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Christmas Card Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2014

Christmas Card Ideas

While there is a Christmas card for anyone out there, and the themes and niche Christmas cards you get can cover anything, sometimes it's still hard to generate some Christmas card ideas, so I thought I'd put together a few Christmas card themes to get those creative juices flowing.

And speaking of creative juices, what about handmade Christmas cards? All you need is some glue, scissors, stencils, ribbon, glitter, beads, stickers, paper and rhinestone ... oh, yeah, also children or grandchildren, to make all of that work. Along with a mess, you're sure to see a lot of creative ideas and interesting handmade Christmas cards emerge from that idea.

Christmas cards are just a lot of fun, and whether you buy or make them, they are a delight for those who eagerly await a Christmas message for you.

And lest I forget, for those of you who enjoy sending a Christmas card more than one way, there's always the Internet and Christmas e-cards to jam up the e-mail boxes of your family and friends.

Anyway, here's a few Christmas card ideas and themes to give a few ideas on what's out there. 

Christmas Cards with Dog Theme

If you have a friend or loved one that loves dogs, what a better way to send a holiday message than a dog Christmas card theme. If you have a photo of their favorite pooch, then you could even have a photo card made that they would really appreciate.

Dog Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards with Cat Theme

Now if someone has a favorite cat, they're just as apt to enjoy a Christmas card with a cat on it, or a photo Christmas card like mentioned above. Just like a dog owner, cat owners are thrilled to get a cat Christmas card representing their feline friends.

Cat Christmas Cards

Christmas cards with Christian themes

With Christmas being a Christian holiday and the source of Christmas, it's always a great idea to send Christians a Christmas card with a Christian theme. It always works and will be appreciated for you thoughtfulness and relevance to their faith.

Christian Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards you make

If you're a little bit crafty or just enjoy making things with your children or grandchildren, a handmade Christmas card is a great way to express holiday wishes, and if it is made for parents or grandparents, it'll be the most important of all, no matter what shape it ends up in.

Handmade Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas Cards

Funny and humorous Christmas cards are a delight for the recipients, and like the one below, bring a smile to the face and are also a lot of fun to send, knowing the response it'll elicit when it's opened.

Humorous Christmas Cards

Christmas card with horses

Many people love horses, and even if they aren't owners, horse Christmas cards are a really nice greeting cards theme to include at Christmas time. Horses always seem to work for holiday seasons, and horse Christmas cards are among the best.

Horse Christmas Card

Christmas Cards with Lighthouses

Lighthouse Christmas cards always stand out because of the connection between them and Christ being the light of the world. There are a lot of compelling lighthouse Christmas cards, and you can understand why seeing the one below.

Also compelling about lighthouses is the way they have been used to protect those on a journey, suggesting not only a journey on water, but representing divine protection throughout the journey of life.

Lighthouse Christmas Card

Christmas Cards with Tropical Themes

Tropical Christmas cards are always great because of the fun way they contrast Santa on the beach or something like that, while knowing he spends all his working time at the North Pole in the cold.

Other types of tropical Christmas cards come from those who actually live in the tropics. They either send the cards with the idea of reminding someone of what they're missing out on, or they are sent by those from the cold regions to loved ones or friends living in tropical areas of the world, letting them know they're thinking about them in the blissful weather they're enjoying.

Tropical Christmas Card

Motorcycle Santa Christmas Card

Motorcycle Christmas cards are a really great theme greetings card, and if the one you're sending it to rides or enjoys them in any way, they'll really be thankful and delighted when they receive it. Just look at the one below with Santa riding the motorcycle. If you don't like motorcycles before, you're sure to like them after seeing this great motorcycle Christmas card.

Motorcycle Christmas Card

Endless number of Christmas card ideas

I have to stop there before I get too carried away and put up 20 cards or so. You get the idea. There's no end to the number of Christmas cards you can choose from, and some are very reverent, and others, well, not so reverent. Either way, they all have a message and are a joy to discover and send to family and friends.


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      hhhuuuddduhbgyukmn bhu 4 years ago

      how do u make the funny Christmas card ?????????????????????

    • profile image

      Mylindaminka 4 years ago

      7. Не растушеванная линия тонального крема. Помимо правильно подобранной текстуры тонального крема, также очень важен и тон. Не стремитесь сделать свое лицо более загорелым или наоборот выбелить его. Тщательно растушевывайте края нанесения тонального крема, делать это лучше всего с помощью смоченного водой спонжа. Особое внимание уделите подбородку, скулам и ушам.

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      Etenefeadeono 5 years ago

      My spouse and i helpful to find high on life nevertheless recently I have built up some sort of opposition.

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      123 6 years ago


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      Ann 6 years ago

      How do you make the homemade white christmas tree one?

    • profile image

      lilly 6 years ago

      I love christmas so i`m gonna make a card from this


    • profile image

      SUE 6 years ago

      So cool

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Chuc Giang Sinh an lanh

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      very coooooooooooool

    • profile image

      charal 7 years ago

      hi i gust wanted to say hi

    • profile image

      twichy 7 years ago

      i love all the cards and i look forwasd to having a go at making them

    • profile image

      Cheryl 7 years ago

      Oh no Christmas is back again and its just around the corner.

      I love the idea that you have mentioned of making your own cards from photo's, that is so much more personal. You will also find that people don't throw them away, but tend to keep them as souveniers. Thanks

    • PearTreeGreetings profile image

      PearTreeGreetings 7 years ago from Rexburg, ID

      What a diverse collection of Christmas cards! I especially like your idea of sending Christmas photo cards including your own (or a loved one's) dog or cat. Holiday photo cards are a great way to personalize a message and send a little cheer.

    • profile image

      Rockerzz 7 years ago

      I have seen some great cards thanx