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Fun and Affordable Christmas Party Decorations

Updated on September 11, 2014

Looking for Christmas Party Decorations?

Christmas is a time to rejoice and give unto others. Tis' the season for Christmas parties and merriment! We’ve got plenty of fun and economical Christmas party decorations to help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! From tablewear to decorations - we cover all the bases!

If you are looking for some fun holiday-themed stuff, you're in the right spot. So sit back, relax and enjoy browsing these beautiful and unique Christmas party packs!

Decorating a Holiday Table

Every year at Christmas one of the most important jobs that I do is to pick out the table wear I'm going to use. I choose a different theme every year. Why? Because choosing a theme is an easy way to decorate. Some years I go more traditional with red and green. Other years I switch to a more elegant blue and white snowflake theme. However, when it comes to picking the theme itself, I typically base this around the plates I find.

The great news is that holiday paper products change from year to year. This means that you won't choose the same theme twice! Below I'm going to show you some of the cutest ones I found this year.


Santa Suit Dinner Plates

I saw these and about jumped out of my skin! Aren't they adorable??? These plates were designed to look just like our jolly friend, Santa Claus. This design also comes in a dessert plate too so you are sure to wow your Christmas crowd. Couple these plates with some red and white decorations and tablewear, and you have a theme that is fun and youthful! They are sold by fun4parties.

Click Here to Order Santa Suit Plates


Snowman Dots

This is a really cute play on a traditional theme. You have the classic Christmas colors of red, green and white intermixed with adorable snowmen. Who could ask for more??? See the picture and the different decorations they use to draw the theme colors out of the dinnerwear? So easy - just some simple red and white balloons with green and red streamers. This would be perfect for any family who has smaller kids.


All of these different holiday decorating kits are great, but they won't be the only stuff you'll put up for your party this year. Why not consider some home-made decorations to go with it?

Paper snowflakes are a great activity you can do with kids and make for great hanging decor. You can find tons of free pattern designs online. I've even found some that are Star Wars themed, how cool is that!?! Print out the templates, fold them according to the directions and then cut them with sharp scissors. You can then use glue and glitter if you want to make them really glisten. Use fishing wire to hang them from your ceilings.

Pine cone wreaths are another great way to decorate cheaply, especially if you have some pine trees around your neighborhood. Gather a small garbage bag full of pine cones and purchase a styrofoam wreath. Wrap the styrofoam with brown fabric - this will hide any spaces between your cones. Using a hot glue gun, glue the pine cones one next to the other all the way around the wreath. Make sure you get inside the center too. Slap on a red bow and you have a rustic decoration perfect for any room!

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    Bambi Watson 8 years ago

    Fun Holiday ideas!