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Best Christmas Window Displays

Updated on October 5, 2011

Amazing Christmas Window Displays - Ideas, Pictures and Videos

Take a look at this gallery of my personal favorite photos and videos of unique and wonderful Christmas Window Displays from around the world.

I'm glad I never grew up! These images mesmerize me just as if I were a child, hands and nose pressed to the glass of a beautiful department store window. The bright Christmas colors, magical scenes, life size stories and even the lifelike automation all comfort me with the spirit of Christmas. I feel a peacefulness beyond explanation scanning the scenes, focusing on each little wonderful detail. If you feel the same way, you'll enjoy this collection of still and video images of the very best window displays from around the world and web. If you are looking for ideas for window displays, these top of the line examples might provide a starting point.

Are your hands and nose pressed to the glass?

Stunning Multiple Window Christmas Display at the Bay Store, Toronto - Automation and Highly Detailed

Don't miss this one. Please. There's simply too much to see. My favorite scene in this lengthy display (although it's hard to pick just one!) is the 2nd window scene where, on the above floor of the home a family celebrates Christmas, and visible on the floor underneath, a mouse family celebrates as well. It looks like the mouse "beds" are made of match boxes. What do you think?

Whimsical Santa is Hanging Upside Down at Selfriges in London - Hummm Santa, which will you choose?

This awesome photo used through CC by Mark Hillary

Bright Beautiful Christmas Window Display - Selfridges in London, Christmas 2010

Commercial Christmas Department Store Window Scene
Commercial Christmas Department Store Window Scene

Gotta love the use of the large acrylic table to add height to the display without visual interference. Genius idea. Selfridges uses hundreds of Christmas balls to cover the floor with bright shiny colors. Do you see the stacks of delicious cupcakes?

This awesome photo used through CC by Karen Roe

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Here's a similar table to the one pictured above, but much smaller at 39" long.

Lots of Ideas for the Best Christmas Store Window Displays

Simple Holiday Design Idea

Joyful Snowmen!

Snowmen of varying heights are created by placing staggered wrapped Christmas boxes underneath. The boxes are wrapped in a metallic silver which reflects beautiful Christmas lights and colors. Large decorative white snowflakes hang from above.

Photo Credit CC by Sister72

Festive Smiling Snowman - Welcomes all with open arms

This Lord & Taylor Display is a Miniature Scene of a Family Christmas Dinner - Pure Visual Pleasure!

Miniature Christmas Scene Display
Miniature Christmas Scene Display

This amazingly detailed display is from Lord and Taylor in New York City, 2007. The miniature table is prepared and a New York City family readies for the meal. A beautiful turkey is brought in for the family to enjoy.

This awesome photo used through CC by Digitizedchaos

Lighted Christmas Trees are a Simple, yet Brilliant Display - Use odd numbers when possible

Here's a simple repeating pattern of lighted Christmas trees seen through the windows of an office building. Another simple idea.

Barbie and Ken Themed Christmas Window Display - Selfridges 2010 - Sure to catch every little girl's eye

Pink, pink and more pink. I hope you can see the chandelier adorned with Barbie Dolls. The white Christmas tree is also decorated with Barbies in pink dresses. These are things of a little girl's dream.

This awesome photo used through CC by Dave Catchpole

Dollhouse Look for This Window - From a Capital Christmas, December 2010

Here's another store window from Selfridges in London. The display reminds me of a dollhouse with its recessed rooms filled with toys and mini-scenes. A really neat idea. The base foreground is covered with shiny green Christmas balls.

This awesome photo used through CC by Dave Catchpole

Bright and Shiny Shatterproof Christmas Balls - Lots of colors - Red, Silver, Lavender, White and more

Ballet dancers from Chicago Loop Christmas Window display
Ballet dancers from Chicago Loop Christmas Window display

Macy's - Marshall Field's Christmas Display Window

The Nutcracker

Macy's Christmas window display, 2007, in the Chicago Loop.

This scene depicts the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing with her Prince in the Nutcracker.

This awesome photo used through CC by Dan Perry

Top of the Line Animated Window Display - Paris, France - From Printemps

From Printemps, a French department store in Paris. This animated display is breathtaking. Owls play music instruments and dance, teddy bears ride bicycles. I can't imagine how many hours of work went into this display which moves at every corner. And the music for this video is set to Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here - slow my beating heart!

Beautiful Long Window Display Scene - From a hardware store!

Move over Lord and Taylor and you too Selfridges. Department stores aren't the only ones who have beautiful window displays. This Ace Hardware in La Grange, IL (2009) has produced an eyecatching, festive display by use of Christmas inflatables and lots of pre-lit Christmas Trees. Snowflakes hang from the ceiling and lighted icicle lights hang outside.

This awesome photo used through CC by Maggie Wolff

Nutcracker Window Theme from Myer in Melbourne, Australia 2010 - Gold dolphins pull a magical Nutcracker sleigh

This is Clara (originally Marie) and the Nutcracker, when in human form, riding a chariot to the Land of Sweets. This scene is omitted in some versions of the Nutcracker Ballet, but Myers in Melbourne included it for this display. In the background, snowflakes dance.

This awesome photo used through CC by Vincentq

Twelve Days of Christmas Themed Display - This one is animated - see video below

From Smith and Caughey Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. Easily seen here are 6 geese a laying, 8 maids a milking, 9 ladies dancing and 12 drummers drumming. All twelve days are depicted in the full scene. The 9 ladies dancing cast a beautiful moving shadow at night which you'll be able to see at parts in the video.

The designer and creator of this window states, "The goose in the front is looking up at the very greedy fat partridge eating all of the pears and which has just deposited on its head.The other goose at front is straining hard as one does when laying an egg."

This awesome photo used through CC by Fauxen

12 Days of Christmas Animated Display - See the movement in this video

Do you have any Christmas memories of huge beautiful displays? See anything you like? - Tell me

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    • profile image

      MagnoliaTree 6 years ago

      Beautiful! I remember as a child waiting for December to see all the Christmas decorations in the big stores-- we couldn't wait! Thanks for sharing!

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 6 years ago

      These Christmas windows are gorgeous. I've never seen anything like them.