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Christmas Light Decoration Wallpapers

Updated on August 21, 2015

Christmas Light Wallpapers

Images of Christmas lights can be among the most stunning visuals seen, and there are a plethora of these gorgeous images to choose from to brighten up any computer or other screen to the delight of the person or people viewing them.

To me there are too many Christmas light wallpapers to choose from to just go with one or two of them. I prefer to use a variety of them to switch off and on throughout the Christmas season to give unique and varied scenes to enjoy.

With that in mind, I've put together some wallpapers that were among the best I like, and hopefully they'll be inspiring to you as well.

There were a number of Christmas wallpapers that have similar light colors and other details, which while looking fantastic, were left out of this photo gallery because I wanted to share a variety to give an idea of what is offered out there to choose from, and also to see what viewers may like.

Many times we really don't know our personal preferences until we see them, and to that end all of them look quite different from one another. Below the photos are links you can click on if you want to download it for yourself. Otherwise do a search using the terms "Christmas light wallpapers" to get a bunch of them to provide even more options.

Stunning Christmas Light Wallpaper

It doesn't get much better than the first example of a Christmas wallpaper with gorgeous and stunning lights.

The beautiful red stands out the most for me, with the green tree centered in the midst of the other lights to create an terrific visual effect.

Using the various light colors to fill in the front of the yard and act as a background for the rest was a great idea. Whoever did this knew what they were doing, as not too many people know how to take disparate colors like these and work them effectively together.

Who wouldn't want to have this as a wallpaper to look at during the Christmas season?

Christmas Yard Decorations


Wallpaper with Icicle Lights on House

As beautiful as the multiple light colors were on the first Christmas light wallpaper, in its own way I find this house filled with hanging icicle lights on the outside just as nice looking.

Ever since icicle lights were designed I've always loved how they looked, and you can see from this decorated house that they continue to be an awesome image to look at.

I'm not sure if it was done intentionally or not, but leaving that dark area of the yard as it is looks great, as do the subtle colored lights along the driveway and front of the house.

The round hanging lights above Santa also look terrific, as do the lighted deer near the front. Placing the tree in the window on the inside above the deer adds a good visual to this great Christmas wallpaper.

Icicle Lights

icicle light wallpaper
icicle light wallpaper | Source

Wallpaper with Yellow Christmas Tree Lights with Mountainous Background

When first looking at this wallpaper the impression is you have this Christmas tree with yellow lights out in the middle of nowhere with dark surrounding it.

But a closer look reveals it's placed in an amazing setting of a town lit up at night with the gorgeous mountain peaks planted in the background. The sun shining off the clouds also makes for a tremendous visual bit of eye candy to really enjoy viewing.

Who could think small thoughts after gazing at this amazing wallpaper?

Christmas Tree


Christmas Lights Reflecting in Water Wallpaper

There are few times if any a photo of an object reflecting in the water doesn't look amazing, and that's definitely the case with this extraordinary picture of Christmas lights in a part of a city shimmering on the surface of the water at night time.

My favorite part of the photo is that of the tree a little right of center which looks to great in and of itself, but is enhanced even further by its mirrored image in the water.

In what appears to be a little park in the center of this city, it would surely be a blessing to those fortunate enough to see this superlative color, as it would be for those using it as a wallpaper during the holidays.


Amazing Blue Christmas Light Wallpaper with River

It doesn't get much better than this in regard to a wallpaper with a Christmas light theme. Who would know that these blue lights would look so extraordinary, and how they gaze back at us on the surface of the river water?

Complementing the beautiful blue lights are the red lights scattered throughout the decorative design to add some subtle interference so the blue doesn't overwhelm the overall picture created on the water front.

That boat in the center of the picture looks fantastic as well. Did you notice the curved bridge to the right of the boat all lit up in blue Christmas lights? How cool is that?

Gorgeous Christmas Wallpaper


Wallpapers with Christmas Light Decorations

There isn't one of these wallpapers featuring Christmas lights that I wouldn't enjoy looking at during the Christmas holiday.

Not one of them really has any flaw in them, and taking them and alternating them throughout the season of cheer would provide some amazing encouragement and delight for anyone.

It's extraordinary how different Christmas decoration designs and light colors and shapes can be used to create such stunning visual effects to brighten up any day or mood.

There are plenty more Christmas light wallpapers, but these were among some of the best I found.


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      yover 5 years ago

      Thanks for this post - you've given me some really good guidelines here. Voted up and useful. I particularly like the one reflecting lights in the water.