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Musical Christmas Lights and Figures

Updated on August 24, 2015

Christmas Music and Lights

Christmas lights and music are among my favorite Christmas decorations, and I always put them up in our home during the holiday season. All the little children visiting love them, and they are a real hit with them and the adults as well.

One other nice feature among Christmas lights music is when they are synchronized to blink along with the music. All of ours do that, and it is a real hoot.

But it gets even better than that when finding great Christmas lights and music, as you can also get them in a variety of themes like bell lights with music, among many other styles. It seems there's a flavor for everyone.

How it has worked for us, is Christmas musical lights usually are good for putting off and on during the holiday festivities and visits, and aren't great for having on all day long. Those that I have come with switches to turn off the music, so when you want to see the unique Christmas light blinking rhythms, you can do that without the music playing, and when you have a quick song you want to hear, you can just put the music sound back on and listen again. Fun!

I also included some Christmas musical scenes and fun figurines and objects to look at which include music as part of the experience.

Christmas Musical Bell Lights

The Christmas musical bells below are among my favorite, and I put them up every Christmas to the delight of all of our family and friends. They include lights which rotate and blink while playing 25 Christmas songs.

The lights on this will dance, cascade, flash, among a number of other fun things.

There are a number of other Christmas decorations and objects below which include music and lights as part of the overall look and sounds of the season.

Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas

Everyone I know that has this all-in-one outdoor light and sound system, love it. It synchronizes your yard lights with twenty Christmas songs which can be distributed among six outlets, with enough for each to power 1,200 miniature lights or 7,200 lights overall.

The on-board speaker has complete volume control with options to play songs randomly, select songs and skip songs, just like other music-playing devices. It is UL Listed for outdoor use and stands at about 19 inches high.

What you get is a fantastic, synchronized harmony of Christmas music and lights. Really great to have, and your neighbors and visitors will love it. Just don't play it too late at night or early in the morning.

Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas

Christmas Musical Globe

While this isn't technically a light, this lighted Christmas musical globe is just as good. I included this one of the lighthouse because I personally enjoy lighthouses and thought is was a great looking Christmas globe. It plays the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

Music and lights come in a plethora of Christmas decorations and objects.

Musical Christmas Globe

Santa Climbing Ladder to Music and Christmas Lights

This is one of the more fun Christmas lights and music combinations, showing Santa climbing the ladder while a total fifteen Christmas songs play in the background. If you have this you never have to worry about things getting boring, just switch on Santa and see all the faces light up.

Santa Climbing Ladder to Music

Santa Claus Figurine with Christmas Lights and Music from Thomas Kinkade

This is the first Thomas Kinkade Santa Claus figurine to feature motion, lights and music. I really enjoy how it shows Santa sitting back in his rocking chair while reading a list from one of the hopeful children. The train by Santa's feet circles around as the music plays. Great looking Christmas figure, music and lights.

Delight of Christmas Music and Lights

To me there's nothing more magical than Christmas music set to lights and displayed in the variety of ways shown above. I have a lot of these types of Christmas music and lights in my home, and they are by far the most appreciated and commented on by all my family and guests.


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      ChristinaEllis3 5 years ago

      Do you know how to find the Christmas lights that actually play music?