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Free Printable Christmas Word Searches for Kids and Adults

Updated on September 6, 2014

Kids young and old love doing free printable Christmas word search puzzles!

A wonderful way of teaching new vocabulary and improving spelling in children is to use Christmas word search puzzles in class before the arrival of the holiday season. Word search puzzles are fun, simple, challenging, educational, and very easy to make or find online or in book stores. They are also time-consuming, meaning you will be able to keep your little one busy as you concentrate on your Christmas preparations!On this page, you'll find a handful of Christmas word searches I have created for three levels. The first one is for young children who are just starting out on their journey into literacy. It contains easy words that are hidden either horizontally or vertically. The second is for children who are already proficient at reading and writing. It contains a larger number of vocabulary items with more complex spellings. Once again, the words can be found either horizontally or vertically. The third is for teenagers and adults, particularly those learning English as a second language. These words are the most challenging and can be found in all directions!

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Easy Christmas Word Search for Young Kids (Aged 4-6) - For young learners just starting out on their journey into literacy!

This Christmas word search contains ten simple words with fairly easy spellings. They are hidden vertically and horizontally within a puzzle consisting of 10x10 blocks.

Click to see a bigger version of this word search!

Links to More Easy Christmas Word Search Puzzles - Easy word searches your little ones will love!

After finishing the puzzle provided above, your kids will enjoy taking on a few more. Have a look at these great examples and pick your favourites!

Intermediate Christmas Word Search for Older Kids (Aged 7-10) - A Christmas word search for children who are already literate and looking to improve their spell

This intermediate Christmas word search puzzle for older children consists of 14 words hidden horizontally and vertically in a 15x15 block puzzle. It contains a mix of easy and slightly more challenging words with difficult spellings.

Click to see a bigger version of this word search!

Links to More Intermediate Christmas Word Search Puzzles - Challenge your kids to take on even more Christmas word searches!

When your kids have finished the first Christmas word search, they can always challenge themselves to try some more. The links here lead to some very good intermediate puzzles for kids.

Difficult Christmas Word Search for Teens and Adults - A challenging word search with high level vocabulary

This puzzle is ideal for teenagers on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. It is also good fun for adults looking for time to kill, and ESL learners who wish to increase their English vocabulary in a fun way. It includes 18 vocabulary items hidden in all directions in a 15x15 block puzzle.

Click to see a larger version of this puzzle!

Links to More Hard Christmas Word Search Puzzles - Improve your vocabulary and challenge your mind!

These word search puzzles are a great time-filler that will help you improve your spelling and vocabulary, especially if you are learning English as a second language. Give them a try - you'll find they're great fun!

Christmas Word Searches on Amazon

If you want to give your child a wide selection of Christmas word searches to choose from, you would do well buying him or her a word search book. Below, you'll find a number of books your child will definitely enjoy!

Christmas Word Searches on eBay

eBay is another good place to look if you're after an inexpensive puzzle book for kids or adults. Give it a try - you might just find something that piques your interest!

Will you try one of these Christmas word search puzzles? - Please let us know you stopped by!

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