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Christmas & Winter Decorating Ideas 2014

Updated on December 19, 2014

Christmas & Winter Decoration Ideas 2014

It's that wonderful time of year again, time to decorate for Christmas & Winter! There are so many great decorating ideas that you can do this year. This article will showcase a lot of great ways to decorate your home - inside & out. The living room, dining room, kitchen, the porch, the yard, your bedroom, doors, doorways, railings, the Christmas Tree and so much more!

I'm sure you'll find a lot of great decorating ideas, in this article, that you'll love to do every year - perfect for the holiday season of gift giving and spending time with family & friends. Making your house into a warm & welcoming home, filled with holiday cheer and the perfect ambiance, is always a great way to enjoy Winter and the festivities to follow - that are dashing through the snow, arriving at your door and wrapped in a bow.

So grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa (don't forget those little marshmallows!) and enjoy this article, that is overflowing with yuletide goodies. Oh! and don't forget to get some Christmas shopping done, it's right around the corner........

Chances are, if you're reading this, then you've already decorated for Fall & Halloween!

If you haven't, then you should definitely check out the page I made: Halloween & Fall Decorating Ideas 2014

*Image Source: That's a picture of our Christmas Tree.(You can see the bigger picture of it later on this page. It's beautiful!)

The majority of the images on this page are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Also, as it gets closer to Christmas I'll be posting/sharing more pictures & decorating we did...

*It's December 19th and I'm still updating this page with our decorations from this year - 2014 - so please bookmark this page and check back if you want to see more pictures and read about more ideas...

When To Decorate For Christmas....... - This picture was taken at a nearby Christmas Tree Farm

The ideal time that people decorate for Christmas is the end of November, early December.

People generally wait until Thanksgiving is over. Although, some people, like my family, we have the tree up and ready for Thanksgiving, so that way the house is already feeling the Holidays. We add a couple of Christmas and winter themed items around the house and don't usually get everything up until a couple days after Thanksgiving or a little longer. There have been times though, that we've put it all up before Thanksgiving, it's not that big a deal. We do keep the Thanksgiving decorations up until that day is over though.

The time frame to take down the Christmas decorations is usually Early January.

We like to keep our Christmas decorations up, especially the tree and lights, until after New Year's is over. It adds a nice celebration style to the event. Basically, the first or second week into January is when to take it all down. Late January would be too late for the decorations to still be up. Your significant other wouldn't be too happy(or if he/she likes Christmas, then they would be) to have the decorations still up by Valentine's Day! That would be ludicrous! lol Someone's sleeping on the couch, until the decorations are down and put away :P

When Do You Decorate For Christmas &/Or Winter?

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Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here's What Our Porch Looked Like Last Year!  ~*~*Simply Beautiful*~*~
Here's What Our Porch Looked Like Last Year! ~*~*Simply Beautiful*~*~

We went with white and red lights, kind of a candy cane type theme as seen by the light up candy canes we have in the picture.

We used Icicle white lights to run along the 2 different roofs, all on hooks so we could easily replace them if they go out.

Then we ran the red lights along the porch railings, right along with the garland that's running along the vertical rungs.

We also ran lighted garland around the front door frame and some red lights on the wreath on the door.

Two things you might not see are the lit up deer by the door and the snowflakes hanging along the porch roofs.

That was last years front porch, wait till you see this years... it's going to be a little while before I have the pictures posted, after we get it done. So, please come back to keep checking for new pictures and decorating ideas as time goes by... getting closer to Christmas :)

Epic Outdoor Christmas Lighting!

That's how I think I would want my dream house to look like for Christmas. I love the whole blue look. I even use the blue colors for Summertime. It's kind of like subconsciously cooling yourself down lol My room shines blue while the air conditioner runs. Sometimes I wish I could be bundled under the covers and that I could see my breath. Only for a little while though because sleeping in frigid cold gets annoying after awhile - you feel freezer burnt!

How Many Lights Do You Use?

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More Porch Decorating Ideas - That's a picture of our front porch, a previous year.

Another great Christmas porch decorating idea is to use Winter, Christmas themed flowers. The picture above is of our porch one year. As you can see, there is a flower box with Christmas, Winter themed flowers, fake of course. But you can use real flowers, ones that will last the winter weather, temperature.

