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Christmas Music Boxes

Updated on August 21, 2015

Music Boxes for Christmas Décor

Christmas music boxes are always a magical part of Christmas season and Christmas décor, and the fantastic and compelling sounds, and in many cases, figures related to them, are a major attraction for those captivated by the two working together.

Below I've included some photos of Christmas music boxes, which have figures set in place as well as animated figures moving to the music. You have everything from fantastic nativity scenes to Christmas music boxes based on the works of Thomas Kinkade.

There's not one of the music boxes below I don't like, and every one would have a place in my home if I just could make some more room from the overflowing Christmas decorations I already have.

Christmas music boxes are a wonderful addition to any Christmas decoration display, and including them will definitely add to the already great decorations you probably already have.

Children's Baptism Christmas Music Box

The music box below serves a couple of purposes. It is used as a symbol of the baptism of a child, as well as the remembrance of angels surrounding the announcement and appearance of Jesus as a baby entering the world. This is of course the Christmas message and the reason for the celebration.

Baptism Music Box Angel

Christmas Music Box of Village from Thomas Kinkade

As you'll see with several of the Christmas music boxes based on the works of Thomas Kinkade, they're of the highest quality and make a fantastic addition to your Christmas lights, music and décor.

This first one of a village, reveals the extraordinary work in connection to the popular artist, and anyone would be thrilled to share it with their family and friends.

Thomas Kinkade Village Music Box

Thomas Kinkade Winter Wonderland Music Box

Below is the second of the Thomas Kinkade Christmas music boxes, and while it has a somewhat similar look as the one above, it's very different when you take in the detail, and the box itself, where the one below includes the image on the back of the opened cover. Very nice!

The shape of the scene and music box below is completely different - being an octagon box - whereas the above box is rectangular in shape. Either way, both are fantastic works.

Russian Ballet Nutcracker Christmas Music Box

I like this music box of the Nutcracker, and even if it was just a box with the ballet figures on it, it would be great. Add the music box and additional sound and design and it's a really nice Christmas music box and decoration.

Russian Ballet Christmas Music Box

Christmas Tree Music Box

What a nice and traditional-looking music box with the Christmas tree! I especially like the red and green Christmas colors, while the train going around the Christmas tree is a great touch.

Children should be especially delighted when they see the presents scattered around the tree.

Tree Christmas Music Box

Nativity Music Box

Traditional Christmas themes with music boxes always work great, and of course with the foundation of the theme of Christmas always being the birth of Christ, this really addresses the idea of a traditional focus on Christmas. It would be an awesome piece to add to our Christmas decorations.

Music Box with Nativity Scene

Animated Christmas Music Box

Put together music, Christmas and animation, and you have the perfect combination, which is what you get with this delightful animated music box sure to captivate all those who are fans of those particular elements of creativity.

Music Box with Animation

Christmas Music Box with Holy Family

I've always enjoyed miniature figurines and scenes; add that to the music box and Christmas theme and you have terrific material for great Christmas décor. I really like the tents and desert look below. What an amazingly creative music box scene.

Music Box with Holy Family

'O Holy Night' Music Box

This is probably my favorite of the nativity music boxes I've found, and the high quality of the figures is really amazing. Another part I enjoyed was the vivid colors accompanying the wonderful figures.

It's astounding to see how many people and animals can be included in such a small space.

Music Box 'O Holy Night'

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Music Box

I thought I would finish this article off with another great music box from Thomas Kinkade. As usual with Kinkade, the detail is exquisite and captures Christmas in a way that makes me think of times gone by. The sleighs drawn by horses and the train near the back are very nice looking to me.

Christmas Music Box from Thomas Kinkade

Christmas Music Boxes Among My Favorites

Of the dozens of articles I've written on Christmas themes, Christmas music boxes is among my most enjoyable and favorite of all of them.

There's something about the great scenes and themes added to music, and in many cases, animation, which delight people of all ages and create and add to the Christmas spirit and atmosphere so many of us enjoy.


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      Leroy Bornman 5 years ago

      Can these music boxes be purchased from anywhere? They are most sertainly beyond beautiful.

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      Beautiful! I love all these Christmas boxes.