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Festive Christmas Cake Stands

Updated on September 16, 2017

Serve Your Christmas Dessert Cakes On A Holiday Cake Stand

Christmas desserts are so outstanding they deserve a special presentation at holiday time, and that's where these festive cake stands come in handy. The weather outside may be frightful, but your kitchen will be toasty warm and aromatic with your holiday baking going on. You are going to need these great cake stands to put all your baked goods on!

The rest of the house is decorated, the tree is trimmed and lit, the Christmas table cloth is on the table and it's set with your special holiday dishes, your turkey is stuffed and roasting, and the cake you made for dessert is cooling on the counter ... in other words your holiday is in full swing.

Guests have arrived, gifts have been exchanged, stockings have been checked and re-checked for those wonderful Christmas stocking stuffers we all have so much fun giving and receiving and dinner will be on the table before you know it. Now, everything is perfect ... UT OH ... your wonderful holiday dessert cake is sitting in the kitchen on a regular plain, old dinner plate.

Doesn't your best holiday cake recipe deserve some of the attention to detail you give the rest of your home at Christmas time? Here are the cake stands you need to dress up your cake ... and I've also included lots of delicious traditional and new Christmas cake and cupcake recipes for you to browse through. Hopefully I'll help you find a new favorite holiday dessert to serve year after year on your lovely Christmas cake stand!

Which cake will you make for Christmas? The rum cake you husband loves so much, the caramel cream cake that your sister loves, the velvety chocolate-mint cake that is your favorite, or are you going to try a new recipe like a White Chocolate-Almond Cake this year? I've included lots of new and old recipe ideas for you to choose from. Put it on one of my two favorites, the Glitterville Christmas Cake Stand or the Patience Brewster Krinkles High Heel Shoe Christmas Cake Plate.

Which Of My 2 Favorite Christmas Cake Stands Do You Like Best?

I really like these fun, holiday cake stands, but I'm not sure which one I should get. Why not help me pick! Let's see which one is the most popular, let me know which one you like best.

Do You Like The Glitterville Cake Stand or the Patience Brewster Cake Stand With Feet Best

3 Cake Stands For Your Christmas Dessert

Use It For Your Christmas Cupcakes too!

The Glitterville cake stand is three separate cake stands with a pedestal base, and you can stack them and place cupcakes, cookies or some other small holiday treats on them. This is a great looking holiday dessert tray! Really, how can you go wrong with Glitterville?

Cupcakes will look great on these cake stands when they are stacked up, and I found a Peppermint Swirled Candy Cupcake Recipe that will look cute as can be on this peppermint candy decorated cake/cupcake stand. There's also a fabulous Starlight Mint Cake recipe and decorating theme that will look perfect with this cake stand. Make one or make three in different sizes to make a three dessert display.

Boston Warehouse Cake Stand In Red, White And Green

All Dressed Up In Christmas Colors

Imagine how cute these sweet Santa Hat Cupcakes or a fabulous looking Christmas cake from

Merry Christmas Y'all Cake Plate And Stand

Perfect For Those Southern Christmas Cakes

Southern recipes are so popular around Christmas, and if you are preparing a traditional holiday dinner, I'm sure you are also planning a sweet, southern dessert too, maybe more than one! There's a coconut-lemon cake, gift box cake, chocolate truffle angel cake, or perhaps you will try the red velvet peppermint cake. They all sound delicious and you can find the recipes for them at Southern Living Christmas Cake Recipes.

How About A Red Poinsettia Cake Stand

Pointsettia's Are A Traditional Symbol Of Christmas

I found some Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting. Gingerbread or Red Velvet is a pretty difficult choice, you might have to make both of these! Here's a Orange Spice Cake With White Chocolate Pointsettia that will look great on this cake stand and it will taste great too.