Also, there are power cords shown as well as garland. Don't forget to get some heavy duty power cords that can hook up more then one plug, if you plan on using lights on your porch or outside your house, it's a must! They can be seen in the picture and look like an eyesore, but that's only because of the side of the porch they're on, the side that people won't really see when walking or driving by, unless they happen to be on the porch. So it works!

Decorating With Christmas, Winter Flowers - Lists of Winter Flowers

That picture is of a centerpiece that was used on our coffee table.

Christmas & Winter themed flowers work for just about every part of your house that you plan on decorating. You can use them outside in flower boxes, on your living room or kitchen table as a centerpiece, or you can also put them in wreaths to give them some extra color, flair and pop!

Here are some lists of Christmas & Winter themed flowers:

#1. eHow's List of Christmas Flowers

#2. Christmas Flowers For Holiday Decorations

#3. List of Christmas Flowers & Plants

#4. Another List of Christmas Flowers

#5. Wikipedia's List of Christmas Flowers

Decorating Your Doors - Christmas Wreaths & Ribbons

That door ribbon, pictured up above, is a great example for decorating your door. The link, down below, will take you to the exact same Amazon product to make your door look like that. I should say doors(plural) because there is enough ribbon and bows in the kit to decorate at least 2 doors with. I would suggest making the ribbon alignment more to the left or right so that it's not centered. It will give it more of a personality & flair.

After the front porch and your yard, the next spot to think about decorating is....your front, side or back door. There are a couple of different ways to decorate your door. Decorating the main entry way door is the big one because that's the one that everyone will see when they enter your home - but why not decorate the other doors too, even if it's only you seeing it. As for the main entry door you can either put a huge ribbon on it to make it look like a giant present! Or, you can make it pop with a beautiful wreath! It's entirely up to you!

Decorating With Christmas Wreaths

That's a great, unique wreath idea right there. It's a 15-inch, felt material wreath with detachable pieces so you can move the items around on the wreath. You can keep them all on to look as full as the picture does or you can remove pieces to keep it clutter free. I think it looks great with all the pieces on it. Talk about personalizing your own decorations!

One Of The Best Pre-Lit Wreaths! - Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas

One of the best wreath ideas is to make one from scratch. You can either buy online or even go to your nearest arts & crafts store and buy an empty wreath - they also sell all the flowers and pieces there too, to make your own. That option up top is a great pre-lit wreath! It has the lights already built into it. You can either leave it plain or you can put Christmas flowers or trinkets on it, to spruce it up.

If you're looking for a great resource on making wreaths, one of the best places to check out is Martha Stewart's website: Wreaths, Wreaths & More Wreaths!

Our Grinch Inflatable Lawn Ornament Decoration
Our Grinch Inflatable Lawn Ornament Decoration
The Grinch At Night
The Grinch At Night

Decorating Your Yard With Lawn Ornaments - Christmas Inflatable/Blow Up Decorations

Up top is a picture of our Grinch inflatable lawn ornament. We put that one in our backyard, it looks great next to our Christmas Tree :) That Grinch is hard to find now, we've had it for many, many years! It stands about 7 feet tall. We also have another Grinch one with him in a sleigh, just like in the cartoon, with Max the reindeer dog pulling the sleigh. lol We tried putting up that one this year as well, but the machine that supplies the air/inflates it has died & stopped working.

A great way to decorate your lawn, is with inflatable decorations, like that Santa one, on the right & linked to down bottom. They sell so many great lawn, yard ornaments and we've owned many of them over the years.

All you do is take the items out of the box, follow the instructions and you're all set. All that you have to with them is figure out where you want them, to plug them in and to stake them to the ground, otherwise they'll fall over or move far away from where you placed them.

Another thing that causes an annoyance in the winter, with them, is the weather. If there ends up being rain or freezing rain and it's cold out or if it gets down low enough, in temperature, then the ornament(it's fabric) will freeze to the ground. You won't be able to inflate it until it dries up and isn't frozen anymore. The fabric won't rip unless you try pulling it up(so don't pull it up out of the ice/ and hard snow), they're pretty resilient to winter weather, so don't pull it up from the frozen ground unless you think it's not that frozen.

The Perfect Snowman Yard & Lawn Decoration

That's another great inflatable lawn decoration! It's a family of snow people - a snowman, snowwoman and snowkid. You could always just build snowmen on your front lawn for decorations, but they melt! So an airblown, inflatable set is probably your best bet. These are somewhat, reasonably priced - compared to a lot of expensive lawn decoration inflatables.

Christmas Thieves!

