everything to do with festive holidays!

Getting your faithful Christmas tree out also decorating your tree and not for getting your Christmas tree lights!

Also I love inviting my friends and family over for the Christmas holidays. It's just such magical time of year.

If you have had a bad year or sad year I hope it can give you a little bit of Christmas magic to lift your spirits.

I want to share with you a little bit of our magic we have as a family over the Christmas holidays. Also share with you some important tips on decorating your festive Christmas tree to really make it a very special and magical sparkling Christmas ever.

Christmas Is such A Magical Time of Year

I just love this picture this's makes Christmas so special! In the picture is my family sadly Tom is no longer with us but he loved Christmas specially making others happy! Every year he used to dress up as Santa I think that was the highlight of the festive celebrations.

Christmas with Children Bring Joy and Happiness

It's such an amazing thing when children from all over the world get so excited about Christmas.

I can remember when I was a very young child I just loved helping my parents with Christmas Tree Decorations I was so excited the Christmas tree was decorated the coloured lights was sparkling! And there were lots of presents under the tree. I then looked at the fire burning and there was my note to Santa and of course there was a glass of milk and a plate of mince pies for Santa and his faithful elf workers and not forgetting a carrot for the reindeers as I knew they would be very hungry.

I then looked out the lounge window hoping to see the snow fall from the sky well maybe next year.

So off I went to bed I just wanted to wake up the next day to shout out its Christmas day to my parents such good times, and good times never go they are always with us.

That's what I can remember of my wonderful time when I was a young child! Guess what I still get very excited on Christmas Eve even now when I am a lot older! Christmas is a wonderful time.

Great Christmas Decorations Stuff on Amazon

Here Is another Example How To Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas Songs & Albums On Amazon MP3

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Tips

Here Is Our Tips To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

I just love this time of the year, when we start to plan on how we are going to dress our home for the holiday season, it's a feeling of happiness and joy of creating something outstanding from the every year old theme.

The first this to do is think of a theme you are going to have and stick to this theme and build on that theme, i love all kinds of themes from lollipop lane candy display to jester phantom theme, to dress a candy tree let's start with unpacking the tree, make sure you have all the lights working first if your lights are attached to the tree as there is nothing worse than almost finished a tree to find the lights don't work.

Right once checked the lights and all is good, let's start with the big items like big candy lollipops and candy cane, start from the middle and place the large lollipops then place small items of lollipops from the top, now let's start adding more big times like one of Katherine's collection candy lollipop nutcracker dolls, get some fishing wire and place this around the dolls waist and then make sure this is secure to the tree, then place some small elf dolls and build on your tree a tree does not have to be dull and boring bring a tree to life.

Why not take a look at my holiday tree i created, its full of lavish fun jester balls and jester masks with a hint of reindeers and fairy enchanting dolls, i have placed too of Katherine's collection holiday dolls mae and Eula the story behind there dolls is Katherine's had an aunty called mae she was the good one loved to dress up and have a ball of a time, and there was her friend Eula the naughty one always getting Mae in to trouble.

I have based the dolls at the bottom of the tree as if they have created a wonderful theme for the holidays, see a tree does not have to be dull have some fun and create a theme a theme that can welcome your guess on arrive and with them happy memories on their departure.

Happy Holidays from us all at world gifts store.

Katherine's Collection Candy Theme Display

Decorating Your Christmas Tree!

Well wouldn’t we all like decorations looking like this picture! The answer is quite simple just use your imagination and see what results you can do. You will be amazed with the results and show-off to your friends and family.

Do You Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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Hot Tips When Decorating The Christmas Tree!

1. Make sure your Christmas tree lights are working before you put all your decorations on!!

2. If your Christmas tree has a base or legs or its real Christmas tree why not add red velvet material at the base it really does finish the tree off, or white cotton wool looks really nice as well.

Now If You Really Want To Go Town On Your Christmas Decorations!

How To Decorate Your Fire Place This Christmas

Large Life Size Santa Christmas Papa Noel

Stunning Christmas Stocking By Katherines Collection

Katherine's Collection Nutcracker Christmas Stocking

Katherine's Collection one of a kind nutcracker Christmas theme stocking display, unique and beautifully made of the finest materials and wonderful details of sequins and beads. Our Katherine's Collection is a must for your Holiday season.

* Each stocking is crafted with the finest materials and trims, making this the perfect display this holiday season.

* Manufacture: Katherine's Collection At Silver Lake

* Designer: Wayne Kleski

* Collection Nutcracker

* Size is approximate 21 H

* In Stock

* Worldwide Shipment

Price £39.99

Michael Buble Christmas Track List - (MP3 Download)

It isn't a bit surprising that Michael Buble's new Christmas album has fast become a best seller on Here is a track list of songs featuring on the album and each can be downloaded individually in MP3 format via The song titles are clickable links and can be sampled before you decide to purchase any. 15 songs feature on the album track list and each has the power to add that perfect Buble Holiday touch to the 2011 season of festivity. The song "White Christmas" is a hot favorite and is rendered as a duet with Shania Twain.

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      DannyLondon 6 years ago

      I love your Squidoo lens its very good and thank you for posting this too, i love the candy tree and what a great idea to dree your tree with candy dolls and candy lolipops, i love the dolls Mae and Eula dressing your beautiful tree can you come and decor mine. Happy Holidays to you too Michael.