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Christmas and Horse Wallpapers

Updated on July 18, 2014

Wallpapers with Christmas Horse Scenes

Christmas, snow, horses and carriages and sleighs go together, and that's what we'll look at with this nice gallery of wallpapers featuring horses and Christmas as the stars of the show.

Horses in a winter and Christmas setting are among my favorite scenes to view, with the group of them seemingly being made for each other.

Add to that a sleepy village in the background or a snow-covered limbs of the tree as a horse walks along, and there is a magnificent image to capture our imaginations and generate delightful thoughts throughout the day.

There are even very cool Christmas wallpapers of Santa approaching or interacting with horses in a way that assumes there may be a little Christmas magic in the situation to affect them.

No matter what the specific element of horses and Christmas pictures you like, there is a little bit of something for everyone, and the wallpapers included in this article are among the best and most compelling I found.

Christmas Wallpaper of Santa and Wild Horses

Here there is one of my favorite Christmas wallpapers with a horse theme. It's a great scene to see Santa able to approach the wild horses without them having any fear or skittishness as he does.

It implies there is an aura about Santa that is permeated by trust, which the horses sense.

Also very cool looking is the inclusion of several types of horses in the mix of the wild bunch.

Helping the horses to gravitate towards Santa is what appears to be a bag of feed that he just happens to have on his person when visiting the wild horses.

Santa and Horses

santa and horses
santa and horses | Source

Horse and Reindeer Touching Noses Wallpaper

This seems to be a Christmas party thrown by Santa Claus, with the light silhouettes of people seen on the inside of the home through the windows, as well as the wonderful scene of a family arriving bearing gifts after getting out of their horse-drawn sleigh.

The image of the reindeer and horse almost touching noses seems to communicate that the reindeer is wondering what this strange animal is that also pulls a sleigh.

It's a warm, friendly Christmas wallpaper, with the soft lights and warm welcome of Santa for his guests.

Horses and Reindeer


Wallpaper with Horse Trodding Through Snow-Covered Trees with Merry Christmas Salutation

Here's another reason I really like winter and/or Christmas scenes with horse in them: they have fantastic scenery like the snow-ladened branches of the trees on what seems to be a recent snowfall.

I've lived through several storms of the type that shut down the power for about a week to ten days, which resulted in having to cook on a wood-burning stove to survive. It was a wonderful experience once the adjustment was made.

Those beautiful trees are what remind me the most of those situations, as they looked almost exactly as these trees do, with the resultant cracking noise of heavy limbs breaking off from the extra weight upon them.

Seeing the horse with his shoulders down walking through the snow reminds me of how you have to work a little harder to make things work in these situations.

Horse in Beautiful Winter Scene


Wallpaper of Sleepy Village and Horse-Pulled Sleigh

This is an awesome Christmas wallpaper of probably all the elements that make up for a tremendous scene to inspire and encourage during the Christmas holiday season.

There's no doubt for millions of people that this is an experience they have had or wished they could have, as the quiet, safe, peaceful little village is a place for the frolicking children to play as the sun disappears (or moon appears) while emanating some light to play from.

As the horse-drawn sleigh approaches you can see a child next to the snowman pointing to whoever it is in apparent delight or recognition.

The background of the home behind them surrounded by pine trees covered in snow finishes off the compelling Christmas scene.

Village at Night


Santa Wallpaper of Him Riding Sleigh Pulled by Horses

Since Santa is one of the other major characters of the Christmas season, it's not surprising to see him be a big part of the wallpapers that feature horses as part of the festivities or activities.

I really like this one because of the fun idea of having a cute woman perched behind Santa playing the role of what seems to be an elf helper.

The dark shadows, with the bluish tint look terrific. As do the horses accentuated by the light of the moon. Also adding to the overall look and feel of the scene are the two homes in the background which give it depth.

Did you notice the cute little rabbit in the foreground? It looks like he's totally comfortable with the sleigh disturbing the night.

Santa Riding Sleigh


Horse Wallpapers with a Christmas Theme

Everyone one of these wallpapers would be an amazing choice and scene to have on a computer screen or other screen that may be being used.

They all have a wonderful Christmas feel and message, and are very pleasant and inspiring to look at.

Most have a sense of family and Christmas, even the "family" of horses being approached and fed by Santa Claus.

So if you're looking for some wonderful wallpaper images, choosing horses and a Christmas theme are a great option.

If you want to look at even more wallpapers with a horse and Christmas design, put the words "Christmas horse wallpapers" in as a search term and even more will pop up to choose from. I consider these among the best of the lot, but you may have vastly different tastes. So if none of these appeal to you, there are plenty more to choose from.


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