Every year, during Christmas season, countless thefts are reported. Whether it's brazen criminals who break into people's houses and steal everything they can, including the tree!, or go onto someone's property to steal their outside decorations & ornaments. Every year, as sure as there is snow in the northern hemisphere, there they are, the news stories of horrible criminals stealing from people who are just adding happiness and joy to everyone's life as they drive by their house and enjoy their beautiful decorations.

The news anchors who cover the stories always end up calling them the Grinch. But! these people are nothing like that furry green creature that lives up in the mountains, outside of Whoville, with his poor dog Max. These Grinch's won't be returning your goods and gaining a bigger heart in the process, nope! They're also not like the bumbling buffoons Harry & Marv, from the "Home Alone" movies, trying to clean out every house on the block and unwittingly going head to head(more like paint cans and bricks to their heads!) with little Kevin McCallister!

These thieves are dastardly and have no sense of joy in their hearts, except for the ill-fashioned sentiments of happiness, all the while, ignorantly and/or intentionally making their victims suffer a hidden pain of worry and anxiety of what these criminals might do to them next - basically causing them to live in fear, which results in making the victim's turn their homes into fortresses....if only to keep out those sordid villainous characters and to bring themselves some sort of peaceful assemblage of security, peace of mind!

The best way to catch this ne'er do wells is to set up a security camera system! I personally have a security webcam system set up using my computer. If you'd like to learn how to set one up(it comes in handy for many reasons!).... Here is the page that I put together, that will help you set up a security camera system using only your computer(s) and webcam(s): How To Make Your Own Security Camera System With A Computer & Webcams

Also, on that page I have added some great retail systems that you can buy, if you really want to go all out. Also, there is a great fake dummy camera kit you can buy - each camera has a fake red light that will surely deter criminals and make them think twice. I prefer to have hidden cameras because then the bad guys will get caught in the act, because if they see or know there are cameras, then they will cover or mask their identities or just go and victimize someone else's house.

Thankfully, I have never been the victim of Christmas thieves, but I know someone who has! My brother and his wife have had decorations stolen. It sucks to come home after a long day of work, making money to pay for the things you want to own, only to have them stolen by someone who won't work or pay for their own, so they can take yours!

Up next are some Youtube videos of Christmas Thieves caught in the act, on security camera footage. I love it when the bad guys get caught! Justice!

Christmas Thieves On Youtube

If you check out Youtube you can find a plethora of videos recorded on peoples security cameras showing Christmas thieves stealing anything from Christmas decorations to holiday this female Grinch in this next video....

Winter Window Decorating Ideas

*That's a picture of our cat, Frosty, looking out the window to see if Santa's coming yet.

Don't forget to spice up your windows! The biggest way people decorate their window is by having their Christmas tree placed right by one, so that way when you drive or walk by the house you can see the lights through the window, but that only shows through one window, 2 or 3 if you're lucky.

The picture above shows a couple of great ideas for decorating your windows for Christmas or Winter.

We have Electric Candles in all of our windows. They're not flame candles... they're electric, light bulb candles that have a switch to turn it off or on. They also have sensors built into them so that when it gets dark out they turn on and when it gets light out they turn off. We also have other different kinds of candle lights too. They make ones that have extra switches on them so that you can switch it off, on or sensor. The sensor one's save electricity pretty nicely and work great. Generally, it can be hard to find candles that plug into the wall sockets, like the ones we have, at local stores - other than online. They're a lot easier to find online.

They mostly sell battery operated candles, which can be great so that way you can put them anywhere you want without a cord getting in the way, or fumbling to try to find, or reach a wall socket. The bulbs for these candles can burn out in a couple months or last a really long time(it depends), but they're pretty easy to come by at a hardware store, dollar store, or even pharmacy type convenient stores in our area.

Also if you notice in that picture, you can see some beautiful red curtains/drapes for the windows, with some lace material that goes behind the curtains. They're like window blurs, people can semi-see in the windows but it definitely looks nice. They make a lot of different patterned lace curtains that would be perfect for your windows with the Winter season and all.

Amazon has a lot of beautiful drapes & curtains to choose from for Christmas & Winter Themed Colors. Decorating your windows for Christmas or Winter is a really nice touch. When we're kids and even when we're adults, we go and look out the window to see whether it's snowing! Putting up some nice drapes, curtains or lace sheers are a great idea to make your windows look really nice, from the outside, as well as in.

