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Christmas Nativity Outdoor Yard Decorations

Updated on August 20, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Nativity Decorations

The nativity is a big part of outdoor Christmas decorations, as it's a depiction of the birth of Christ, which is the foundation behind the celebration of Christmas, and of which many Christians like to honor by placing a nativity scene outdoors during the holiday season.

Although the subject matter of the nativity scenes are all the same, including the same characters in the historical narrative of the Bible, the ways they are designed and displayed can be completely different, offering those putting them out a number of options to choose from.

Some people like to have a totally realistic nativity scene in their yard, so include figures that are close to what most people imagine they looked like long ago. These include Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, along with the shepherds, three wise men, and animals like cows, sheep, donkeys and camels, depending on the particular nativity set that is acquired.

There are even nativity sets that are inflatable, and are set out after being blown up. They of course will need to be staked down so a good wind doesn't wreak havoc with the display on a consistent basis, where you'll have to set it back up.

Most of us, when think of outdoor yard nativity scenes, think of the plastic, hollow figures which have lights placed within them in order to see them from a distance, and for those passing by to enjoy. These work well because of that, and there are nice colors included in the designs to make them appealing to the eye, while appreciating what they represent.

Other nativity displays are made of all bright white color, with the shapes of the holy family being scene, as are some of the other characters included. These are a wonderful choice, and stand out nicely when accented by lights. They also look great in the day hours.

One of the other major nativity outdoor decoration options are those which have lighted outlines, and are fabulous at night, although not much to look at during the day. But outdoor yard decorations are usually done with the purpose of lighting them up at night, so that's not a problem for the majority of people.

Let's look at some photos of different outdoor Christmas nativity scenes now.

Christmas Lighted Outdoor Nativity

This first photo of an outdoor Christmas nativity scene is what the majority of people have seen, or choose to set up, and for good reason - they look great and are easy to set up.

You can never miss when having a nativity display like the one shown here, as it offers distinct characters that are easily recognizable from a distance, and people always enjoy passing by this type of nativity scene and taking in the look and feel of it.

The strings of lights above and below the scene are a nice touch.



Outdoor Nativity Decorations with Lighted Figures

For those that have the room in their yard or on their land, this is a fantastic way to portray the historical event when Jesus came into the world via the virgin birth.

The way it is set up is nicely portrays the characters involved at the time by revealing how everyone and everything was centered on a little baby that came into the world.

As a display itself, using the lights as an outline for the figures is a terrific choice, and they look great and easily recognizable from far away. Also nice is that star placed above the manger to show where Jesus was located for the wise men who were looking for Him.

Nativity with Lights Outlining Figures


Outdoor Nativity Decoration with Gorgeous Colors

For those of you who want a high quality nativity scene with a lot of color, this one would be a magnificent option.

The colors are vibrant, and with the correct lighting would look great in the night. As you can see, it already looks fantastic in a natural light situation. This is the type of manger scene one would choose when wanting to have people enjoy it in the day or nighttime, as it looks fantastic under both of those conditions.

What looks great to me is the contrasting clothing and colors of the lowly shepherds and wealthier wise men.

Colorful Manger Scene


Beautiful Outdoor Nativity Decorations

This is among my favorites of the nativity scenes, with the celebration and worship of the Savior coming into the world wonderfully displayed.

While the figures are fantastic and numerous, part of the success of successfully creating a nativity scene like this is the proper and strategic location and direction of your lighting.

When that's done correctly, as it is in the below photo, it creates an awesome display for all to enjoy.

I really like the manger and stable as a background to the rest of the outdoor nativity decoration, as it sets up the entire scene nicely. This reminds of of a much smaller indoor nativity decoration I have, including the angel looking down from above. Great nativity.

Manger Scene


Nativity Scene with Beautiful Lights and Reflections

Here we have a very unique looking nativity scene, with the figures made in a way that the lights really show of their color and reflect off of them in an amazingly beautiful way.

It's compelling to see the focus on the color red and the illuminated lights at the same time. That combination really works well and looks great, as you can see.

You can again see how much of the success of having a great outdoor nativity decoration for all to enjoy is the way the lights interact and are placed with, on or in the figures.

To that end, this is a stunningly beautiful depiction of the birth of Jesus; one that most people haven't scene, and which all would deeply appreciate having the opportunity to do so.

Lit Up Manger Scene


Nativity, Manger Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are always a great hit with family, friends and those passing by to enjoy it, and when setting out a nativity scene for those who appreciate and acknowledge that Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior coming into the world, those who adhere to that belief will get encouragement and enjoyment from seeing a great decorative scene displayed in your yard.

Even those that may not believe in Christ will enjoy the beauty of the display, and in the end, Christmas is considered the time where the greatest gift ever was given to the world, and in that regard, being reminded of giving to one another as one of the greatest acts of love is something everyone can relate to.

Setting up a Christmas nativity scene in your yard is one way to remind everyone of that fact.


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Am always drawn to outdoor nativity scenes. This is why I love traveling to countries with many displays like these. Spain and Portugal are my top choices.

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 

      5 years ago from Olney

      Very useful hub and ideas...thank you.


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