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Christmas List Printables

Updated on June 26, 2014

Christmas List Printables for Immediate Use

The Christmas season is one of the busiest of the year, and woe to those that don't have a list or several lists available for immediate access to be sure all the chores are getting done and everything and everyone is covered.

Some of the lists that we all need are a general Christmas list, a shopping list for the Christmas holiday, a gift list for children or grandchildren, a to do list in for all purposes, and for most of us, a Christmas card list. There could be even more, depending on the specific Christmas traditions you participate in. But for the most part, all of these should cover just about everything.

For those who may get frazzled by too many lists, you could of course combine a couple of them, specifically the general to do and Christmas lists. The reason for having separate ones would be so you can focus solely on the Christmas shopping when you are partaking in that job, and the same with the general to do list which is part of our everyday lives.

Much of this depends upon whether or not you're the place where most of the entertaining will go on, or if you're going to be visiting and not having to put the entire gathering together.

As for the lists for children, that's something we can easily look at together with them and let them tell us which they prefer. There are a couple included in this article to provide a couple of ideas that should work for the vast majority of children.

A gift list could also be made for yourself in order to put down the hints and suggestions provided for you by family and friends.

Finally, even though a lot of people no longer send physical Christmas cards, there are still many that do, and if e-cards are your chosen method, there is still a need to write down those who you've send cards to in order to keep a record so you don't forget or duplicate when sending them. So a Christmas card list is a fantastic way of being sure to write them all down, and then cross them off the list as you send cards to. There is a Christmas card list printable you can quickly download and use right away if you need to.

Now let's look at some of the printable Christmas lists you can have access to quickly.

Cute "Dear Santa," Wish List for Children

I really like the simple yet compelling design of this first Christmas list, this one for children, with the "Dear Santa," already included, as well as the closing "Your Friend" phrase.

The inclusion of "My Christmas List" for the header makes this one that a child will claim ownership of and feel very important.

And of course having Santa distributing presents under the tree at the bottom only adds to the excitement of a children as they fill out their list in anticipation of that being their Christmas morning experience as far as the presents being found under the tree.

The bottom list could be one used by an adult by transferring the wish lists of more than one child onto a single paper in order to have them available at all times. All of us know how frustrating it is to be buying for people and get home and realize we forgot something. This Christmas list printable would be a good way to ensure we have a list for all of those we are buying for.

Printable Gift Lists

santa and tree gift list
santa and tree gift list | Source

Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

Printable Christmas List

Next we have this great "All I Want for Christmas" printable list with some great graphics. You use this for a boy or a girl, or a boy and a girl, depending on who you have that will fill out a list. Of course some people have larger families than that, so a list looking like this would fit those needs as well.

As for the design, it's terrific and includes some very vibrant colors, along with the nice way the children were positioned and posed for the list. Great Christmas list printable.

christmas wish list printable
christmas wish list printable | Source

Christmas Printable Gift and Stocking Stuffer Lists

The following printable Christmas list is my favorite of this bunch, and of most I've ever seen. It's a great design including the belt of Santa in the middle of the list, and it not only looks fantastic, but it serves as a divider between the two lists. Very clever.

Also very cool looking is the header, where the green lettering is placed over a candy cane going across the top of the list. The gold buckle on the belt looks awesome as well. While it's very practical, it's the type of list I would want to show a friend to enjoy.

Red and White Christmas List

santa wish list
santa wish list | Source

Christmas "To Do" Printable Lists with Snowman Theme

These are a couple of great examples of "To Do" lists for the Christmas holiday, both of which can be broken down into categories, with the top printable list already having four sections, and the bottom two sections.

If there's no need to break down your list into categories, they could be used as they are from line to line as they are needed.

Not only are these great for our own individual use, but when we find some nice ones we people our family or friends would like, but could print off a couple for them as well. They would surely appreciate it.

To Do Printable Lists

to do printable list
to do printable list | Source

Printable Christmas Card List

Earlier in the article it was mentioned about there being printable Christmas card lists available for instant downloading, and here's a good example of that.

It doesn't matter what type of Christmas cards you send, meaning physical or digital, we do need to keep a record of who we sent them to and their response to us.

The address line could be used for e-mail addresses or a regular physical address.

It's a simple but effective way to easily monitor our Christmas card sending without it being too much of a chore. Our job is to be sure we have the Christmas card list on hand as we send them so we don't attempt to remember later on who we sent cards to.

Card List for Christmas

Christmas card list
Christmas card list | Source

Christmas List Printables

Sometimes when we're entering into the busy Christmas season, it gets going so quickly that it can quickly spiral out of control if we don't have some management strategies ready to meet the numerous responsibilities and demands upon our lives.

Having a few Christmas lists available that can be quickly and efficiently printed out is a fantastic way to prepare for the holiday season which can easily get away from us if we're not prepared. In a few short minutes any Christmas list printable can be available and ready to use as you get ready for what is inevitably and approximately a 30-day sprint.


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