You can either go with some nice reds or blue for Christmas or Winter Themes and a nice white or pink lace sheer. There are a lot of different color choices you can go with.

Bringing The Snow Inside!

Our ceilings decorated with snowflakes
Our ceilings decorated with snowflakes
I decorated 3 rooms with snowflakes on the ceilings - the dining room, the kitchen & the hallway.
I decorated 3 rooms with snowflakes on the ceilings - the dining room, the kitchen & the hallway.

Decorating With Snowflakes

Here's a unique Christmas or Winter decorating idea...

My mom came up with the idea to hang some Snowflake ornaments on the ceiling. I told her I would put them up for her and ended up surprising her with them by putting them up at night, so that when she woke up and came downstairs she'd be surprised, and she was awe-struck!

If you'd like to read more about this idea, please check it out, in detail, on another article I put together for decorating...

for my niece's Frozen Themed Birthday Party

On that page(towards the end), I talk in-length about how to decorate your ceiling with snowflake ornaments - what you need and how best to go about getting it done and making it come out beautiful.

Banberry Designs Snowflakes, 4-Inch, Set of 20, White
Banberry Designs Snowflakes, 4-Inch, Set of 20, White

Amazon has lots of different snowflake ornaments & decorations to choose from, if you want to decorate your house with that theme.

Christmas Decorated Living Room 2014
Christmas Decorated Living Room 2014

Decorating Your Living Room For Christmas & Winter

I would think that, the number #1 room in the house that definitely gets decorated for the holiday season, or just about any season, is the living room. It's usually where the Christmas tree is, in everyone's house. There are a number of different areas to decorate in this room.

Here are some pictures and ideas, on the different parts of your living room to decorate this Christmas.........

We had our Christmas Tree up really early this year!
We had our Christmas Tree up really early this year!

Decorating The Coffee Table

One of the main pieces of furniture in any living room is the coffee table, aside from the regular couch and tv. It's pretty much the center of the room, so always be sure to decorate it.

You can't wrong with a small tablecloth, or a runner, like we used. Pick a color that's synonymous with Christmas or Winter decorating, and especially that goes with your theme that you're doing.

A really beautiful idea... a nice bouquet of flowers will always do the trick!
A really beautiful idea... a nice bouquet of flowers will always do the trick!

Living Room Christmas Decoration Ideas

Nice dishes - you can fill the dishes or trays with candies, unless you're like some people who can't control themselves with sweets... (I'm not going to name names! lol You know who you are.)

Don't forget candles... Candles are a great way to fill your house with Christmas spirit - to make your home smell like the holidays and to add a memory to anyone who enters your humble abode this holiday season. You can get ones that smell like a Christmas tree, so that way if you're using an artificial one will know the difference, unless of course they investigate your tree closer(get out of there nosey! lol).

Our fireplace mantle decorations for Christmas.
Our fireplace mantle decorations for Christmas.

Fireplace & Mantle Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating the Fireplace is kind of limited with ideas, but not really. If you see the picture up top, that's our fireplace this year. It's not an actual wood burning one, it's actually a space heater type.

It can be dangerous decorating a real fireplace, and even sometimes a space heater one. I wouldn't put the stockings on the ledge unless it was off. The cool thing about the space heater type ones is that you can run the visual part of the fire going without the heat part going. So that works if you only bought the heater for the fake(somewhat, realistic looking burning wood) fireplace look. You can't go wrong with the mantle decorations, as long as they're not going to fall down and into the fire.

Mantle Ideas:

A Mantle Scarf - Basically, a lace or any kind of fabric detailed type that is either just one color or has patterns that go with the Christmas or Winter theme, or even one you already have on your mantle, if your already have one?

Nutcrackers - always a great idea, and not just for one spot in the house. Sometimes we've placed them all together in one location and then other times we've placed them each in different areas of the house e.g., the kitchen, dining room, etc.

Christmas themed trinkets - Santa Claus figurines, Winter figures... There are so many options for these. Snowglobes! I love a good snowglobe!

Fireplace & Fireplace Mantle Christmas Decorating Ideas

 *This picture was taken on Christmas morning, December 25th, 2003. That's me opening a present, as my brother looks on.
*This picture was taken on Christmas morning, December 25th, 2003. That's me opening a present, as my brother looks on.

