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Christmas Dinner Plate Designs and Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Dinner Plates

Christmas dinner plates are one of the most important parts of setting an attractive and inviting table on Christmas Day, and when used in a complementary manner with a fantastic Christmas tablecloth, the combination can really put everyone in that state of expectation as they await the arrival of the Christmas meal.

Most Christmas plate art includes a design that goes around the border of the plate, with a small percentage of plate designs eschewing that. Other plates on the other hand will have that as part of the design, and complete the look with an object in the middle of the plate as well. Many times that's an image of a Christmas tree, although other times it can be something completely different, such as a wintry Christmas scene or a Christmas train.

As mentioned, some Christmas dinner plates go without a design edge around the plate and go with an image of some sort in place of it.

Some of the Christmas plate designs have very traditional Christmas images like holly, light bulbs, the colors green or red, Christmas trees, and poinsettias, among other themes from the holiday season.

Most of those look really nice, so it comes down to the color of the room, the type of tablecloth displayed, and then the plate color and design that will work with them best while also delighting the hungry guests visiting your home.

Depending on the particular mood of the current Christmas holiday season, some of the scenes included on Christmas dinner plates can be very endearing and memorable.

As for collectible Christmas plates, this article doesn't deal with them in particular, although many vintage Christmas plates used to eat on for Christmas day are definitely considered collectible.

Different Christmas Dinner Plate Materials

Christmas dinner plates aren't only made from porcelain or other hard material, although that is what is used at most homes for the Christmas meal. There are some plate covers with beautiful designs that can be placed over a regular plate to transform it into a great Christmas theme for dinner.

For those who don't want to go out and buy a complete Christmas dinner plate set, but still want to have plates with a theme, this is a good option.

Another option is for Christmas dinner plates that are solid and look good, but are made of composite paper, which after the meal can be easily discarded so the focus of the day can be on spending time together and not cleaning up. They are called paper plates, but have the feel and consistency of a firm, smooth cardboard. These plates hold up well if you decide to use them.

Obviously some of these aren't for everybody, but it's good to know there are options out there for those looking for something quick and easy, while still looking great.

Below there are a couple of these types of plates to look at to see if they're something you may want to consider.

White Christmas Tree Plate with Garland Accents

This first Christmas dinner plate is a wonderful example of simplicity while looking fantastic.

I like the design of the edges, as well as the nice garland and ribbon on those edges which form a center around the Christmas tree in the middle of the plate.

The choice of the nice dark green and red color that is part of the tree and overall decorative element of the plate helps it to stand out nicely.

Christmas Tree Plate

Christmas Tree Plate
Christmas Tree Plate | Source

Poinsettia Christmas Dinner Plate

Poinsettias are a beautiful part of the Christmas holiday, as the actual flower adds wonderful color to the festivities. That is extended in this Christmas poinsettia dinner plate, which is made to place on top of your regular ceramic plates to provide a beautiful design.

This is one of those mentioned earlier that looks great and provides a way to allow for easy clean up after dinner so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Pointsettia Plates

Poinsettia Dinner Plate
Poinsettia Dinner Plate | Source

Heavy Weight Paper Dinner Plates

Next we have a couple of examples of what are called "paper" Christmas dinner plates, although if you've ever used these types of plates in other social situations, you'll know that paper really doesn't describe them well, as they're very heavy duty, and look very good at the dinner table for what they are.

The first plate has an ivory color as the foundation, adding the nice holly and berry accents to make for a terrific Christmas design. This plate and the accompanying Christmas paper plate are built from medium weight board stock.

The next heavy weight paper Christmas dinner plate includes a Christmas wreath design, with the added quality of a plastic coating to help hold the food better.

Christmas Paper Dinner Plates

Holly Christmas Dinner Plate
Holly Christmas Dinner Plate | Source
Wreath Christmas Dinner Plate
Wreath Christmas Dinner Plate | Source

Snoopy Christmas Dinner Plate

For those who like Christmas plates with a cartoon theme of a favorite character of the family, this plate including Snoopy from Peanuts is a great example of a compelling design which will delight all who see it.

Most of the time simple design and color elements look much better than most ornate plates, and that's definitely the case with this Christmas dinner plate, which has the traditional green and red colors of Christmas along the edge of the plate, interspersed with white to break it up.

The of course there's the star of the plate - Snoopy, who sits alone in the midst of his Christmas presents. Great plate.

Snoopy Plate

Snoopy Christmas Plate
Snoopy Christmas Plate | Source

Rose, Leave and Flower Christmas Dinner Plate

Right after mentioning the difference between simple and ornate Christmas dinner plates, I thought it would be a good idea to include a more ornate one here to aid in seeing how they look in contrast to one another.

It's not that there isn't a place for a more fully designed and ornate Christmas plate, but that they would probably be best to be used in a more professional type of Christmas dinner, rather than one with close family or friends.

But it's really up to the people or person putting on the dinner, and one of the strengths of the plate below is it could go with almost any décor because of the wide variety of colors included with it.

For those liking a lot of color and detail, this would look great at any table setting, but again, most of this is personal taste more than the right or wrong of it.

Christmas Tree Dinner Plate

Rose and Tree Christmas Plate
Rose and Tree Christmas Plate | Source

Dinner Plate with "12 Days of Christmas" Theme

It seems like the song "12 Days of Christmas" has been around forever, and even though it's been part of most people's life since we can remember, it continues to be a favorite for those liking to hear the cadence and predictability of the song as it sings the words forward and backward.

This Christmas dinner plate is a nice example of a design celebrating and acknowledging the compelling song, with an image around the plate edge similar to a clock being part of the design.

As a matter of fact, the numbers of the 12 Days of Christmas are included in the design as well to allow those who may not remember which present was offered on which day, a reminder of which one is which.

This is a fantastic Christmas dinner plate design, and one which would delight anyone fortunate enough to eat on it.

"12 Days of Christmas" Plate

12 Days of Christmas Plate
12 Days of Christmas Plate | Source

Christmas Dinner Plate and Christmas Memories

For those of us participating in the Christmas holiday, festivities and dinner, it's part of our childhood memories and a great way to recall those who were with us during those years but are now gone.

Not surprisingly, things like Christmas dinner plates are a fond part of our memories, as we think on the details of those wonderful seasons, years and times spend with those we love.

This is why Christmas plates are such an important part of the Christmas dinner, and offering a wonderful presentation for the Christmas meal is a very important part of retaining the many terrific moments associated with the special day.


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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Thanks for sharing these beautiful plates with us. I especially like the Christmas tree is so intriately designed. And of course who doesn't love Snoopy and woodstock?? Great job.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Some lovely Christmas plates. Thanks for sharing all these lovely designs.