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Christmas Clip Art Designs and Ideas

Updated on August 7, 2014

Christmas Clip Art

Clip art has been around for a long time in computer or digital years, and it continues to be a very useful and beautiful tool to use when we want to spice things up a bit on our blogs, websites, or personal messages we may send to someone, among other things.

When thinking on that, it's especially good at Christmas time, where there are so many family members and friends we can communicate and share joyful and relative messages with, and including Christmas clip art as part of that communication helps convey the glad tidings associated with the season.

So when looking for some other things on the Internet, I came across some terrific Christmas clip art I wanted to share with you. There are so many great ones to choose from that it's always hard to know where to go with it, as there are not only a seemingly endless number of images to share, but also a large number of themes with thousands of clip art images within each theme. Christmas clip art, being very popular, had an extraordinary amount of categories and images, but it was narrowed down to allow you to get some ideas and thoughts as to how you may be able to use them to spread some cheer around, or make people laugh.

If you want to do some exploration yourselves, just type in "Christmas clip art" into the search engine you use and see the many choices available to use.

Clip Art of Tweety in Santa Costume

Most of those reading and viewing this will be sure to be taking a quick trip down memory lane with this great Christmas clip art of Tweety dressed up in a Santa costume.

The color of the image is vibrantly awesome, and it really stands out when you look at it.

Seeing the little rascal as we remember him as he fended off the attacks of the house cat towards him, and granny at times having to same him when he was about to be taken down for the final count.

His seemingly disinterested appearance after the cat was foiled over and over again is part of what made him so endearing and humorous to fans of all ages.

Tweety Clip Art

tweety clip art
tweety clip art | Source

Grinch Clip Art Holding "Reindeer" Dog

Before the Grinch had a change of heart which resulted in a total transformation, among many faults, he didn't treat his dog who always appeared as a faux reindeer very well. You can see that in the clip art piece here where he's holding him up by the tail. The look on the face of the dog is part of what made it so funny to viewers.

As for this Grinch, you have a hard time believing the message of Merry Christmas, as this is definitely before he made his change for the better. Whether before or after the change, the Grinch is always an engaging character, and looks great in art.

You can do a lot of fun things with a Grinch clip art piece, depending on who you're sharing it with and why. A naughty or nice Grinch could be shared based upon what type of humor and message you're attempting to share.

Merry Christmas from Grinch

grinch | Source

Christmas Clip Art of Snowman Holding Present

For people that enjoy seeing a quality piece of digital clip art, this one of a snowman holding the present is a good one to consider.

What makes it look so terrific to me is the color combination of different hues of gold with the solid red. They work very well together. That's not only true on the snowman, but it is as well with the village in the background.

It's a wonderful piece of Christmas clip art which most people would enjoy viewing.

Snowman Picture


Christmas Clip Art of Snoopy Placing Stockings on Dog House

Here's a picture the majority of us never tire of, as the always interesting dog Snoopy from the Peanuts story is shown placing Christmas stockings around his dog house. And as usual, he has a little visitor watching what he is doing.

So far most of these clip art scenes show why they have had such longevity with people, as they still look fantastic and are able to send a simple but powerful message in a still picture.

Snoopy Merry Christmas


Beautiful Scene in Wreath

These types of art works always have been attractive to me, and this one is no different.

I really like the way the scenery of the piece is centrally focused within the Christmas wreath. The spiky holly leaves and accompanying red berries look fantastic, as do the red poinsettias on the top center of the wreath.

And the winter scene with the house covered with a layer of snow, along with the yellow sky make for a terrific scene to take in.

This is a wonderful nod towards those cold winter days when he get into our warm house and just enjoy it in the midst of the beautiful but cold winter season.

Holly Wreath


Christmas Clip Art Images

Christmas clip art remains a big part of the digital scene, as its longevity testifies to how it continues to be used in all sorts of situations to delight and communicate with people we know and/or colleagues.

While clip art, in most cases, isn't as detailed and done to the artistic level much of wallpaper art is done, it has a unique niche that continues to be in demand.

Seeing these amazing Christmas clip art works confirms why that is so, and why that will probably continue long into the future.

So when you need a terrific image to share with someone or reinforce something you are trying to communicate, check out some clip art, as it may just be what you're looking for.


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