I love a great fireplace! We've moved out of that house ages ago and I really miss that fireplace - all the cold or chilly Winter and Autumn nights watching t.v. and tending to the fire. The pops and crackles of the wood burning in the fireplace, the burning embers, the smell of it all!

If you have a fireplace and need some ideas for decorating it for Christmas, I have some great ideas for you. If you notice in the picture you'll see a stocking and some little decorative stockings and mittens...they're like a yarn type texture and they could've easily been put on the tree for decorating. Also on the mantle is a lace snowflake, small table cloth, as well as some Christmas lights. Also, what you can't see on the mantle are some Santa Claus doll type figurines.

*As far as stocking stuffer ideas, check out this page: Retro Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I'm still working on that page(as well as this one) so be sure and come back to it, to find some more cool classic retro ideas!

Christmas Stockings On Amazon - Personalized Christmas Stockings & Unique Holders!

You can decorate your fireplace with anything you want but the most popular items to use are Christmas stockings! Even without a fireplace we always hung our stockings somewhere - usually on the frame of a doorway that leads to the room that had the Christmas tree(the living room).

Do You Have A Fireplace?

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Christmas Decorating With Figurines

That picture is of our living room, one year, right after I put the tree up(an artificial one). The room is in a little bit of disarray and wasn't fully decorated yet, as well as the tree. There are a few decorating ideas spread out though. First let's talk about the coffee table:

The most popular Christmas colors are red and green. The tree is green obviously and we went with a red tablecloth for our coffee table. There are some really great table cloths and lace ones that you can buy online or at your local stores.

On the table we also have red, pink and purple candles. Candles are a great way to fill your house with Christmas spirit - to make your home smell like the holidays and to add a memory to anyone who enters your humble abode this holiday season. You can get ones that smell like a Christmas tree, so that way if you're using an artificial one will know the difference, unless of course they investigate your tree closer(get out of there nosey! lol).

In the picture you can also see we have a nice glass dish that's holding some pine cones that we collected and one's that we even bought. We also eventually added an assortment of Christmas & Winter themed flowers(not shown here). You can even put some little Christmas themed figurines on the table as well. Little Snowmans, Santas.....

Also, don't forget Snowglobes! We have a number of snowglobes throughout our house. Winter ones, as well as others. We also put them on our coffee table, as well as the fireplace mantle and we used to put them on top of our big screen tv's of yesteryear, the ones that weren't flat screen, like the tv's nowadays.

Here's a picture of the top of our old tv from years ago that had some Christmas goodies on them......

That picture is what was on top of our tv, years ago. Just to put things into context, my mom is called Bunny, as a nickname and my dad's is Grinch. I took the picture because my mom left her favorite snack, chocolate! right next to her bunny figurine on top of the tv, next to the Grinch.

There are a lot of different Christmas themed figurines to choose from, online & in the stores. So basically, these items should give you some ideas for decorating with figurines this Christmas. That's a Grinch bobblehead and the reindeer next to him is a gift gag present that goes along with toilet humour. You fill the reindeer with candy, like chocolate raisins, and then you push down on his body and he poops them out lol We thought it was a riot when we first came across one - I even received one in my stocking last year lol

Seeing as how tv's are now flat screen, and cool by the way, you unfortunately can't decorate the tops of the new tv's like you used to. So your best bet would be your coffee table or end tables, shelf or a fireplace mantle(if you have one). Also, an olden day, antique looking clock, like the one in the picture, is a great decorating idea for any time of the year.

Christmas Snowglobes & Figurines On Amazon

Snowglobes & figurines - little Winter or Christmas themed trinkets are perfect items to decorate tables with. Here are a few ideas to check out, from Amazon....

Snowglobes are pretty easy to find on Amazon so I thought i'd share some cute little figurines. They're called Snowbabies. They make a wide variety of figurines centered around the same themes & characters.

Do You Decorate Every Room In Your House?

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Our Naked Christmas Tree
Our Naked Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree 2014

We put up our Christmas Tree extra early this year, before Halloween even came! There's a picture of our naked tree. It's wearing lights but not the ornaments yet(it's decorated down bottom). We wanted to see what the new LED lights looked like.

We've been buying LED lights for everything so far. We've always used the older ones that aren't LED. I kind of like the older ones because they don't shine these ones with their different angled spotlights, but at the same time, that's why I like the new LED's. Plus, they're less costly when it comes to the electric bills - we can keep them on longer.

Here's some pictures of the tree(clothed lol) wearing ornaments and decorations, and up next'll be some ideas for Christmas Tree decorating...

