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Christmas Inflatable Decorations

Updated on October 27, 2015

Christmas Airblown Inflatable Decorations

I don't know if there's anything more fun and enchanting than Christmas inflatables, which delight all of those viewing them, as they drive by to catch a glimpse. It's also a great experience for those that put them up as part of their Christmas decorations.

There are probably no other Christmas decorations that compel family, friends and neighbors than Christmas inflatables, and the number you can choose from is astounding, while they get better and better in quality.

Another great feature of inflatables is they are built to be used indoors and outdoors, obviously depending on their size and the theme you may choose to display. Either way though, they capture the attention and imagination of everyone looking at them, and delight observers from young to old, and always put a smile on their faces. What more could you ask for from a Christmas decoration?

Anyway, I've included a variety of Christmas airblown inflatables below to give you some ideas on what's out there, and also included a few you can choose to buy if they fit in with your Christmas decorations plans. Either way, enjoy the many Christmas inflatable I've put up for you to enjoy.

Inflatable Christmas Tree

Inflatable Christmas trees are great for yard decorations, and the one shown below gives an idea on how tall these inflatable Christmas decorations can be.

Add some outdoor Christmas lights around this large inflatable Christmas tree, along with some smaller yard decorations, and it'll look great for those looking for fun outdoor decorations to view during the Christmas season.

Photo Inflatable Christmas Tree

Inflatable Christmas Globe Yard Décor

It seems just about everyone loves Christmas globes, and including one as part of your inflatable yard decoration is just the thing to delight everyone.

There are a surprisingly large number of Christmas inflatable globes to choose from, and you should be able to find something to suit your tastes if this is compelling to you.

Inflatable Christmas Globe

Inflatable Santa and Snowman Archway

I really like this inflatable Christmas yard archway, as you could set it in front of your doorway or stairway to allow people to pass through to come on into your home.

While the rest of your yard can include a lot of Christmas d├ęcor, this one would really be a fun addition, and would solicit a lot of positive comments as people go through it.

You definitely get a sense of welcome and peace as you view this great inflatable.

Inflatable Archway

Nativity Christmas Inflatable

This is a wonderful Christmas inflatable that Christians would be very much glad to own and display, as it is the reason behind the creation of Christmas and its observance. Very nice for those of whom this applies.

One thing to keep in mind when looking most of these inflatables is they are usually four to six feet long and/or high; something you don't usually visualize when looking at these smaller pictures.

Nativity Inflatable

Santa and Firetruck Inflatable

This is a really great Christmas inflatable to me, and not only Santa, but the elf at the end of the ladder is great too. I could definitely picture this very cool inflatable in my yard for the Christmas season.

I also like the sense of welcome you get with Santa and his joyful elf.

Christmas Inflatable Yard Ideas

You can tell from these Christmas inflatables that you can really put together a lot of great scenes and themes for your Christmas yard design, and any number of them would really set off your yard nicely.

They sure present a whimsical and meaningful addition to a yard for the Christmas season, generating a lot of oohs and aahs, along with a sense of belonging.


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