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Christmas Cake Wallpapers

Updated on September 29, 2014

Christmas Cake Wallpaper Designs to Enjoy

What's great about Christmas cake wallpaper designs is they are not only something that gets your mouth watering, but are also a terrific form of eye candy, which when combined, melts the willpower to resist. That's why it's better for your health to devour a Christmas cake only as a wallpaper with your eyes and not a real cake in front of you with your mouth.

Having said that, I can't be responsible for any sudden urges coming upon you in regard to the images of Christmas cake designs included in this article. So viewer beware;-)

The number of Christmas cakes designs are numerous, and it would take a book to just introduce a batch of them to enjoy or generate ideas from.

Even so, just like with most things and people associated with the Christmas season, there are some basics that will be part of the Christmas theme no matter what you're talking about concerning it.

Those cakes shown here go from one end of the spectrum to another. From a more serious look at the consequences to the person of Jesus for coming into the world, to a whimsical cake house with Santa running along the roof top.

However you want to go with it, Christmas cakes are a terrific way to keep yourself in the mood for a great feast on Christmas day by placing them on your computer or other screen, and if you're including somewhat of a message cake, even there it can be made to look delicious as you view it and explain to everyone what it's all about.

And if you do make a unique Christmas cake, be sure to take pictures so you can make your own wallpaper memories to share with family and friends in the future.

Christmas Cake Wallpaper with White Frosting, Santa and Cottage on Top

If looking at this Christmas cake wallpaper with the wonderful edges and cut home on top, you may be already dead. This one just isn't fair to those who have no means at their disposal to satisfy the craving this eye candy produces.

This would be especially tortuous if you're looking at this during work or some place you have no way of making or buying a cake like this.

That's the fun of using them as wallpapers of course, as you want to put it on computer or other screen and then share it with your family, friends or co-workers to let them feel that desire that can't be met in the short term. At that point we continue to remind them of this luscious cake, or add another to even make them more hungry for one. Great fun.

Another terrific thing about Christmas cake wallpapers is it can give you some ideas on what you could do when making your own, or maybe adding some accessories once someone else has made one.

You can see that with the Santa and bird on the cake below.


Merry Christmas Wallpaper Cake

This is one of the more popular wallpaper Christmas cake designs I found, although the general shape was changed by adding a number of different elements and colors to complete the look.

The way the edges on the bottom are done look awesome, and that smooth top makes you want to dig in for a quick bite.

Again we have that addition of decorative items to make it a little more than a cake.


Santa and North Pole Christmas Cake Wallpaper

Let's face it. All of these Christmas cakes are wallpapers to whet our appetites and get everyone else wanting to have one, but they are also wonderful ideas for those you actually want to make a very cool and compelling Christmas cake.

The one below is a tremendous example of great design and color, along with making one want to take a taste of it as soon as possible.

That's the interesting thing about theme cakes. Those making them think of themselves as making a work of art, and secondarily something to eat. So it can be a little painful for them when the first cuts out of their masterpiece are made.

I don't know if this particular cake was a mint cake of some sort. But it sure looks like it is. And whether it is or not, the desire for that taste immediately kicked in when I saw this gorgeous cake.

What's not to like about the North Pole sign with the penguins standing nearby? And Santa sitting on top holding his list while sitting next to a tree full of presents is a great festive top to the terrific cake image.

I'm sure you can tell this is a cake that would be tormenting to me if someone were to have it sitting on their computer throughout the day, or showed it to me on one of their smaller screens.


Crown of Thorns Christmas Cake Wallpaper

Writing this article I've found it interesting that I go back and forth in my mind as to whether or not I'm talking about wallpapers or real Christmas cakes. In reality I'm talking about both, and that's unique in regard to wallpapers, which are almost exclusively used as images to inspire or enjoy throughout the day or period of time.

This next cake is an amazing one. It's hard to talk about a cake in respect to reverence, but one has to when considering the subject matter here. The idea of creating a "Happy Birthday Jesus" Christmas cake and wallpaper which has the design of the crown of thorns on the top, like it was placed on his head, is amazing to me, and surely not meant to be disrespectful in any way, although I'm sure some may take it that way.

To me it's a wonderful message and reminder of what it cost Jesus to come into the world as Savior and where it ended up taking Him.

As for the design of the thorns, they are amazing to me, and would have had to taken a steady hand and a lot of patience to end up with this result.

The only thing that looks a little odd is the way the colors do clash a little. It probably would have been better to have made the thorns green to keep with the Christmas color. Everyone would have still known what it stood for, but it would have looked a little better.

But let's face it. This would be a difficult take to be the one to cut into it or take the first bite out of, no matter how it looked.

As a wallpaper it would be a terrific reminder and honoring of Jesus for those that are His true followers.


Christmas House Wallpaper Cake

This is a wonderful conclusion to our look at a variety of Christmas cake wallpapers. This is amazingly detailed, and included the traditional red and green Christmas colors scattered throughout the design.

Adding the trees and candy canes as a fence were a cool idea, as are the windows and shutters on the front and sides of the cake home.

What a nice wallpaper that children and those loving color would like to see to conjure up visions of Christmas goodies.

Last but not least is that great Santa and his sleigh being pulled by reindeer.

Talk about a major difference in emphasis, looks and feel between this secular Christmas cake wallpaper and the spiritual one in the photo above. Both are compelling and serve a different purpose depending on the individuals looking for great Christmas wallpapers.


Christmas Cake Wallpapers

After looking at all these amazing Christmas cake wallpapers I feel like I've already put on a few pounds. I wonder if anyone else feels that way?

All of them are fantastic designs that serve the purpose of having a lot of fun sharing them with others or inspiring those seeing them to get busy with cooking up some Christmas cakes.

Seeing these delicious deserts can't leave one neutral about it, that's for sure. So if you're looking for something to get some ideas, remind yourself of the upcoming Christmas season feast, or to just share with family and friends to make them wish they were somewhere that the sudden sugar craving can be satiated, Christmas cake wallpapers are something you need to add to your background arsenal.


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