There it is decorated!
There it is decorated!

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Obviously, the biggest decoration in the living room, unless you happen to put it in another room - like the dining room, is the Christmas Tree! There are many different ways to decorate your tree, whether it's a real or artificial tree. As you can kind of tell from my picture up above, we sometimes will put the tree up and then put the lights on it and leave it like that for a couple days or a week before we put any ornaments on it. I think it looks great like that! Plus, you can even wait and have the decorating be a family thing, where everyone puts the ornaments on while you listen to Christmas music, drink hot cocoa or eggnog, eat some cookies or snacks and just have a fun time doing it. That's what we did as kids and still do, sometimes, when we're adults.

Christmas Trees On Amazon

Why go to the store or a tree farm and buy a tree, just to have to stuff it in your car and lug it home.

Shop online this Christmas and group your items together to get free shipping!

A lot of items will say, spend at least $25 and qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree with decorations on it. We also used some strands of beads, to decorate the entire tree, by wrapping them around it like we do with the lights. We use a lot of old Christmas ornaments that we've had since I was a kid and before I was born.

*Can you find our cat, Frosty, in that picture up above?

Strangely enough, he's not under & inside the tree like he always is.

Oh another thing I wanted to point out is that if you notice the top of our tree, the color of the tree branches is a different green than the rest of the tree. The reason for that is because we used to have an older artificial tree and someone threw away the top to the new one when they threw out the old one - so we have the old top on the new one lol Someone fell asleep on the job that day! (That problem has been remedied because we bought a new artificial tree that will go up this year, and the culprit has been fired lol!) Another cool thing we do, is give the illusion of a real tree by using pine tree scented air freshener sticks - It smells just like there's a real tree in the house!

Here are some great ideas on items to decorate your tree with:

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas On Amazon

Do You Put A Lot Of Ornaments On The Tree?

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Also, some years we use some lace type ribbon to wrap around the tree, just like the Christmas lights and the beads. There are a lot of great ideas for ornaments and accoutrement to put on every year to make it look beautiful. Don't forget Tinsel! If you happen to like tinsel. I love tinsel, myself! Tinsel can be kind of a pain to take off the tree though. There always ends up being pieces left somewhere on the tree, like food on someones teeth!

Christmas Tree Theme Decorating Ideas!

We've all been guilty of decorating our trees in the same way, for many, many years...we always use the same ornaments every year - that we keep stored in our basement or attic. Why not break tradition this year and go with a really cool theme idea for decorating your tree - why stop there? why not deck the house in the same color and likewise elements..... Maybe decorate the tree with everything candy related!?! Maybe a flower theme? Are you a big fan of a certain color scheme or item?(something like snowflakes, or even further down the road...something not Winter or Christmas related, like a tv or movie?) How's about going through all your family's old pictures....copying, printing them and hanging them on the tree for everyone to see!?! Need some more ideas? Here are some links to a few websites with very creative ideas, 2 out of the 3 pages have pictures, to really give you some inspirational motivation:

#1. A Really Cool Pinterest Page Full of Tree Theme Ideas Here's a beautiful, picture-filled selection of Christmas Tree Themes on someone's Pinterest Page. If you've never been to Pinterest, now's the time!

#2.'s 25 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas This page is perfectly jam-packed with 25 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas with absolutely wonderful pictures.

#3.'s Tree Theme Ideas This page has no pictures but if you click on each idea it will open up to some writing, shown above the theme selections, and gives you some bright ideas.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

*That's a picture of my brother and his soon to be ex-wife's Christmas Tree, a couple years ago.

I've always loved a White Christmas Tree! One of these years I'm going to put one up, definitely! I really like theirs and the way they decorated it. Their tree came with the lights built into it...that's always a plus. Also, as for ornaments, I've always loved the traditional colored, red, blue & silver ball ornaments. They look like shiny metal, I especially like the way red ones stick out on anyone's tree, they look like apples! The blues look really sharp, as well as silver - also, I'm surprised their packs didn't come with greens, unless they didn't want any green ones on their tree, I don't know.

The Angel on top of their tree, with a light star in her hand, is a nice touch too. Not to mention, the red curtains/drapes like I said before in our house pictures are a great addition to the Christmas colors that make a room look exquisite.

More Christmas Tree Pictures - Here's a picture of a real tree we used for a previous Christmas. Beauitful! Isn't it?

