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Amazing Christmas Nativity Wallpapers

Updated on July 16, 2014

Beautiful Nativity Wallpapers

The celebration of Christmas is the celebration of what the Nativity represents, which is the birth of the Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago.

To that end there is a lot of art devoted and dedicated to the historical subject matter, with Christmas Nativity wallpaper well represented in the genre, with beautiful and stunning images for all to enjoy.

As with all art work, there are a wide variety of interpretations and focuses concerning the Nativity, with some choosing different parts and portions of the event as it's told in the Bible.

Some like to target the wise men as they follow the star to find the baby Jesus, while others like to interpret the stable or manger as appearing to be more of a cave setting.

Then there are even other artists that incorporate the birth of Christ into their imagining of what happened, including rays of light from heaven appearing to shine on the manger where Christ lies.

All of this makes for terrific subject matter, especially for those that believe this is a historical and factual event that brought the Savior of mankind into the world.

Included in this article are several different Nativity wallpapers to celebrate and enjoy a visual re-creation of that day long ago.

Wallpaper Nativity Scene of Mary Holding Jesus while Shepherds Watch

This first nativity wallpaper scene of the shepherds watching Mary hold the baby Jesus is one of my favorites, as I love the way the characters are designed, and the interesting idea of leaving out some very obvious people associated with the event; the most obvious being Joseph, although it's possible it may be him looking on as he holds something on his shoulder. If it is, it would be an unusual way of dressing him up, as he's usually depicted in a much different and more humble manner.

Another character looking a little different is the shepherd in the middle foreground, who appears to be taking off a very modern looking hat as he pays respect to the new-born King.

But one group of characters that are missing for sure are the Wise Men. That's not really surprising if you're really trying to duplicate what really happened on the day of the birth of Christ, as a growing number of scholars say they in fact didn't really show up on Christmas day, but at a much later date and a different place.

Either way, it's a great nativity scene, one which would be very much enjoyed by those viewing it.

Nativity Wallpaper with Mary, Jesus and Shepherds

Nativity Wallpaper Scene
Nativity Wallpaper Scene | Source

Nativity Wallpaper of Light Shining from Jesus

Many times I've observed nativity scenes with light shining down from heaven on Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but there haven't been near as many that show divine light emanating from the person of Jesus Himself.

That makes for a terrific image to take in, as you see the light leaving no doubt as to Who the center of the focus is on here, including the numerous animals resting as they linger in the presence of the Prince of Peace.

Another element in the nativity scene I like are the numerous lights scattered throughout the area where the event is taking place. Although it has the appearance of a cavern, it seems it's just the way it was designed to present an atmosphere of trust and quiet rest in the presence of the Savior and King.

Animals Look at Jesus in Manger

Manger Scene
Manger Scene | Source

Wise Men Following Star to Find Jesus

As mentioned earlier, even though the majority of nativity scenes include the wise men and the shepherds viewing the baby Jesus laying in the manger, it is being increasingly believed that they found Jesus when He was probably about a couple of years old.

That really doesn't matter too much, as the important idea is they somehow discovered Jesus was going to be born, and they earnestly sought Him out, even to their own peril in regard to Herod.

As for this beautiful image of the wise men traveling by camel with the star guiding them on their way, it's gorgeous, with the sun on the horizon and the billowy clouds reflecting various hues of color from the rays of the sun hitting them.

It suggests the grandeur waiting at the end of their journey.

Wise Men Christmas Wallpaper

Wise Men
Wise Men | Source

Nativity Wallpaper of Silhouettes

I really like this unique nativity wallpaper where all the characters involved are shown in silhouette form. Even though it is mostly two-dimensional as far as animals and humans involved go, the way the light is shining above and behind the manger is gorgeous, as are the design of the rays of the light spreading across the landscape.

Adding a little depth to the image is the palm tree on the right foreground, seeming to been included as an afterthought, but looking nice as that little slice of light cuts through it.

It's not obvious if you're taking a cursory glance at the work of art, but in the background appears to be the city of Bethlehem. Very nice nativity wallpaper

Celebrating Birth of Jesus Christ

Birth of Christ
Birth of Christ | Source

Stunning Nativity Wallpaper

This is a very unusual piece of art of the nativity. I believe it's of Italian origin and influence, and it captures the essence of the wonder of those that had the privilege of viewing the Savior as He came into the world.

My favorite of this awesome work is what seems to be a shepherd boy clasping his hands as he beholds the baby not long after an angel announced He had been born into the world, and right after that a large group of angels sang in response to the event. The shepherds had experienced that right before they went to Bethlehem to see the event.

It may sound a little trivial, but the way the straw was designed is among the best I've seen in a manger holding the baby Jesus, and to me adds some authenticity to the image.

Unique Nativity Wallpaper

Jesus in Manger
Jesus in Manger | Source

Wonderful Nativity Wallpapers

I really enjoy including some Christmas wallpapers on my computer and screens during the holiday season, and the nativity is one of those that are a must for those who are believers in the birth of Christ and what He stood for.

But even for those that may not believe at this time, it's a beautiful story that never gets old, as God condescended to become a man, and in becoming a man, ending up suffering and dying for the sins of the world.

As it pertains to this world, the nativity or birth of Christ was the beginning of the story as it unfolded in time. Christmas is of course a celebration of that fact, and this digital art is a great reminder and way to show appreciation for that day and time.


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