The Martha Stewart Crafts Cottage Christmas Cake Stand

Martha Has Some Fun Holiday Decorating Ideas

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with this simple but very festive cake stand design. It's red and white, easy to assemble and screams "Happy Christmas' to all who see it. And it will look even better with one of Martha's yummy Christmas cakes on it. You can find wonderfully delicious holiday cake recipes like chocolate cake with snowy meringue, or an orange spice cake with a white chocolate Poinsettia topper, a unique gingerbread town-square cake, or will you make the hazelnut-praline torte? Get these Christmas cake recipes and more at Martha Stewart's Christmas Cake Recipes

The M. Bagwell Simply Christmas Cake Stand

Is Simply Perfect For A Delicious Holiday Dessert

M. Bagwell's simply Christmas cake stand is full of red and green polka dots, and polka dots always say FUN to me. Add those polka dots and the Christmas holidays and you have a dessert that's yells "Merry Christmas".

Crimson Manor Family And Friends Cake Stand

Simple Elegance is how this cake stand has been described and there's are holiday table accessories to match, so if you are looking for a set of holiday tableware, this might be the design for you. You can find a separated serving plate, a bowl, a cheese tray and knife, a teapot, coffee mugs, a creamer and sugar bowl. On or inside each of these pieces you will find a bit of holiday sentiment in script font. The cake stand says "Share Joy and Peace with Family and Friends", and that's what the holidays are all about. I think this cake stand will look it's holiday best with two small cake rolls on it. I found a great recipe for you to read over and see if you like it. You can find it at Red Velvet Cake Roll, the inside is deep velvety red and the outside is white with powdered sugar.

Candy Stripe Pedestal Cake Stand

Candy Stripes For Christmas

I think this plain white Christmas cake with a colorful decoration on the top will look just right on this cake stand. It's a Red And White Raspberry Filled Cake Recipe and it will look delicious under that dome.

Christmas Cake Recipe Books - To Put On These Great Christmas Cake Stands

Christmas Cake Stands Need Christmas Recipes - And Here They Are!

I've found so many wonderful holiday recipes for Christmas cakes and cupcakes. Use these fun recipes to create desserts to put out on your new Christmas cake stand, they will make such a festive and tasty addition to your holiday party or your Christmas dinner. The list starts off with a 12 layer Red Velvet cake recipe, a Buche de Noel also known as a Yule Log, a traditional English British cake recipe and a traditional German Stollen recipe, plus there are some cupcake ideas too ... OH, and there's even a Gingerbread recipe.

The Antique Ivory Rose Cake Stand

Perfect For A Victorian Christmas

Is your home decorated with a Victorian Christmas theme? Then you might like this Antique Rose cake stand, it's a serving piece that takes you back a century or more. It would fit in with a shabby-chic decorating theme too. Now all you need is a delicious recipe for your holiday cake, perhaps you would enjoy Mary Berry's Victorian Christmas Cake

Spode Christmas Tree Footed Cake Stand

Many homes celebrate the holidays with dinner ware and accessories from Spode. They are decorated with that familiar holiday tree and always bring an extra bit of warmth to the table with them. It's a nice feeling to be seated at a holiday table set with this festive dinner ware, and now you can add a cake stand to the collection. You can bake a Christmas Tree Shaped Cake to serve on the tree decorated cake stand.

Do You Have A Special Christmas Cake Dessert Recipe?

Do you have a traditional Christmas cake recipe that you make every year or do you try new recipes at the holidays? Vote and then let us know what your favorite traditional dessert is or what was last year's (or this year's) new recipe was.

What Dessert Do You Make At Christmas? The Same Traditional Favorite or Do You Try New Recipes For Christmas Cakes?

The Red And Green Holiday Cake Stand

Red and Green are the colors of the seson, so this cake stand will look right at home on your Christmas dessert table. Imagine it with your favorite holiday cheese cake recipe on it. Perhaps you'd enjoy a White Chocolate Cherry Pecan Cheesecake.

Did You Take A Look At The Recipes I Suggested?

Which of these Christmas cake recipes interested you the most? Was it the White Cherry Pecan Cheesecake, Mayberry's Victorian Christmas Cake, the Traditional English Christmas Cake or that Red Velvet Roll, was it the Yule Log recipe? I think they all sound quite delish and want to try them all!

Will You Use One Of The Christmas Cake Recipes You Found On This Page?

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Christmas Cake Plates

I love the Christmas cake stands on this page, but there are some very nice Christmas cake plates that are just right for the holiday desserts you have planned.


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