We prefer to use artificial trees. What a waste of chopping down a perfectly good tree and only using it for a short amount of time. Sometimes, though, we do get a real tree!

There's something special & majestic about having a real Christmas tree and smelling it's freshness everyday. Sure the pine needles are a pain to step on but it's worth the price of admission, it's a stunning sight to behold! (Frosty the cat likes this tree too, he's in the picture again. He's getting a lot of camera time, I better call the makeup artist, he could use a touch up... )

A Train Set Under The Tree!

A great way to decorate under the Christmas tree, other than a floor decorative fabric type mat is with a train set(like that one pictured & linked to, on the right)! We've done this, years and years ago. It's great, you set up a circle shaped train track under the tree with the train going, it looks really cool and if you can find one that whistles, even better! Eventually the whistle blowing can be annoying but usually the older train set ones had the function of turning off the whistling and just have it run without it. Trains can get pretty pricey, but usually the more expensive ones are the more reliable ones. If you're interested in a really expensive one that's Christmas themed, check Amazon for the Polar Express ones!

Maybe your son likes trains, like my nephew does - specifically, Thomas The Train Engine & His Friends! It's also a good idea for Santa to set up the train set under the tree on Christmas Eve when he stops by and delivers presents. I can still remember the old antique trains they used to make, that you can find on eBay(as well as other kinds of trains too!)...trains like the real metal ones with likewise tracks. They use to be electrified enough to give you a shock. Ultimately they're not a good idea, especially with a real life, cut down, Christmas tree because there's a risk of fire with falling branches and pine needles - so be sure to use caution if you use one of those!

Dining Room Christmas Decorating Ideas

*That's a picture of my mom's dining room table during Christmas, a couple years ago.

Like most families, we eat our Turkey Christmas dinner, at the dining room or kitchen table. So, don't forget the table decorations. As you can see in the picture, my mom has a snowflake lace type table cloth, with a couple snowman and snow-woman figurines, some festive candles and just barely viewable draped over some chairs are some Christmas type cloth napkins with snowmen and Winter/Christmas themes on them.

Also, in a white vase(not so viewable in this picture) there are some sticks that look liked their iced over, she bought them at a crafts store near where she lives. They look iced over by means of clear rocks and crystals. My guess is that they took some sticks and put some clear glue on them and dipped them in crystal type rocks and glitter. I think they look really cool but sadly I can't find a better picture that shows them to you, sorry for that. Some of the pictures in this article are lacking, I apologize. Luckily, over all, the pictures do get the point across, on some great ideas for decorating.

After we decorate this year, I'll be replacing pictures and writing on this page, or I might just start a new one because I like this page how it is so far, except for a few sections. Be sure and bookmark this page, to come back, that's if you like it or want to read more.

What's The Main Course For Your Family's Christmas Dinner?

See results

Christmas Tablecloths On Amazon - The Perfect Dining Room Christmas Decoration

When it comes to eating Christmas dinner or even just making the room look good, you should use a really nice tablecloth to accent the table - whether your main dining table is in the kitchen or the dining room.

Decorating Your Doorways For Christmas

*That's a picture of my mom wishing someone, on the phone, a Happy Holidays!

She looks festive in her Christmas/Winter themed sweatshirt!

The best way to decorate your doorways(one of the least thought about areas of decorating), is to use garland. Garland isn't enough though. As you can see in that picture above, the garland looks better with Christmas lights and some beads. It would probably be easier to buy garland that comes with lights already built into the pre-lit garland I showed back at the top of this page.

Or you can check out this next garland item that doesn't come with lights but is still top notch!

Doorway Decorations On Amazon

Doorway decorations are easy! Just get some garland, preferably pre-lit, unless you want to do it yourself, or not use lights. Either way, garland makes the doorways/entrance ways look really great!

Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas

Yeah, this photo isn't that great! I thought it was taken during a Christmas time frame but I don't think it is because I can see some Fall themed items. That's not going to work! I'll have to wait until this year's Christmas decorating season, to update this one.

The only thing I can do is give some ideas..... This is a picture of my mom's kitchen. The red colored theme is really nice! Oh! Oh! It's probably a Thanksgiving time frame, for this picture, so it's right near Christmas. The Fall themed stuff is actually Thanksgiving themed. The leaves on the doorway, the pumpkin/harvest themed dish towels on the cabinet doors and elsewhere....

