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Christmas Family Dinner Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Family Dinners

I don't know if there is another family day that can compare with Christmas, as far as sharing a meal and time together, knowing the opportunities diminish once children grow up. This is why spending time at Christmas as a family is so special to most of us.

Centered around that sharing is the Christmas dinner, where we all get a chance to interact and hang out with one another in a way that creates memories for many years, and always causes us to look forward to and yearn for more days like that.

Of course if there were too many days like that, it probably wouldn't be appreciated as it is, nonetheless, it's very special and we all look forward to it.

To commemorate that, I've brought together a gallery of wallpapers of families around the table, tables set for Christmas dinner, and even some cartoon characters showing themselves thankful at the Christmas dinner table.

They are very inspirational and help us to get in the mood for and ready to celebrate our own time with family and friends on Christmas day.

Since Christmas dinner, for most people, represents the best that family has to offer, it's worth having a wallpaper like these available throughout the year to remind us of all the good things in life and that we're not alone in this world.

Candlelight Christmas Dinner

This first wallpaper of a family having Christmas dinner together is an awesome one. The mood created by the wonderful candles, glasses and lighting is amazing, and represents all that is great about the experience of eating Christmas dinner and spending time together with family and friends.

If this doesn't inspire and create the desire in you to spend time like this with your family, then just put it on your computer or other screen and look at it off and on. You'll surely be brought towards that desire and outlook for sure if you do.

family christmas dinner
family christmas dinner | Source

Carl Larsson's Illustration of a Terrific Christmas Eve Dinner in 1904

I really like this illustration from Carl Larsson, which is made to look almost like a snapshot from a camera today. You have the server on the left front of the drawing in a pose as if someone asked her to stand still for the shot.

There is also that terrific milling around the table all of us are so familiar with who set up a Christmas dinner for a larger group, and which go to a different table or area of the house to eat, as the people on the right at the table are doing.

Its a wonderful picture of another time, of which many of us continue on the tradition of, even if we set things up a little differently.

Carl Larsson's illustration of a Christmas Eve dinner
Carl Larsson's illustration of a Christmas Eve dinner | Source

Christmas Kitchen Table Before Eating

It's a fun part of Christmas for those that have the skills to do it to create a kitchen table that is also part work of art for everyone to admire before sitting down to eat together.

That's what we have here with these mostly red theme, which is nicely accentuated and complemented by gold included with some of the accessories such as the napkin holders.

Also nice is the little touch of green under the large candles, in the plate design itself, and sitting on the plates.

The lit candles give a nice balance to the overall feel and look of the table setting, and it looks inviting with the red tablecloth used as a canvass to display the rest of the elements used to set the table.

Now who wouldn't want to sit down and eat and talk with family and friends when faced with this nice setting.

Family Posing at Christmas Dinner

Christmas family photos like the one here is what memories are all about. As time goes on eventually we start losing family and friends, and snapshots of moments in time like these are the best reminder of wonderful days that we all enjoyed one another at important times in our lives together.

This is a nice, warm family setting with a nice touch of Christmas elements included on the table that doesn't overwhelm everything, but makes it feel festive and joyful.

The photo and joy of those participating pretty much say it all.

family at christmas dinner
family at christmas dinner | Source

Happy Family Christmas Dinner

Sponteneity is a big part of capturing fantastic moments at Christmas dinners, and it appears that is what happens in this Christmas family dinner wallpaper, where the one taking the photo drew the attention of those sitting at the table to them, probably saying something like "smile and give a toast."

It worked well,as everyone is giving a terrific smile and laugh, showing they are enjoying every moment of their time together.

That's what's great about these family photos - you just can't fake this type of closeness and joy, and that is why it's so nice to have them to look at during the Christmas season and throughout the year.


Christmas Dinner Family Wallpapers

These are examples of the wonderful images we can put on our computers to remind ourselves of wonderful times with the family during the Christmas holiday.

Of course it would be absolutely the best thing to put up your own photos of your own family get togethers. But if you have none, then using some of these and others like them are a good way to get in the mood and attitude that accompanies this amazing time of the year we spend together.

Also think of the little things you can add to the actual dining table to make it a little more warm and festive while everyone enjoys the company and time spent together. After all, that's what Christmas is all about.


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