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Christmas Elf Costumes

Updated on July 1, 2014

Elf Costumes for Christmas

Elf costumes are a very popular choice for dressing up at Christmas time, or also at cosplay events where the elves are not those, shall we say, that we associate with the North Pole, Santa Claus, and Christmas.

In this article we'll focus on the jolly old elves that help Santa prepare all the toys and other gifts for Christmas and how you may look in a costume made for that theme and occasion.

Every elf costume associated with Christmas will include one of the two traditional colors: red or green, and usually both. If there is only one of the Christmas colors incorporated into an elf costume, it is almost always green.

I think the reason for that is if a costume is red, it goes from being just a Santa's helper costume to being one of old Saint Nick himself. So in that case green still identifies you as an elf of Santa, while red would make it appear that you're dressing up as Santa himself.

So if you're wanting to be an elf, it's best to go with red and green elf costumes, or a green costume that may have some other colors as part of the design.

The point is, if you're trying to be Santa, then be Santa, if not, go with the colors that aren't solid red.

I mention this because there are a few companies out there that make red costumes but call them elves' costumes, even though they look like Santa.

Now let's look at several different style of elf costumes to give you some ideas on what's out there.

Matching Elf Costumes for Couples

Dressing up as elves are a great way for couples to celebrate Christmas, and as you can see below, dressing up in a way that almost matches is a fantastic way to delight friends and family. Just be sure you don't let them know what you're doing, as the surprise will be as fun as enjoying the costumes.

I like the set of costumes below, with the traditional red and green Christmas colors designed in that alternating way which brings the red together as you look at the couple. Also interesting is the difference in the hat and the tights on the female from the man. To me that adds just enough difference to make it even more fun.

Couples' Elf Costumes


Elf Costume with Large Mask

This is the only Christmas elf costume I could find that included a mask, and it's a great one. Now you know if you wear this you'll be the center of attention at any Christmas gathering, so be prepared for it.

While this particular elf costume is simple in design, what makes it so awesome is the face of the elf, which couldn't be done much better in my opinion. It's those terrific eyes and eyebrows, along with the curved up mouth that makes it so fun to look at.

Also unique is that long hair that helps to shape the face so well, given it that elven look. Very cool costume.

Elf Costume with Mask


Cute Red and Green Christmas Elf Costume for Women

Next is a really cute Christmas elf costume for women, which includes the traditional red and green colors of the holiday.

I like the way both the colors stand out with the part of the costume covering the main part of the body, as the solid hues work off each other very well, and the simple design doesn't distract from the overall quality of the costume.

The contrasts of the costume work really nicely, as the red top looks a little elegant, with the slightly low top and wide sleeves, widening down to the wrists. Then you have the bottom red hanging down from the green dress, which looks very different than the top part of the costume.

Finally, there are those wonderful striped stockings to complete the cute elf look.

Female Elf Costume


Quality Christian Elf Costume for Children

When looking at this high quality Christmas elf costume for children, the dark and strong hue of the red and green really stand out nicely.

The white ends of the sleeves on the green top are very attractive and attracting, as are the dark elf shoes at the end of the red pants of the miniature person.

What really makes it though is that wide belt that is made in a design many of us would think of Santa Claus as wearing. It helps to break up the design in a very compelling way, adding to the quality of the look. Great elf costume for children.

Elf Costume for Children


Santa's Helper of Workshop Elf Men's Costume

This last elf costume is one of my favorites, as it gets out of that jester look and goes more into the concept of a working elf; something most of us think of when contemplating these blue collar workers.

It really works well as a whole, with each part of the costume contributing to the compelling look that is created.

The red and white striped shirt blends well with the thinner red and white striped socks, and the solid red suspenders don't conflict at all with the shirt behind it.

Really cool to me are the pants, with that look of golfers from long ago, with the pants going down to a little below the knee, with a slightly baggy look. It all works well together, topped off by the hat and elf shoes. I really like this Christmas elf costume.

Male Elf Costume


Christmas Elf Costumes to Delight Friends and Family With

There aren't a lot of costumes for Christmas time, outside of Santa Claus himself, which is connected to the holiday, and brings such delight to family, friends and guests.

But dressing up as an elf are one of those that always work, creating a lot of good atmosphere and fun for those dressing in the costume, as well as those viewing it.

You could even dress up as an elven family if you choose, as there are even elf costumes for dogs, which would complete the look. Now that would definitely generate a lot of laughs and joy.

Whichever way you go, and not matter the circumstance, wearing an elf costume for Christmas parties and get togethers is a sure way to attract attention and make good memories that won't be forgotten for years to come.


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    • Dontei profile image

      Michael 5 years ago

      I had no idea there was so much to know about elf costumes. Hub was stuffed with great information and I enjoyed your writing style. :)