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Christmas Wreaths and Garlands for Front Door Decorations

Updated on November 17, 2017

Christmas time calls for special front door decorations like wreaths and garlands because there is nothing as inviting and warm like a decorated entrance door at this special time of the year.

Your front door is the first point of entry into your home, and at Christmas, ‘appearances count’, that’s why wreaths, garlands, swags, and large ribbons adorning your door is a sign of yuletide merriment in your home.

And not only do they welcome guests, they also welcome you back home with a warm feeling every time you walk up to your front door.


Decorating your interior spaces with Christmas decorations is great, most people do that, but decorating on the exterior and entrance into your home is not as common, but now, it is something that many people will love to create. Front door Christmas decorations are very affordable but you can always make them as a DIY task. They are easy to make once you have the right materials and a few hours to spare.

It’s not really that hard to choose the right type of decorative display that’ll suit your front door as long as you factor in its size and scale. For instance, you don’t want to hang an over-sized wreath on an entrance door that’s narrow and low, neither do you want a scraggy garland for a wide and tall entrance door.

Before I delve into the art of making Christmas front door decorations, let me briefly talk about wreaths and garlands.

Decorating Ideas for Your Entrance Door

Christmas Front Door Wreaths

Christmas door wreaths are not only the most popularly used ones, they come in so many beautiful varieties from the small to the large types made from materials like sea shells, pine cones, twigs, ball-shape Christmas ornaments, whimsical bells, berries, dried plants, and Poinsettia plants.

There are wreaths with messages inscribed on them, perhaps a few words that relay best wishes for the season, welcoming Christmas messages, patriotic quotes, short poems, or romantic messages. Most inscriptions however just wish a merry time. One thing is that they are always a delight to read by guests waiting for your front door to open.

Christmas Garlands

Garlands can be used in diverse ways and work well both indoors, threaded through the bannisters, draped on interior walls, or hung across your mantel for instance, and outdoors, draped decoratively on your front, above the doorway, or on patio doors.

Traditionally, garlands were made of natural flowers or leaves but today you can find garlands made from other materials including holly branches, spray-painted shiny gold or silver leaves, dried flowers, pine cones, and even coloured tissue paper and colourful glass ornaments.

DIY Front Door Decorations

If you plan to make your own custom-made wreaths or garlands with a preference for the natural, consider using fresh holly branches, green plants, flowers, vines, twigs, real berries, candy cane, and dried fruits. Just make sure you don’t use any material that is going to wilt or rot in three to four weeks. To prolong the life of natural plants, mist with water occasionally.

If you’d rather use dried or man-made materials, you can adorn your wreath with intertwined thin garlands, tinkling bells or automated sounds of Christmas music.

There are numerous online stores where you can buy all the materials you’ll need to make your own wreaths or garlands, from floral wire, ropes and glues to bells, stockings, twigs, dried plants, sea shells, and faux berries.

Where to Buy (for Non-Enthusiasts of DIY)

If you are not cut out for DIY tasks, you can buy ready-made door decorations at your local stores or online, but remember, then it’s good to buy early before they run out of the great ones and you’ll save a lot of money buying before the festive season begins.

You can also purchase affordable Christmas garlands and wreaths from stores like Amazon, Macy's, and eBay.

Wreaths and Garlands - Great Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas wreaths and garlands also make great gifts for co-workers, friends, or family members bearing in mind to make or buy them something that depicts themes of what they are passionate about – football, tennis, golf, skiing, or fishing.

Front door decorations also make great Christmas gifts for your local youth clubs, children hospitals, orphanages, or retirement homes. It’s the season of giving and warm wishes isn’t it.

DIY Inspirations

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