But yeah, as for Christmas: Seasonal themed plates, dishes, etc. are the way to go. Even some dish towels with Winter themes. Just think of what's in your own kitchen and what you would like to see colored or themed and try to find that item! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Our own taste is what we like. Make it your own is the overall idea. :)

Christmas Dishes On Amazon

Don't forget to switch out your usual dishes with your Christmas themed ones. That's what we do every year, for every season. When there's no holiday we just go with themed ones for whatever season it is. Don't forget some cake plates!

Do You Own More Than 1 Set Of Plates?

See results

Decorating The Bathroom For Christmas Or Winter

Decorating the bathroom for Christmas or Winter is pretty easy. You can buy a shower curtain, like the one pictured above(I really like that one) and you can buy floor mats and toilet seat covers & towels. That shower curtain up top does not come with the floor bathmat or the special hooks either. But, if you follow that link, down bottom, to Amazon and scroll down the page you can easily find the hooks and the bathmat, as well as other excellent bathroom holiday goodies.

Christmas & Winter Decorating The Bedroom

The simplest way to decorate your bedroom for Winter or Christmas is by changing out those sheets, blankets & pillowcases with some winter themes. The set I really want to get but can't seem to find(I found it before but can't now, for some reason) is a blue and white snowflake fleece comforter set. I have the links saved somewhere in one of my wishlist folders but I can't find it or even by searching sites online. I'll have to find that set I loved so much when I first saw it. Amazon has a wide selection of everything else though!

What's Next After Decorating? Christmas Shopping! - Gift Cards & Gift Certificates Are The Best!'s Gift Card - The Little Black Box

Now that you're done decorating it's time for shopping, unless you're already done!?! Good job! If so! If you still can't decide what to buy someone(maybe that hard to buy for person on your list) then gift cards are the best idea! Then they can buy whatever they want. It's so much fun to get money or gift certificates for Christmas or Birthdays because then you get to go and have a fun shopping spree to buy yourself something cool!

The best thing about gift cards is that there are so many choices for how to purchase their gift cards. You can have an email sent to the person you're buying one for with the info or you can buy it in a box and give it to them or send it through the mail, and even with an actual greeting card too. There are even specialty boxes that have free one-day shipping! That's awesome! The specialty boxes are even themed for holidays - like a snowflake shaped box or a Santa box. It's completely up to you which way you'd want to send one.

After you're done decorating and after you have all the presents bought and wrapped, then comes the festivities! Friends & family gatherings to exchange gifts, stories & fun. If you're interested in playing a fun mystery grab bag game, much like the one my family & I play every Christmas Eve, here's a link to a page I made, describing how to play the game.

How To Play Christmas Grab Bag - I think you'll love it and play it every year. It'll become your new family tradition!

If you need more Christmas Shopping Gift Ideas, then I've got some more pages for you, that I've personally put together:

#1. 10 Great Gift Ideas For Mom

#2. 10 Great Gift Ideas For Dad

#3. The Top 10 Toys We Wish We Had When We Were Kids!

#4. G.I. Joe Guys - Some Of The Best Toys Ever!

#5. The Best Gadget Gift Ideas 2014

*Just an FYI, I've been busy fixing my pages lately, some of them still need some more work. They've been cluttered and I'm in the process of de-cluttering them. I like to keep all my writings nice & clean, relevant & helpful... so I'm always updating. I personally think, any page that I've written is well worth a bookmark for that fact, that's if you, the reader, like my writings or ideas, of course. If you do, that's great! I have a lot of writing still left in me, to share. Up next is the comments section(let me know you stopped by or if you have anything to add). After that, there are some direct links to some popular decorating well as, some continuously updated tweets by people typing in keywords or phrases.....

4 More Great Christmas & Winter Decorating Idea Articles

If you really like decorating and really want to spice things up, to set your decorating into high gear this year, then here are 4 more phenomenal articles to check out, from some of the top decorating websites online!

Do You Decorate for Christmas, or even Winter?

Did you like the pictures of our family's decorations?

Did you find any new ideas that you'll end up doing this year?

Please leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by....

Decorating Ideas?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      2014 I tried to escape this whole Christmas-chaos at least once. I traveled to scandinavia so I had an excuse to enwrap myself in a blanket all day long (because its cold there). The only Christmas decoration I had was a slow moveing video of a fireplace. I drank tea and sat by my virtual fire all night. Even if I am excited to decorate again next Christmas, I will never forget that lonely experience.


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