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Online Christmas Light Printables

Updated on August 1, 2015

Online Christmas Light Printables

For children who enjoy coloring with lots of colors, a Christmas light printable or coloring page is something that should be right up their alley.

What's awesome about Christmas lights is they are not only standalone images, but usually (but not always) be included in a scene that includes other interesting Christmas elements to delight the child or person coloring them in.

Christmas light designs work good for the younger children and older children as well, as the younger children can attempt to use different colors over the little Christmas lights, content to know they at least placed some over the general area.

For children looking for more of a challenge, coloring in the smaller lights, along with the other parts of the coloring page, is also something they like to participate in.

So in that sense it's easy to see you may not have to be too concerned about making decisions about what's age appropriate with Christmas light coloring themes, as they should be okay to use for all skill and age levels for the reason already mentioned.

Smaller children could have some parts of the designs that are bigger than others in order to make it a little easier to color in for them. But other than that, this is one of those coloring themes that work good for all involved.

What you want to watch out for more it the intermediate skill levels, where children want a challenge, but not a challenge that is difficult to achieve. After all, this is supposed to be fun, so they want to feel like they accomplished something while at the same time enjoying the process.

As with all printables or coloring pages, that's the group you have to be aware of more than the others. Younger children won't care and the more skilled children have no trouble coloring in any design. It's something to keep in mind when deciding on which Christmas light printables to decide upon.

Christmas Printable of Dad Tangled in Lights

Many of us have had somewhat of a similar experience with Christmas lights as the dad tangled up in them in this funny Christmas coloring page.

Of course it's the lights that usually are tangled, but that's not as fun as a picture as is a person attempting to put the lights on the Christmas tree. The look on dad's face says it all.

This would be a fun image to talk about with our children or grandchildren concerning the foibles and follies sometimes accompanying Christmas decorating. It would also be humorous to use as a good-natured joke with dad.

Children would like that part of it, and would probably be a little more interested in coloring it with that as a backdrop to the printable.

Tangled in Christmas Lights


Donald Duck Printable of Him Mad at Christmas Light String

Speaking of struggling with getting the Christmas lights strung up, here's a hilarious look at Disney's Donald Duck having difficulty as well.

His frustrated and angry face is funny, and one that most of us remember or are accustomed to with the temperamental duck.

Kids would really enjoy gazing at Donald Duck while they're coloring him in.

These first two Christmas light printables would be a little more difficult for smaller children, but there are many coloring pages with Christmas lights that include large lights with almost no detail but the outline of the light to color in.

To find those just write in your search engine "Christmas light printables" and you'll find a number of different images to choose from.

Disney Coloring Page


Christmas Tree Holding String of Lights Coloring Page

Now here we have an unusual look at a Christmas tree holding a string of lights rather than having a string of lights being put on him.

This is a design that should delight children, as it's a very happy tree and is obviously enjoying this turnaround of events.

One thing that makes a Christmas light printable so compelling is a child of any age can take their crayons or whatever they're using to color it in and apply a different color to many of the lights. This creates a terrific kaleidoscope of color that is always appreciated by children.

They don't have to be highly skilled to have fun with this either. Just show them how to use a crayon to color on or over each bulb and they'll surely have a lot of fun doing it. For the younger children the finished product won't matter. It's the participation and all those different colors that will matter to them.

Tree and Christmas Lights

tree holding christmas lights printable
tree holding christmas lights printable | Source

Reindeer Printable with Lights in Antlers

Next there is a humorous look at a reindeer that has his antlers decorated with a string of lights, topped off with a Christmas star in the middle of the antlers.

It's pretty interesting seeing all these facial expressions of the characters interacting with or wearing the Christmas lights. This one of the reindeer is another very joyful look, which also includes some bells gathered around his neck.

The lines around the lights and bells point to the fact that this reindeer is shaking his head to make some noise and move the lights around.

Reindeer Coloring Page


Christmas Printable of Elves Decorating Tree

This is a wonderful look at what appears to be some very small elves decorating the Christmas tree. If not, then that is one giant Christmas tree bulb he is carrying. I only doubt because the elf next to the one carrying the big light has a very small string of lights around his neck and shoulders. Either the string of Christmas lights are tiny or the Christmas bulb he's carrying is gigantic.

Either way it's a fantastic picture, with the smiling duo having no negative outlook from their working with the Christmas lights while decorating the Christmas tree.

There are a lot of elements in this drawing, including the bricks in the fireplace, the stocking, Christmas tree, decorations, presents, and all the hats, clothes and lights being carried by the elves.

This will definitely give intermediate and advanced children a bit of a challenge, and it'll also keep them busy for a little while. The finished coloring should have a lot of color on it no matter which child tackles it.

Christmas Elves

christmas elves printable
christmas elves printable | Source

Christmas Light Printables

Christmas light coloring pages are great because they offer a child a lot of opportunities to use different colors when working on the lights.

In most cases though the lights are ancillary parts of the overall printable design, and so complement whatever else is being included on the page. There are some Christmas light printables with nothing but a string of lights, or in some cases, a couple of big lights to make it easier for beginners to draw.

Either way, Christmas lights are a great printable that children will love to color in because of the opportunity to use a variety of colors to make an awesome image for everyone to enjoy looking at. Just remember to put a few around the house to display their hard work during the Christmas holiday season.


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